Chapter 140 – Won’t I Make An Impact Wherever I Go?

‘Is it possible that he has discovered something?’

That cannot be, right? She was always very careful whenever she took out ingredients from the dimension.

“Sure, Young Master be rest assured! Even if Young Master orders Qing Yan something else other than to cook and procure ingredients, be it trekking a mountain of blades or swimming in a fire of sea, I will spare no effort to accept it.” This was the best moment for Huan Qing Yan to increase the loyalty meter.

If she received an advance payment of spirit stones meant for purchasing ingredients while providing Ji Mo Ya with cooking ingredients from her dimension, she could solve her money woes while providing Ji Mo Ya with ingredients of high nutrition and spirit energy value…

Killing two birds with one stone!

Ji Mo Ya chuckled, “When you are out to do purchasing, get a Feather Guard to accompany you.”

‘Is it to get someone to accompany this sister or to monitor this sister? Is there a need for a guard during shopping?’ With the Feather Guard following, how could she casually spend the money, this Ji Mo Ya is truly a big bad person that needs to be poked to death…

“Sure. I thank the Young Master’s kindness.”

“As for the off days you asked this Young Master the last time…” Ji Mo Ya continued.

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes shined, she stopped chewing the prawn and focused her ears on his words.

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“You are given very ample freedom, off days aside, as long as you complete the tasks assigned to you daily, you can do anything you want.” Ji Mo Ya’s languid and carefree figure was shining under the candlelight.

Huan Qing Yan could not believe her ears, ‘Is Young Master Ya such an easygoing person?’

She always assumed she would be doing something like a stay-in nanny, yet, he treated her like a part time worker! He had no plans of restricting her freedom.

It was purely an act of overthinking from her part.

“Yes, Qing Yan understands.” From now on, she can visit the Huan Estate daily to learn about its situation and observe the growth of the seedling, Xing Han. In addition, she can use Ji Mo Ya’s status to strengthen her reputation.

So that no one would dare to have designs of their Huan Estate.

This meal was one that Huan Qing Yan enjoyed the most, the dishes on the table were also unconsciously cleaned out. Ji Mo Ya did not actually eat much but used a thought-provoking gaze and attitude to watch her eat instead…

When the meal was over, Huan Qing Yan returned to her accommodation in satisfaction to rest.

After Huan Qing Yan left, several figures in black appeared.

Mo Wu asked, “Young Master, are you suspecting that the Heart Digging Murder Case that hasn’t happened over the past few days was related to this lady?”

“The moment she stayed within the Aged Consulate, the cases also stopped. It is logical that the Young Master suspects something, providing her with some freedom might trigger the case to continue tomorrow. When that happens, she will be caught red-handed, no matter how slippery that Greater Demon is, it would not be able to escape the palm of Young Master’s hands!”

Ji Mo Ya stared outside the door, no one knew what he was looking at…

His attitude was calm and graceful.

After a moment, Ji Mo Ya said, “Mo Wu, watch her in secret from tomorrow onwards. Do not act no matter what happens and immediately report to me for instructions first.”

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“Yes, Young Master.”


Hanging Cloud Trading Street.

It was a place that was not far from the Aged Consulate, about three to four streets journey.

Huan Qing Yan had been staying indoors in training ever since she appeared in the Hanging Cloud Empire, other than that one time when she went to meet Young Master Hou, she had never went outdoors.

However, after a few days, she became  familiarized with the streets.

She visits the morning market every day so that she could procure the freshest ingredients available for the day.

A young Feather Guard accompanied her and was given the responsibility of carrying the items or any other miscellaneous tasks, plus protecting her.

The morning market today was exceptionally crowded.

The stalls were filled on both sides of the street, they all sold ordinary items. As for spirit energy ingredients, those can only be found in large shops that could be found one street down after passing by this street.

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