Chapter 37 (V2): Why Does The Heart Still Feel Aggrieved?

Second Old Mistress was not awkward when communicating with them, and she greeted them courteously before diving straight into the purpose of inviting them over. Sang Wan also did not hold back and instructed Liu Ya to teach Rou’er earnestly. At the same time, Sang Wan smiled at Second Old Mistress without giving much thought, “That servant has a good memory, and happens to take care of a white cockatoo when she was serving another master in the past. As she served, she also learned how to take care of the bird! But who would have thought that what she learned there would be useful here?”

Liu Ya arrived at the Sang house at the age of ten, but it was true that she had a master previously. Since she came from a foreign place, Sang Wan mixed a little false into the truth as she believed that Second Old Mistress was not interested.

There was only one meaning behind Sang Wan’s words, and that was: Liu Ya only knows just that and nothing else! Do not take her as one who knows all! Just for this, she was only following the little knowledge she had stored in her memory. If anything went wrong, do not blame her!

Having said, the incident had come to an end and Sang Wan could finally be relieved. Liu Ya had no need to repeat the tragic past and the two, master and servant, were able to escape from the disaster.

But it seemed that Rou’er truly was a clever child, and maybe even a little talented. After the several pointers given by Liu Ya, she was able to successfully tame that arrogant and tough Xiao Bai!

Second Old Master was elated and he dotted Rou’er more.

That should not have hindered Liu Ya in any ways, but there was always this saying that ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and likewise ‘a friend of my enemy is my enemy’.

Rou’er being greatly favored had led her status to rise above her fierce competitor, Huan Qiuju, who was of a higher standing than her previously! Qiuju was originally Concubine Fang’s personal maidservant, and the two were extremely fixated on seducing the second old master. When the master gets dotted on, their esteem would naturally rise.

Still, Concubine Fang’s status was still higher than that of Rou’er so she was not very concerned about Rou’er basking in the limelight. However, Qiuju was extremely unhappy and deliberately brought trouble for Rou’er out of jealousy. But how could Rou’er willingly let her do so? With just a sentence of complain, Qiuju ended up being the one getting scolded!

Filled with both hate and jealousy, anxiousness and anger, Qiuju dared not touched second old master’s most dotted maidservant and could only bottle those feelings up like a child as night passed. Afterwards, those bottled up feelings were transferred onto the next person-in-line who resulted in Rou’er’s status to rise, and that was Liu Ya. On one of the days, she found a reason to harshly scold Liu Ya and gave her two tight slaps.

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Liu Ya kept her young mistress’s words to heart. Added with her fear towards the second old master, she dared not return the favor to one of his closest maidservant and could only cry when she returned to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence.

Shocked, the members in Ning Garden asked with concern, and were furious at the treatment after knowing the details. However, they were unsure as to what they could say in such a situation.

Sang Wan was especially shocked and angry. She was furious to a state that her whole body was shaking slightly.

Rou’er was one of the second old master’s closest maidservants whereas Liu Ya was her own personal maidservant. However, in the eyes of the public, Liu Ya belonged to Shi Fengju. In short, her status was no lower than Rou’er’s.

Deep down, Sang Wan knew that she was living her life now too blissfully that others would treat Liu Ya like a raft and test her; which in this case was a hit on her face.

Although Qiuju was insensible, her master Concubine Fang, on the other hand, was an intelligent person. Otherwise, she who was not the most beautiful in appearance and had no son unlike Second Mistress and the two other concubines would not have been the most doted by the second old master. Even the daughter whom she birthed, Miss Wu, was the most doted child of the second old master. What was even more amazing was apart from the many maidservants who was promoted to become the closest to him, there was none who became a concubine after her. That in itself confirmed her prudence.

The act of Qiuju hitting Liu Ya, her backing definitely played a role in it.

Sang Wan’s heart fumed, just who did she think she was provoking? Concubine Fang went overboard with flaunting her status this time around!

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Then again, she understood. What Concubine Fang was doing was to make an example to the rest of the maidservants in the household, to warn them that they should erase the idea of seducing the second old master to obtain a higher status! Otherwise, just look at Liu Ya; she was about to enter his domain and become his concubine, but that ended up into nothing but airs, and even received a punishment from her own maidservant!

Sang Wan’s mind had been set. She reached her hand out to Liu Ya and pulled her to sit next to her side. Smiling, she ordered someone to fetch some water for Liu Ya to have her face washed and ordered someone to bring in a bottle of anti-swelling ointment. Sang Wan then went to personally wipe Liu Ya’s tears with her handkerchief and spoke gently, “Enough, don’t cry. Next time, just do a good job then others won’t be able to pick on you!”

As Sang Wan spoke, she quietly pinched Liu Ya’s palm slightly and her eyes gave a quick glimpse at where Nanny Li stood.

Liu Ya had already rehearsed the tactic with her for quite a number of times and was able to read the signal. Reddening her eyes, she voiced her grievance, “Young Mistress is right, this servant wouldn’t dare to break any of the household regulations in fear of bringing shame to Young Master and Young Mistress! But if others insist on creating trouble out of thin air, finding fault of others on purpose, and being too far-fetched, what ways does this servant have…”

While voicing her grievance, she went on to speak of what had happened prior to the slaps before letting the tears of injustice flow down her eyes.

As Sang Wan listened, she let out a sigh and spoke gently, “So to speak, you were definitely wronged! But that Qiuju belongs to the second old master and is one of his closest maidservants. After all, Lord respects his elders the most, and for the second old master’s sake, we should let it go this time! Don’t keep those slaps to heart! Just next time when you see her again, try to keep a distance from her to avoid any trouble for Lord!”

