Chapter 39 (V2): Drunk

“Sor…sorry! Sorry!” Shi Fengju was taken by shock and he frantically got up. Even to his cousin whom he grew up with, he had never been so intimate with her before, so how could he be discourteous towards Sang Wan?

“Young Mistress! Are you asleep? This servant has brought some soup to help sober Young Master!” A crisp knock and a loud call could be heard from outside the chamber.

The two who were together on the bed was feeling awkward and embarrassed. But because of the sudden voice that rung from outside the chamber, it startled them and their behavior changed! Although Shi Fengju had sobered up, he still lacked the strength. The sudden surprise caused him to lose control of his body and not only was he unable to get up, he fell amorously on Sang Wan. In a single swoop, his lips landed exactly on hers.

The touch was light and soft which warmed their hearts but the two could not help but become stunned.

Glossy and smooth was all Shi Fengju felt. His mind had been completely overtaken and he subconsciously sucked at her lips.

“You! Let go!” Sang Wan was taken by shock and embarrassment that her face was as red as a tomato. With a sudden rose in strength, she pushed Shi Fengju away.

‘Bang’, Shi Fengju was caught off guard and he fell to a side, hitting his  head hit at the head of the bed. “Ouch!” He could not help but gave a loud cry.

“Young Mistress?” Outside, Zhide heard a sudden noise from within and raised her voice, “What happened?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing!” Sang Wan sat up feeling both aggrieved and angry as she glared at Shi Fengju. Hurriedly, she tidied her attire and uniformed her breathing before answering, “Wait a moment, I’ll be out soon.”

Having said it, she slid the door slightly and received the tray from Zhide before smiling, “I’ll take it from here, you can return and rest!”

Zhide was a little hesitant but nodded and smiled, “Then, this servant will be leaving now!”

Sang Wan nodded and quickly shut the door again.

If not for Nanny Li who might claim that she was being uncaring towards Shi Fengju for not giving him a soup to sober up, Sang Wan was actually unwilling to open the door.

She placed the hangover soup on the table and spoke with her back facing Shi Fengju, “Lord, come and drink this.”

From the push and the knock in the head, Shi Fengju was already close to being fully sober. Thinking back at his absurdness, he found it somewhat embarrassing. But since Sang Wan had given him face, it would be insensible of him to be angry, and so he gave a slight cough before struggling to get out of bed. Awkwardly, he spoke, “You can go to sleep first. About just now…I’m sorry!”

It would have been better if he did not mention it, but now that he had said it, Sang Wan felt awkward and her heart could not help but be aggrieved. Hanging her head low without a word, she avoided him and returned to bed. Shi Fengju could not help but look back at where she was, the curtains were already pulled and were fluttering as they obstruct his gaze.

Immediately, he felt disappointed.

He remorsefully patted his head a few times: Just what was with tonight? I must’ve been possessed by a ghost! We’ve already stated clearly to be a fake couple, so why did I take advantage of her?

However, thinking back at her angry and pretty face, that breath that was warm and soft to the touch, Shi Fengju’s heart was once again swayed. In the depths of his eyes exposed a sense of affection and his lips curled to show a smile which even he was not aware of.

After finishing the hangover soup, he sat in front of the table. He had wanted to wait until he was a little more clear-headed before laying the mattress in fear that he might wake her up due to his carelessness, but who would have known that he would fall asleep the moment he rested his head on the table.

The woman who was behind the curtain actually did not sleep well. Thinking back at that complex feeling she had, there was a strange sweetness which she could not describe with words, but beneath that sweetness had both sourness and roughness.

That person, just what did he take her as? His actions just then, were they sincere or casual? But whichever it was, he deserved a beating for it!

After all, he never intended to be with her until death, no?

Although Sang Wan was furious at Shi Fengju, the thought of her pushing him away which resulted in him hitting his head made her guilt-ridden. But seeing him able to walk to the table to drink the hangover soup, he seemed alright to her! If his head had bled from the hit, or anything else, Nanny Li and Mother-in-law would definitely rip her open alive! Still, at least he was generous enough to not fuss with her over it.

If he were truly furious and intended to quarrel with her, the one at a loss would still be herself.

Now thinking about the agreement between them, just what was the basis of it? Wasn’t it largely based on his character! If he refused to follow with the promise while acting as if nothing had happened and once again return to his cousin’s side to become inseparable, there was really nothing she could do! After all, he was her ‘husband’!

The more Sang Wan’s heart rub, the messier her thoughts became. But as of now, she did not know how she should face Shi Fengju. Twisting and turning, she could not sleep at all.

Her surroundings were quiet, and there was not a sound of him opening the cupboard and laying the mattress. Finally, Sang Wan could not take it any longer and she gently pushed a corner of the curtain to take a peek. There, she saw Shi Fengju sound asleep with his head on the table. The sight lightened her mood as she found it funny and quickly wore a robe over herself before she softly getting out of bed.

Taking into account that he was drunk, she no longer fussed over the matter anymore. If she were to let him remain sleeping in such an uncomfortable position, who knows whether he would wake up the next morning with a neck ache and become extremely annoyed? If that were to happen, then it would be a disaster.

Sang Wan helped him lay his mattress before going over to shake him a little, “Lord! Lord!”

“En? Is it morning yet? Is it time to get up?” Shi Fengju vaguely raised his head.

Sang Wan giggled for a moment before whispering back, “The sun isn’t up yet! Quickly, lie down and go back to sleep!” With that, she went to help him up by his arm.

Shi Fengju followed with little conscious as he swayed right to left and almost threw himself onto the bed.

