Chapter 43 – Seven feet man loses at the hands of ugly woman

Liu Zhong Tian chased after the direction of the Great Han for a very long period of time. The sun is scorching and he’s feeling exceptionally thirsty. He thought that he could catch Wei Qiqi very quickly, hence he did not prepare water and went straight out of the campground. Looks like he has underestimated this woman, after chasing such a long period of time he didn’t find a trace of her.

He doesn’t know how long will it take before the soldiers from the back will catch up. In this kind of hot weather without any water to drink is very troublesome He doesn’t know how long he can last. However no matter what he has to catch Wei Qiqi back.

This damned ugly woman, where did she run off to. Liu Zhong Tian furiously looked at the endless desert. She is just an ugly woman, how can she let him be so frustrated and irritated? Wei Qiqi running off is better, the Emperor also cannot punish him. The Royal Concubine has left so what marriage is there?

Even though Liu Zhong Tian comforted himself in this manner but his heart is unable to calm down. Such a poisonous sun, can Wei Qiqi leave this desert? Will she run into any sort of danger? The desert is wide and endless. If she loses her way, won’t she just be throwing away her life?

The more Liu Zhong Tian thinks the more anxious he gets. He continued enduring the sun and moving forward. Due to searching everywhere, he somewhat lost his sense of direction. In this endless desert the north south east west is almost the same. It is possible that with just a turn of his body, he will lose his direction.

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Suddenly a wave of wind stirred up. The yellow sand started pouncing over. Liu Zhong Tian covered his head and evaded the yellow sand and waited till the sandstorm is over. He stood up and looked at the desert.

Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian no longer tried to discern the direction. He hopelessly looked at the scorching desert as his heart continually shouted. Wei Qiqi, you damned ugly woman, where are you? A seven feet tall man actually loses at the hands of a woman.

The boiling air in the desert can make a person evaporate. Liu Zhong Tian knows that the important thing now is water, he needs water. He needs to find water before he can continue on.

Wei Qiqi walked for a distance and realized that the sun is really too big. She found a sand dune and sat down near it as a cover. She took out water and drank a mouthful. She set her eyes at the endless desert like a yellow sea. The sun is shining from above, a thousand bright lights shining, the sand dunes continuing up and down is just like the waves from a sea.

As long as the sky darkens, it will be much cooler. Using her compass, Qiqi can successfully leave this desert. She arranged her hair that has been blown messy by the wind and sand. She carefreely and proudly sang. It is estimated that Liu Zhong Tian would have realized that she is missing. That will be so comical and funny, marriage? Dream on.

Wei Qiqi sang for a while and realized there a few human figures from afar. They are searching for something within the desert. Qiqi hurriedly stood up and upon careful observation, they are actually Great Han soldiers. Why did they run over here, is it to look for her?

Qiqi began to be angry. Such a big desert, if they continue searching like this, what if they lose their direction, wouldn’t it be very dangerous. This cannot be, those soldiers are after all people whom she has fought shoulder to shoulder with. They cannot be searching endlessly because of her.

Wei Qiqi exited the sand dune, furiously looked at the Great Han soldiers from afar and loudly shouted.

“Hey! Hurry go back! It is dangerous here!”

“General Qi!” Liu Yun heard Qiqi’s voice and followed the sound and looked. He saw the skinny Wei Qiqi in the desert, so he brought the soldiers and happily ran forward.

Wei Qiqi loudly reprimanded “I use my name as General Qi to order you all to hurry go back!”

“However, General Qi has to go back with us. If not we have no way of going back to fulfill our orders!” Liu Yun obviously doesn’t wish to go back.

“I will not go back with you. I originally don’t belong to the Great Han. I want to go home!”

Liu Yun patted Qiqi. “You are going to become a Royal Concubine soon, yet you are still acting like this. How blessed are you, our Duke is famous in the Great Han for being a handsome Duke!”

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“I don’t care a hoot about that, I don’t want to become a Royal Concubine!”

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