“Yes, this servant doesn’t wish to give trouble to Young Master and Young Mistress! This servant will stay away from her!” Liu Ya spoke with grievances.

Nanny Li who stood at a side was bursting with anger when she heard their conversation. That servant, Liu Ya, being wronged was not a huge matter, but if that were to make trouble for the young master, that definitely must not happen!

That Qiuju! That lass, in the end, was nothing but a servant who can be sold at any time; to think that she dared to touch the members from the first family, and have so much guts to punish someone who belonged to the young master, does that lass even respect the young master in the first place?!

Previously when Liu Ya narrated her story which depicted that it was Qiuju who was in the wrong, Nanny Li was already annoyed: Why the need to be so low as to have the need to hide away from that lass? Young Master may respect his elders, but there was no reason to let a servant go unpunished for the sake of an elder’s face!

“Young Mistress!” Nanny Li sneered, “Even if Liu Ya truly was in the wrong, it was unheard of for a maidservant who belonged to the second family to touch one who belonged to the first family. Now with the young master, young mistress, and the management, even Second Old Mistress would not inconvenient herself to punish those not within her area of control! But Qiuju that lass had the guts to do so! This cannot be let off so easily, otherwise, a second time might happen!”

Of course Sang Wan agreed to those words, but her mouth spoke the opposite and urged Nanny Li to let it go this time around for the matter was small, and also because the relationship between the first and second family may sour if matters were to be blown. However, Nanny Li was firm in her stand and wanted to listen no more. She spoke, “Young Mistress, you’re the new daughter-in-law, and so, just leave this matter to this old servant! We don’t really have to do anything, this old servant will bring Liu Ya to greet Second Old Mistress, and then return the favor to Qiuju and her master!”

With that, she did not forget about Liu Ya and continued, “No need to wash your face and comb your hair. Also, no need to apply the ointment; come, we’ll pay them a visit now!”

Liu Ya did not hesitate. Even before Sang Wan was able to decline, she immediately accompanied Nanny Li and a few other young maidservants as they left to visit Second Old Mistress.

It was too late for Sang Wan to have them change their mind, and all she could do was let out a sigh and let them be.

Hong Ye was still left confused but Zhide was no doubt clear of Sang Wan’s intentions and could not help but give her praise in her heart: Young Mistress truly is witty! What a good strategy!

In such a situation, letting Nanny Li handle it was no doubt the most appropriate. One was because of her old age and identity that even Second Old Mistress would think twice when going against her; Two was her protectiveness which was famous throughout the entire household. She might not care about those who offended her, but if anyone ever offends the young master, even if it were the heavens, she would not let them save face!

Deploying her was truly the best option! Second Old Mistress and Qiuju should consider themselves unlucky for not thinking twice when provoking Young Mistress!

For a master to have such a kind heart, knows how to strategize, and is willing to make a stand for her servants, where else can such a person be found?

Zhide unknowingly became lost in thought; as a servant, wasn’t having the correct master the most important of all?

Sure enough, Second Old Mistress was extremely embarrassed about the fact that a maidservant close to the second old master dared to touch someone who belonged to the young master. However, that was not the problem; the actual problem was about Nanny Li having arrived at her doorstep with a few other maidservants. If she did not show her sincerity, the matter would not be solved easily.

Seeing Liu Ya’s swollen cheeks and teary eyes, Second Old Mistress became even more ashamed and furious. If possible, she would have dragged that Qiuju and beaten her to death right here right now!

Concubine Fang claimed that she was ‘ill’ and was not present, but had someone return the slaps on Qiuju’s cheeks and dragged the crying her over. That person apologized profusely to Second Old Mistress, and then to Liu Ya, before saying that Concubine Fang was furious when she got wind of the news and had already punished Qiuju. If Nanny Li and Liu Ya were still unsatisfied, they may teach the unruly maidservant a heavy lesson for such a maidservant was better gone dead!

Qiuju hurriedly kneeled down in front of Second Old Mistress to beg for mercy and then to Liu Ya as more tears flowed down her eyes as an indication that she would never dare to do it again. Good words rolled out from Qiuju’s mouth like the water in the Yellow River which immediately put Liu Ya in a difficult position.

When had Liu Ya ever seen such a scene? In an instant, she became dumbfounded and a sense of guilt birthed in her heart as if she herself was the villain who viciously bullies weak women. Her face showed an expression of being uncomfortable and retreated behind Nanny Li embarrassedly before giving the look.

Nanny Li was used to seeing the cheap trick of retreating when the situation was unfavorable and advancing when it was not. Her heart was secretly furious but she understood that she should not be unreasonable——giving a heavy lesson was not something an old nanny like her was capable of. As such, she bitterly scolded Qiuju with a few sentences and left with Liu Ya under the polite send-off by the maidservants that were beside Second Old Mistress.

On the route back to Ning Garden, Nanny Li still felt unsatisfied. Even though Qiuju was punished, she was not punished by her which would inevitably give a sense of empty feeling as if her punch had hit thin air.

Nanny Li’s face was dark, and Liu Ya who just returned back to her senses also felt aggrieved.

And because of the hate towards a similar enemy, Liu Ya and Nanny Li’s relationship became even closer. From behind, she caught up with Nanny Li after a few steps and spoke in doubt, “Nanny, although I had already seen that Qiuju had received her punishment, why does my heart still somewhat feel uncomfortable; somewhat aggrieved?”

Hearing so, Nanny Li stopped in her tracks and sighed, “Why won’t you? Concubine Fang was quicker than us when playing the cards that the act became unquestionable. What’s worse is that even though it was so obvious that they were acting, we could do nothing but accept that act. It would be strange if your heart felt satisfied at all!”

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