Chapter 38 (V2): Nanny Li Now Has A Daughter

“They were putting on an act?” Stunned, Liu Ya’s eyes widened.

Nanny Li was also stunned and her eyes went wide opened for she was speechless: you actually did not even realized it.

Liu Ya’s widened eyes were filled with consternation which clearly told Nanny Li: Yes, I did not even realize it, and that thought did not even come to me!

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Nanny Li rolled her eyes. She was entirely speechless!

Liu Ya’s eyes hung low: Sorry!

“Ai! You ah!” Nanny Li sighed deeply and earnestly patted Liu Ya on the shoulder, “You’re Young Mistress’s personal maidservant, and will one day be her right arm! Lass, you’ve much to learn! Like today’s incident with Qiuju, you shouldn’t have just let her bully you and put Young Mistress in a tight spot! You should’ve forcefully brought her to Second Old Mistress right when she hit you!”

Liu Ya became startled, “But, but how will I know if she’ll be willing to go with me?”

Nanny Li sneered, “Of course she won’t be willing to follow you! That’s why that would make her admit defeat and beg for your forgiveness to a point that the hand that hit you would have wished it had hit herself instead!”

Liu Ya’s eyes glistened. From gaining such a huge enlightenment, Liu Ya stood motionless.

“Liu Ya has received Nanny’s teaching and hopes that Nanny will continue to give Liu Ya more pointers! Please teach Liu Ya, Nanny!” Liu Ya’s expression was extremely serious. Retreating a few steps back, she bowed to Nanny Li to take her as her teacher.

“Enough, enough! There’s no need for this; this old lady doesn’t like this!” Like a wise person, Nanny Li went on, “there isn’t much to be taught for it’s all up to one’s awareness! When you safely reach my age, you’ll know almost everything you should know!”

Liu Ya became horrified and could not help but secretly took a glimpse at the old wrinkled face of Nanny Li which looked like the flower of a chrysanthemum. A chill ran down her spin and she sweared in her heart that she definitely would not wish to know only after reaching Nanny Li’s age!

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“Nanny, please teach this servant!” Liu Ya insisted without budging.

Nanny Li frowned and gave Liu Ya a dark look.

However, Liu Ya understood that Nanny Li was a person whose heart was as warm as spring, and so it did not matter even if she would occasionally give a chilly expression. Without fear, Liu Ya faced Nanny Li’s expression with a smile and a thought suddenly came up to her which she could not help but blurt out all of a sudden, “If Nanny doesn’t mind, this servant can be your foster daughter! And in the future, Liu Ya will see Nanny as her own mother and be filial!”

“What!” Nanny Li’s whole body shook, and she made a sound which came out beyond her control. The expression she once wore immediately made a huge change.

‘Own mother’, those two words were like a hammer that heavily pounded at her heart, shattering the layer of sadness that wrapped around it. An explosion roared in her head and her eyes warm to a point where tears were almost shed.

“This servant was reckless! This servant was reckless!” The moment those words were blurted out, Liu Ya immediately knew she was being thoughtless and her face turned red. Hurriedly, she shook her hand and gave a smile, “Nanny, please don’t get mad, just see it as this servant——”

“Right.” Nanny Li suddenly laughed and blinked her teary eyes. Grinning at Liu Ya, she continued, “You’ve said it, from today on you’ll see this old granny as your own mother and be filial, you’ll also have to see this old lady off as your own parent! From today own, you’ll be this old granny’s foster daughter!”

“Nanny…” Liu Ya was staggered.

“Silly lass, still calling me Nanny!” Nanny Li laughed upon seeing her foolish expression for it was amiable and compassionate before speaking out loud to herself, “But it’s also right that we seek the approval of Old Mistress, Young Master, and Young Mistress before our relationship can be valid!”

Liu Ya was cheerful and lively in nature but not frivolous. She was a lass who treats others well and showed a degree of loyalty. She was also honest and cares for others, which were rarely found in other servants. Compared to Zhide, who was almost uncaring and silent but intelligent, and Hong Ye, who often lacks the use of a brain, Liu Ya was able to capture Nanny Li’s attention even though she arrived in the Shi household later than the other two. As such, Liu Ya’s words that came out all of a sudden due to impulse gave light in Nanny Li’s mind and she immediately accepted!

The two young maidservants who followed behind looked enviously at each other before laughing and congratulating them. Nanny Li smiled and nodded repeatedly, and Liu Ya could not help but smile embarrassedly.

Even though Nanny Li said that only after receiving Old Mistress and Young Master’s consent would their relationship be valid, but it was already very obvious that they would not disagree.

While envious, the two knew that Nanny Li was still a mighty person in the eyes of the servants. She dared to interfere with matters pertaining to the masters, and occasionally let Miss Gu shower in embarrassment, who wouldn’t fear and respect her? Who was so unafraid of death’s door to even dare to request becoming her daughter? If deemed by this fearsome old lady that she was being used as a stepping stone to climb higher up the branches, that person would definitely be scolded to a point of no return where even the household would have her stay no longer!

The two servants looked at Liu Ya, their gaze secretly filled with admiration and fear: Her courage truly is extraordinary!

Wang Shi and Shi Fengju were extremely happy upon hearing Nanny Li’s request. Elated, Wang Shi called for Liu Ya and personally bore witness as Liu Ya kneeled to serve tea to Nanny Li. After hearing Liu Ya call Nanny Li ‘Mother!’, Wang Shi gifted the two a pair of brocades, ruby gold hairpins, and pendants before ordering the kitchen to prepare a banquet table to celebrate the night.