At the thought of letting him sleep on the bed for a night, Sang Wan was a little hesitant, but on a second thought, whatever for? Isn’t he in love with his cousin? Then for his blissful future together with her, shouldn’t he suffer a little bitterness now? There was no need for her to be considerate.

“Not there but here!” Once Sang Wan was done settling her thoughts, she pulled Shi Fengju and gestured towards the mattress with her mouth.

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“Oh,” With only a word, Shi Fengju lied down on the mattress obediently without another word. Sang Wan helped pull the quilt over him before looking at him again. His breathing was even and his eyes were closed. Surely, he had fallen back to sleep.

Sang Wan unwittingly stared at his face. A handsome face, a rather high nose bridge, five distinct facial features, and those gentle lines between his eyes. Even while sleeping, he exposed a distinctive attractiveness. Such qualities, wouldn’t they make others admire him?

Sang Wan sighed quietly to herself. This man was her husband in both her lifetime, yet he had never regarded her as his wife in that lifetime nor were they a real couple in this lifetime!

Perhaps the hangover soup was extremely effective; Shi Fengju was actually able to wake up the next morning all by himself. Hearing those movements, Sang Wan also got up and helped him clear away the quilt and mattress.

The atmosphere between the two was a little awkward. Shi Fengju had actually wanted to pretend not to know what he had done while he was drunk, but that memory was unfortunately very clear in his mind which made him unable to pretend.

“Lord, does your head still feel faint?” Shi Fengju was racking his brains in search of a pretext to begin a conversation, but to think that Sang Wan would be a step ahead of him and asked as if nothing had happened.

“No matter, I’m fine now!” Shi Fengju loosened his tensed heart and gave a quick laugh.

“Then that’s good.” Sang Wan nodded and smiled, her heart secretly loosening a little as well. With that, the two left together. Since they were husband and wife, Sang Wan had to play her role as the wife to ‘serve’ her husband.

On the surface, although the two were trying to display as if nothing had happened, there was still a subtle element beyond their control which was able to squeeze itself out. The maidservants were able to sense it and became a little more careful than they were on a usual day.

After breakfast, Shi Fengju left for business. Arriving outside now were Gu Fangzi and Lan Xiang, together with their smiles.

Sang Wan quickly invited them in with a smile and ordered tea to be served.

Once a few words of greetings were exchanged, Gu Fangzi instructed Lan Xiang to open a brocade box that was as large as a palm and offered it to Sang Wan. In it was a pair of chisel flower bracelet. Looking at Sang Wan, she smiled, “A small gift for Liu Ya to congratulate her. It isn’t anything that expensive, but I hope Cousin Sang Wan and Miss Liu Ya won’t regard it as unimportant!”

“I shall thank Cousin Fangzi for the gift on behalf of Liu Ya first!” Sang Wan smiled. She then directed Liu Ya to accept it before ordering her to give her thanks to Gu Fangzi.

Liu Ya abided and kowtowed to show her thanks to Gu Fangzi.

Gu Fangzi quickly leaned forward to help Liu Ya up and smiled, “Enough of the thanks! Otherwise, I will feel embarrassed! You’re now Nanny Li’s daughter and also a servant who has done the deed with Big Cousin, there’s no need for you to give your thanks! Still, congratulations for you are truly blessed! In the future, just have Nanny Li be in control!”

“Miss Gu’s right!” Hearing the word ‘deed’, Liu Ya could not help but feel somewhat guilty and unwittingly drooped her eyes.

Seeing Liu Ya’s behavior, Gu Fangzi thought her words had hit the spot and she secretly sneered. Her gaze slyly slid past Sang Wan and laughed as she looked at Liu Ya, “Oh, there’s no need to be embarrassed, is there? What I said is the truth! Big Cousin respects Nanny Li a lot; now that you have that old lady behind your back, Big Cousin and Cousin Sang Wan will naturally have to treat you better! Isn’t that truly a blessing? Cousin Sang Wan, don’t you say so?”

Liu Ya was still clueless and laughed ignorantly, but Sang Wan understood the meaning behind Gu Fangzi’s words for it was nothing more than to provoke her relationship with Liu Ya!

Sang Wan secretly sighed to herself. With the heart of a villain, she truly must be foolish to think that everyone was just the same as her! Did it not come to her that even if Liu Ya had done the deed with Shi Fengju, she was also her own personal maidservant. Compared to other maidservants, Liu Ya was the closest to her. So why would she hate on her?

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But taking a step back, Sang Wan was at a loss for would Liu Ya still be able to officially marry as a wife?

“You’re right!” Sang Wan spoke pretentiously before nodding and giving a smile.

Keep acting, just keep acting! Let’s see whether Nanny Li will be more leaning to help Liu Ya or you when she stabs you in the back one day! But it’ll be too late when that happens! Gu Fangzi secretly sneered.

“So Cousin Sang Wan truly understands!” Gu Fangzi frowned a little and spoke for a little while longer before leaving.

Those maidservants behind suddenly gained a realization: No wonder the atmosphere this morning between Young Master and Young Mistress were a little strange. Maybe Young Mistress was jealous and thus became awkward when around Young Master.

Liu Ya was too dense to understand and she happily asked Sang Wan, “Young Mistress, this servant wishes to prepare a table to have a meal with Mother and the rest of the sisters in Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence. Could Young Mistress give this servant half a day off to make the arrangements?”

Hearing so, the crowd could not help but gave glances of sympathy towards Liu Ya and they spoke in their hearts, “Young Mistress is already uncomfortable about, but there you go mentioning it so happily! Just what did Nanny Li see in you?”

However, what the crowd was not able to see was exactly what Nanny Li liked!

It was her determination in things that were important, and a dense side of her like a block of wood when it came to things that were unimportant!

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