Chapter 44 – A thread of inexplicable feeling

“My General Qi, women have to marry sooner or later. The Duke is willing to accept you, don’t be so stubborn anymore!”

Liu Yun looked at Qiqi’s behind and scratched his hair, involuntarily frowning.

“Where is the Duke?”

“The Duke is of course in the campground.” Qiqi said angrily. “Quickly go back, if not, leave the desert together with me!”

After speaking, Qiqi went to the resting spot at the sand dune and sat down. Liu Yun didn’t see the Duke and was somewhat anxious. He went and brought Qiqi up. “General Qi, do you know? The Duke has personally went to look for you. Furthermore he left in a hurry so he didn’t bring any water with him!”

Wei Qiqi listened and was stunned. She looked at Liu Yun in a daze and didn’t recover until half a day later. Is Liu Zhong Tian crazy? Not bringing water and entering the desert to look for her, isn’t that the same as sending oneself to death? Hence she asked anxiously “The Duke has come out for how long?”

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“About six hours plus. Such a poisonous weather…… if something happens to the Duke, then you will become the sinner of Great Han……” Liu Yun couldn’t continue speaking, his expression is extremely ugly.

When Wei Qiqi heard that Liu Zhong Tian has personally entered the desert to look for her, at that moment, her heart rose an inexplicable feeling. In the Great Han where there is no one to rely on, there is actually someone who is so concerned for her. No matter what kind of motive Liu Zhong Tian has, Qiqi is grateful to him from the bottom of her heart.

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Wei Qiqi anxiously looked at the vast and wide desert. This fella, why did he come out without bringing water? He has not a bit of common sense. He thinks that he can find water everywhere in the desert? Now the urgent thing is to find the Duke. If he unfortunately dies in the desert, even if Wei Qiqi goes back to the modern society, she will not be able to find release. She is determined in her heart, and turned around and walked.

“We will search separately!”

“Good! General Qi, you bring two soldiers with you!” Liu Yun doesn’t wish to find one and lose another.

“There is no need. If you can’t find him before the sky darkens, then go back to the original spot to rest. There is no need to care about me, I have the compass I won’t get lost!”

“General Qi……” Liu Yun helplessly shook his head, and brought his soldiers to turn around. He hopes that on the way back, they can find their Third Duke.

Wei Qiqi, not caring the scorching of the hot sun, raised her steps with difficulty on the thick thick yellow sand. The feeling is as if being set on fire. Qiqi is more and more worried about the Third Duke. He doesn’t have water in such a hot weather. If she doesn’t find him within 3 days, he will definitely die.

This damned Third Duke, why did he go and look for her. An ugly woman running away isn’t that better? Does he really wish to marry an ugly woman as a concubine?

Qiqi looked at the poisonous sun up in the air and was so upset that she started sobbing. If she doesn’t find that fella, then he will definitely die. Please don’t die, Liu Zhong Tian. The more Qiqi worries, the more upset she gets. In the end she cried uncontrollably.

If she cannot find the Third Duke, Wei Qiqi doesn’t intend to leave this desert. Liu Zhong Tian, because of her, is willing to risk the danger and brave the desert. Qiqi has no reason to throw him aside. Just based on this intention of Third Duke, it is worth it even if she dies. Anyway living in the Great Han like this has no meaning either.

The sky gradually darkened. Wei Qiqi is somewhat desperate. With the tide of time passing like this, it made her almost unable to move anymore. She looked at the water at her waist and resisted the thirst. She cannot drink anymore. She has to conserve her water consumption. If not later when she finds the Third Duke, with no water, she won’t have anything to save him with.

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