Chapter 139 – One Stone Kills Two Birds!

At this stage, Princess Cang Xia could no longer be thick skinned and stay, her gaze that was as sharp as knives landed on Huan Qing Yan…

Was it because she tried to make things difficult for her, that’s why Young Master Ya treated her this way? Although he did not speak in her defense, he had silently allowed her actions. Can it be that this Lady Huan had successfully seduced Young Master Ya?

Despite Lady Huan’s young age, she had a pair of voluptuous breasts. How can a young girl like her grow such large breasts, how shameless!

Suddenly, a possible tactic that Huan Qing Yan might be using surfaced within her mind…

Truly shameless, humph!

If that was the case, then do not blame her for not holding back.

Princess Cang Xia left in a huff.

Huan Qing Yan barely managed to prevent herself from succumbing to those knife-like gaze thrown by the princess.

‘I am doomed, after the trash man, Bai Cheng Feng and that b*tch, Huan Meng Yue, another powerful enemy has appeared!’

What sin has she done!

She was feeling afraid and could not wait to roll back to her place to continue training, hoping that she could quickly become a Four-Star Spirit Master.

“Someone help Lady Huan set up the utensils and plates.” Ji Mo Ya’s attractive voice pulled Huan Qing Yan out of her thoughts.


Help her set up utensils and plates?

Next, Ji Mo Ya said, “Sit. Let’s have dinner together.”


Huan Qing Yan felt overwhelmed by receiving favor from her superior. Ji Mo Ya actually allowed her to sit with him to eat? Didn’t he wipe out the dishes cleanly over the past few days and did not leave any crumbs for her?

Today is truly strange!

Nothing is free in this world, there must be a conspiracy.

However, Huan Qing Yan was not someone who would be scared of such matters. ‘You want me to sit? Sure, what is there to be afraid of!’ She was hungry anyway and should eat something as well.

It also saved her the trouble of munching on a day’s worth of fruits later in the dimension.

“I thank the Young Master’s kind offer, Qing Yan shall respectfully accept your offer.” If one were to compare the thickness of the skin, it was estimated that it would be hard to find an opponent for Huan Qing Yan within the whole Spirit Treasure Continent.

At that moment, the servants did as instructed and left the building.

In a blink of an eye, only the two of them remained.

Huan Qing Yan held a Phoenix Tail Prawn with chopsticks and sent it into her mouth. The taste was pretty good, food made yourself tasted exceptionally good. This was all thanks to the cheat machine called the ancient bowl, the abilities it possessed had greatly helped her.

“Do you know why the princess was here today?” Candlelight was coming from behind Ji Mo Ya, the holy light emitting from him merged with the candlelight and the light created gave him an image of a celestial being.

Huan Qing Yan nearly stop chewing her prawn when she saw the scene.

“W, why?”

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“The royal family is worried about the quality of ingredients for this Young Master, so they have arranged for the princess to deliver a batch of fresh ingredients to the Aged Consulate daily.”

“The royal family is treating Young Master Ya with the utmost care, this is good news. Congratulations, Young Master!” Huan Qing Yan smiled.

‘What? That Princess Cang Xia would be coming here every day? Doesn’t that mean that she would have to fight with her once daily!’

She must think of a plan.

A girl must be self-reliant, she cannot hide behind Ji Mo Ya every day and use him as a shield.

Ji Mo Ya continued, “However, this Young Master has rejected their offer. I appreciate the royal family’s kind offer but our Ji Mo Clan possesses the wealth to settle our own meals. Therefore, from now on, you will oversee the purchase of fresh ingredients from the market. I trust your ability to purchase slightly better spirit food ingredients than what the royal family offers. As for the spirit stones required for the purchase, you can retrieve an advance from the accounts room.”

Huan Qing Yan sighed a breath of relief, that idiot princess not having the chance to visit was the best outcome.

It also saved her the trouble of using energy for cultivation to fight with that princess.

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However, why did she have a guilty conscience when Ji Mo Ya told her that he trusted her ability to purchase spirit food ingredients that were slightly better than the royal family?

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