Chapter 41 – Is there no third option?

Liu Zhong Tian suddenly withdrew his sword and pressed it onto Qiqi’s neck. He wants her to know what it means by an Emperor’s order cannot be disobeyed. She is really a woman who doesn’t know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is. Qiqi’s eyes saw that bright sword and immediately quietened down, not even a breath could be heard.

“Duke, will you really chop off my head?!”

“Do you think that disobeying the royal decree is a joke?”

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“What to do then?” Qiqi said discouragingly. “Do I really have to marry, in the future how will I have the face to meet anybody……”

Wei Qiqi’s face of unwillingness caused Liu Zhong Tian to be somewhat bewildered. With a woman like her, who can go to the skies in one step by becoming a royal concubine, this is something that people wish and cannot have. However with her expression, it seems that it is humiliating for her.

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Liu Zhong Tian put down the sword and sat down. His mood is very low as well, looks like there is no other way but to marry her.

“Tomorrow we will have the wedding!” He frustratingly said.

“Tomorrow?” Qiqi nearly stumbled. Wedding is such a big matter, shouldn’t there be more time to decide? This is too fast.

Wu Zhongyi saw Wei Qiqi quieten down, then he dared to reveal his head. He sheepishly said “Duke is smart. The Emperor has this intention too, and has let this subordinate hold the Duke’s wedding this time around!”

When Wu Zhongyi met Qiqi’s furious gaze, he immediately shrunk his head. “Royal Concubine doesn’t seem to like this subordinate very much!”

Qiqi realized that Wu Zhongyi is only concerned with his head and not his lower half. His bottom is revealed outside. So she unsheathed the sword by her waist and used the sword handle to viciously hit his bottom. “Next time when you see me, you will have to be careful. I will find the chance to fix you!”

Wu Zhongyi jumped up and covered his buttocks. He held onto General Chi tightly. General Chi and Liu Zhong Tian couldn’t bear it and laughed.

Wu Zhongyi gained a satisfactory result and quickly left. General Chi also sighed and left, leaving only Qiqi and Third Duke the two people.

Wei Qiqi quietly went to the front of Liu Zhong Tian. “Duke, you really want to marry me?”

“For real!”

“I am very ugly.”

“I can see that!”

“Then you still want to marry?”

“This is the Emperor’s decision. If I don’t marry you, you will have no life. Don’t tell me that you couldn’t see that? There are only two choices, one is to die, the other is to marry me!” Liu Zhong Tian said strictly.

“Is there no other third option?” Qiqi said softly.

“No!” Liu Zhong Tian stared at the ugly face of Qiqi, and his heart felt even more depressed. People are scared of an average look, why does she look so ugly? If it is not for that pair of beautiful eyes and that slim figure, he really cannot tell that she is a woman.

Liu Zhong Tian retracted his gaze. “You should feel fortunate instead. If it is not because the Emperor likes to fight with me, you will be dead meat!”

“What is the meaning?” Qiqi has some suspicion.

“The Emperor did not want to kill you and on the contrary gave you to me in marriage. It is to make me marry an ugly woman and make fun of me.”

“Make fun of you?” Qiqi is somewhat unhappy. “There really is no justice. The great Wei Qiqi also has this day!”

“You seem really unhappy……”

Liu Zhong Tian pulled her, and forcefully brought her into his embrace. Qiqi fell into Liu Zhong Tian’s embrace. Liu Zhong Tian’s arms moved and fully embraced Wei Qiqi. “I didn’t expect that I, Liu Zhong Tian, will marry such an ugly woman, who knows how many beautiful women will be heartbroken.”

Qiqi viciously hit his hand. “Let me go, stinky Duke!”

“Next time you will be this Duke’s Royal Concubine. You cannot be so unruly.”

“You do not let your thoughts run wild, I will not let you touch me!” Qiqi warned.

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