“Old sister, you now have a daughter! My heart can finally feel at ease!” Wang Shi spoke emotionally and sighed towards Nanny Li.

“Yes, yes! This old servant has a daughter now!” Nanny Li’s face was bright and the smile on her face did not stop. The more she looked at Liu Ya, the more she felt pleased and intimate with her! “Old Mistress, rest assured for this old servant and my daughter will still be dutiful and will continue serving Young Master and Young Mistress!”

Liu Ya also came forward to show her thinking which was accompanied with a slight shyness and embarrassment.

Having seen so, Wang Shi became more joyous and she became more affectionate towards Sang Wan.

On the surface, Gu Fangzi also congratulated the two with smiles, but the handkerchief which she grasped tightly in her hand was drenched in sweat. She was sure that this was something Sang Wan came up with so as to form an alliance to deal with her.

However, what she did not know was that Nanny Li had privately told Liu Ya that her duty remained the same but would have to vie with Young Mistress so as to not raise any suspicions. Liu Ya hesitated for a moment, and only then did she recalled that she now had the status of a servant who had closed the deed with her young master. Cold beads of sweat formed on her body immediately after the thought.

That night during the banquet, Nanny Li and Liu Ya apologized before sitting to have dinner along with everyone else. Wang Shi loved the lively atmosphere and specially called for someone to bring in the liquor. Gu Fangzi’s heart was simmering in fire which she pushed all those unhappiness and anger at Shi Fengju. Because of that, he went to have a few drinks, but due to the drinks he already had in the afternoon, he became drunk during the banquet.

“Old sister, Fengju is also happy for you!” Wang Shi grinned as she spoke.

“Old Mistress and Young Master’s kindness towards this old servant, truly, this old servant cannot express it with words!” Nanny Li blinked a few times and sighed.

“Nanny, everything’s fine so long as you’re happy!” Shi Fengju laughed. His eyes were in some sort of a trance and his words were a little slurred.

“Just look at you, drunk to such a state but your mind is still awake!” Wang Shi smiled but glared at him before instructing Sang Wan to help him back to his chamber to rest.

Sang Wan could only conply. Stepping forward, she personally helped Shi Fengju.

At a side, Gu Fangzi clenched her teeth tightly as if almost shattering them and stood with her face livid as she glared coldly at the figure staggering off while leaned onto Sang Wan.

Back in Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence, the maidservants hastily wiped Shi Fengju clean and Sang Wan, together with Zhide, helped Shi Fengju into the chamber. Seeing Shi Fengju crashing right onto the bed, Sang Wan sighed to herself for it seemed she would have to sleep on the floor tonight.

Who would have thought that once she was done putting away her accessories and returning back into the bedchamber, Shi Fengju was already sitting up with his feet hanging at the edge of the bed and his back leaning at the head of the bed? Seeing her enter, he gave her a smile.

“What are you doing getting up when you’re drunk? You almost gave me a scare!” Sang Wan smiled and patted her chest. To suddenly see a person staring blanking at her with a smile, it definitely was quite scary.

Shi Fengju laughed, “I, I’m not drunk! I’m sober, really! Keke, I never, thought that Nanny, would, have, such, an affinity with, Liu Ya! It’s, been so, long since, I’ve last seen, that, old lady, smile. I feel, so happy!” With that, he leaned his head to look at Sang Wan and added, “Thank you, Sang Wan!”

Sang Wan giggled before laughing out loud when beside him, “Not drunk? Just listen to yourself, you’re stammering! Enough, go to sleep quickly!”

Towards a drunk person, Sang Wan let herself loose a lot more and spoke more casually than she usually would. Having said finished, she helped Shi Fengju lie down on the bed again.

Again, who would have thought that Shi Fengju actually wanted to get out of bed? Half drunk, his limbs felt heavy and he collapsed involuntarily onto Sang Wan, pinning her down on the bed.

Sang Wan almost shouted out from the shock. His body was heavy and an unusual feeling spread throughout her body, making her exhausted and unable to push him away.

She looked into his pair of deep and black gem-like eyes which was gazing back at her. The depth of his eyes was misty and blur with something which she could not describe.

Across the thin clothes, she could feel his warmth gradually enveloping around her which also brought his scent. On the surface, there was a constant blowing of cool and warm air; that was his breathing.

Sang Wan suddenly felt dizzy and her face was red hot. Her heart beat so quickly that she felt as if she was suffocating, but all she could do was blankly gaze at Shi Fengju.

Shi Fengju only felt a touch of warmth which he subconsciously liked and was reluctant to let go. His gaze at her was blurry, but under the soft lighting, the woman in front of him had her cheeks bright red with a thin surface of anger. Her lips were slightly dented in as she nibbled it gently as a result of shyness and grievance. And with that pair of waterly glass-like eyes that were crystal clear, it aroused his love and affection. Beneath was her slender and soft neck, and her delicate and beautiful collarbone that were both exceptionally exquisite. Shi Fengju’s mind wandered and he subconsciously raised his hand to gently stroke her cheek.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get up!” Sang Wan jerked herself awake and her expression changed as she stared at him bitterly.

Perhaps her eyes were too piercing where the change from before and after was too huge that Shi Fengju sobered up. Seeing that his behavior was like a beast preying on a young lady as he pinned her down and even tried to touch her face, he in fact refused to admit that his heart actually wished to give her a kiss.

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