Chapter 28: A Familiar Taste

Si Zheng Ting proceeds to read documents the moment he reaches his office.  The air inside his office is tense.  All of the secretaries outside are scared by the atmosphere.

When Ji Chen arrives, they heaves in relief before handing the documents in their hands to him.  Then, they run away, leaving him to deal with this on his own.

Ji Chen sighs.  After arranging the documents, he stacks them outside before looking at the bento in his hand.

He silently walks into the office before placing the bento box on top of Si Zheng Ting’s table.

Si Zheng Ting stops writing and looks up at Ji Chen before icily scolding him, “Meddlesome.”

Ji Chen apologizes in an upright manner, “It is my fault, Mr. Si.”  And then, he speaks on, “These are what left of the bento.  They didn’t spill out and can still be eaten.  However, if you don’t like them, I will throw them away.”

When Si Zheng Ting sees that he is really intending to throw the lunchbox away, he frowns, “Are you that idle and doesn’t have works to do?”

Ji Chen puts the box on the table once again before lowering his head and saying, “Yes, I will go to work now, Sir.”

After Ji Chen left, Si Zheng Ting’s eyes falls on the lunchbox.

It looks like the one she used years ago, one with cute and childish cartoon characters.

The decoration of the box gives out the same feeling as she does; of cheerfulness, of liveliness and of determination.

He stares at it without moving for a while before opening the box.

Only half of the omelette is left.  There are still a couple of pieces of banana slices left while there is only one piece of potato pancake left behind.

He picks them up with his fingers before putting them into his mouth.

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They have turned cold, but the familiar taste is still there.  They taste exactly like the ones in his memory.  His throat suddenly tightens.


Zhuang Nai Nai is kicked out again.

The girls at the receptionist desks are now used to this scene.

Zhuang Nai Nai feels a little embarrassed and lost.

SI Zheng Ting is unmovable, what should she do?

Si Zheng Ting still doesn’t comes down at noon.  Zhuang Nai Nai tries to cosplay as a food delivery staff to sneak into the building, but Ji Chen blocks her way.

Only allowed on

Zhuang Nai Nai: ………

The corner of Ji Chen’s lips twists.

Are you testing our eye-sight, Miss Zhuang?

In the evening, Zhuang Nai Nai tries to sneak in again, this time cosplaying as a courier girl.  She gets stopped by the bodyguards.

She is so done for.

With his bodyguards around, she will not be able to even be 10 meters near Si Zheng Ting, much less marry him.

Time soon passes and it is now 6:30 pm.

Since they are in autumn, the sky darkens a tad faster nowadays.

The night in Beijing is full of bright lights.

Zhuang Nai Nai stands under a streetlight as she speaks to the phone, the light flickering across her beautiful face.

“Are you sure, Nai Nai?  Mr. Si is so powerful.  If you do that, he will not let you off,” Lin Xi Er’s anxious voice can be heard from the other line.

Zhuang Nai Nai grins, looking pretty heartless and simple-minded, “It’s okay!  I used to date him.  He won’t just kill me…… I think…..”

Although her tone sounds casual, she is actually anxious on the inside.

She is basically challenging Si Zheng Ting’s patience.

But— She has to do this.  She needs to win over Si Zheng Ting tonight.  If she doesn’t get the money by tomorrow, her mother will be in trouble.

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