Chapter 138 – Someone, See The Guest Off

Those words angered Princess Cang Xia so much that it reached the point of causing her to be stupefied for a moment.

Her purpose here was obviously to get close to Ji Mo Ya, this was also her lord father’s intention.

Of all the princesses within the empire, her lord father adored her the most, that was also the reason why she got his permission to visit the Aged Consulate with his help.

Before, there were many other princesses who tried to visit the Aged Consulate but the doors would not open for them.

If the Hanging Cloud Empire could establish a marriage union with the Ji Mo Clan, it might improve the empire’s standing and allow them to become the leader of the Five Great Empires!

However, seeing Huan Qing Yan made her feel unpleasing to the eyes.

Huan Meng Yue had spoken to her before that after Huan Qing Yan slimmed down, she transformed into a great beauty that was skilled with her words. Now that Huan Qing Yan managed to live inside the Aged Consulate, she might be able to seduce Ji Mo Ya and spoil the royal family’s plans.

That was why she visited today, her purpose was to establish a closer relationship with Young Master Ya, as well as to deal with Huan Qing Yan along the way, if possible.

Yet unexpectedly, that little vixen’s tongue was truly sharp, putting her at a disadvantage with a few words.

However, she was after all a princess of royalty and had experienced many things, this allowed her to quickly recover her state of mind.

“Young Master Ya, forgive this Cang Xia that has acted rudely. Huan Qing Yan, this princess was just curious how your views were the same as Young Master Ya that day, being able to identify that Huan Meng Yue was a fake God Chosen. Young Master Ya had after all used his status as a God Chosen to judge the situation, yet how did Lady Huan determine it? Can it be that Lady Huan is also a God Chosen?”

‘No longer planning to drag her out and give her thirty rods?’

After she removed alert status one, Huan Qing Yan slowly stood out from Ji Mo Ya’s back, along the way, she unknowingly took a few peeks at the graceful face of Ji Mo Ya beside her.

She was not professionally trained.

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But if they were competing on talking glibly, then as an elite of the acting faculty that aims to be the host of the most popular food program, it was important for Huan Qing Yan to possess the Glutton Attribute but, having eloquence was also an important trait she must possess!

Both were traits she focused on!

“The princess is truly magnanimous; this Qing Yan pays her respects to you. As for what happened that day, I am sure many people other than the princess were also wondering about it…” Huan Qing Yan sneaked a peek at Ji Mo Ya… She was sure that he was also one of them.

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“Actually it is very simple, Huan Meng Yue had been my study companion since we were young. In terms of looks, star talent, figure or virtuousness, she was all below me. Therefore, I am sure that if a God Chosen is to be born, it will surely be me who would be given the opportunity first. Since I was not chosen, then it would never be Huan Meng Yue’s turn. However, after the incident, I realized that both of us do not possess the qualifications to be a God Chosen, only a person who has the same level of greatness as Young Master Ya could have been selected…”

Princess Cang Xia was flabbergasted, how thick skinned can this woman be!

Even Ji Mo Ya’s brows unknowingly raised a bit.

While the serving girls, on standby within the building, were also trying their best not to burst out laughing.

Ji Mo Ya came between them and lightly smiled, causing the dark night to brighten up, “Princess Cang Xia, it is getting later, let us end the dinner here. Please express my gratitude towards the emperor for his kind intentions.”

Princess Cang Xia only had two bites of food before Huan Qing Yan appeared, she was not full at all!

To be sent off just like that?

Asked to go away for this woman?

“No. Young Master Ya, I still have…” Princess Cang Xia was unrelenting.

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, “Someone, see the guest off.”

Some serving girls came up, they removed her utensils before respectfully asking, “Princess, please.”

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