Chapter 45 – Developing feelings in the desert

Wei Qiqi followed the compass for directions and started searching the possible areas that Third Duke might have walked in his dehydrated state. She searched for a day and a night and was extremely tired till there was no more energy left. Till the beginning of the third day, Qiqi still hasn’t found any signs of the Third Duke.

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This damned Liu Zhong Tian. Qiqi saw the sun going higher and higher. The third day is going to be over soon. At this rate, Liu Zhong Tian is going to die. If he dies, Qiqi gazed upon the desert and scratched her messy hair. She started howling uncontrollably. After reaching the Great Han for such a long period of time, even though that guy is very fierce, always talking about killing and chopping,he is the only person that cares about her.

Qiqi stumbled around and her legs suddenly touched something which almost caused her to trip. She set her gaze on it and her soul nearly left her body. It is a pile of white bones. One look and she knows that it is someone who lost their way and died in the desert. Looking at this scary scene, Qiqi seemed to have seen the handsome Third Duke also turning into a pile of white bones and got covered by the yellow sand.

When it is afternoon, Qiqi seemed to have given up. This time, Liu Zhong Tian doesn’t even have hope of surviving. She felt a wave of giddiness. The whole seemed to turn instantly and then she fell in the desert.

Qiqi struggled weakly to open her eyes and looked at the sky. She realized a few desert vultures circling around in the sky, emitting sharp noises. She instantly became on alert. The vultures have discovered something and attempted to fly down to seek for food. Then? Wei Qiqi stood up excitedly. There was somebody down there!

Qiqi speedily ran towards that direction, sending the yellow sand underneath her feet flying. A cloud of yellow dust flew up, after running for a distance, she is nearing to the position of the vultures circling. Qiqi then saw that there is someone lying in the desert. Isn’t that the Third Duke?

Wei Qiqi agitatedly ran over, realizing that the Third Duke is lying down facing up, his both eyes tightly shut. It must be due to the long period of dehydration that he fainted. Qiqi took out a water bag and pointed its opening towards his mouth. However his lips are tightly shut and there is no response from him at all.

“Duke, do not die. If you die, what will Qiqi do?” Qiqi lost her voice and started crying loudly. He must drink the water, only when he drinks the water then will he survive. How to let him drink the water? Qiqi’s face suddenly became hot. To save Liu Zhong Tian’s life, she doesn’t care about so much anymore. Qiqi placed the water within her mouth and placed her mouth on top of Third Duke’s lips.

Qiqi’s lips touched Third Duke’s lips. Her heart felt some excitement. She calmed herself down and slowly sent the water over through her lips. At this moment, Qiqi felt that her head is covered by a pair of strong arms. Third Duke’s lips speedily caught onto her. Not waiting for her to react to what is going on, Liu Zhong Tian already flipped over and embraced her and started madly kissing her.

A wave of strong wind stirred in the desert. With a sky full of yellow sand, Liu Zhong Tian and Wei Qiqi started fumbling about in the endless desert. Qiqi felt Liu Zhong Tian’s lovely touch and the wave of emotions stirring inside of her heart. She shockingly remembered that dream, the dream that kept harassing her. That man is actually the Great Han Third Duke…… Wei Qiqi is at a loss.

Qiqi felt Liu Zhong Tian’s hands caressing every inch of her skin on her body. His hot lips landed on her ears, igniting her sensitive nerves. The cold Third Duke has actually become so passionate. This made Qiqi at a loss. She is only seventeen years old. Qiqi hasn’t even prepared to give up her chastity to any man. She frantically pushed aside Liu Zhong Tian, but he can no longer control himself. He kissed even more fervently. Slowly, Qiqi’s clothes were rolling among the desert.

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Liu Zhong Tian placed his arms on her spine, his lips landing on her neck, shoulder, and remained on her front. Qiqi instantly felt that her inside is rushing and stirring madly, lost in Liu Zhong Tian’s light touch and feverish kissing……

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