Chapter 42 – When will be a better time to run if not now

“This look of yours makes it very hard for me to have any frivolous thoughts towards you. You can rest assure.” Liu Zhong Tian looked at Qiqi’s clothes. “Next time, you must dress like a woman. You can no longer dress with no differentiation between man and woman.”

“Like a woman?” Qiqi started laughing. “Do you think that if I wear flower red and leaf green, with a flower, coupled with my face, I will look good? I am afraid I will scare you to death!”

Liu Zhong Tian looked at Qiqi’s face and thought of her wearing women’s clothing. This may really spoil the scenery. He sighed, released her, and walked in big strides out of the tent.

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Marriage, Wei Qiqi coldly smiled at Third Duke’s back. How is this possible? If she marries in the Great Han, then it is destined for her to be unable to return. She looked at the bag and then at the jeans on the side. Hmmph. If she does not run now, then when?

Wei Qiqi hurriedly changed out of the military uniform and wore her own jeans and tee-shirt. She then brought some water and food. She swore that this time around she will leave the Great Han military camp, never coming back. As long as there is a chance of returning to the original life, she will never ever give it up.

Wei Qiqi walked out of the big tent and speedily ran towards the outside of the campground. She must leave before Liu Zhong Tian realizes that she is missing.

“General Qi, where are you going?” Liu Yun saw the specially dressed Qiqi. This ugly woman who is immediately going to be the Royal Concubine already, why is she still going out?

“Oh, Duke has some mission for me to complete, I will be back very soon!” Qiqi lied.

“Mission, at this period?” Liu Yun had some doubts as he looked at Qiqi’s back. They are going to get married soon, yet he still sent her away on some mission. Furthermore it is only one person?

Wei Qiqi left Liu Zhong Tian’s campground. Her heart felt some longing. If it was not because she was forced to, Qiqi would never take such a risk. After all, the military camp is a place where she can temporarily take refuge in. However, as compared to her lifetime happiness, she must make a decision.

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Fortunately in the survival lessons, she brought a compass. If not, in such a big desert, she will get lost really easily alone. She retrieved the compass from her bag and started walking in the yellow sand slowly.

Liu Zhong Tian surveyed the military camp for one round and was just about to return to the tent. Liu Yun was full of thoughts as he had his suspicions, and nearly bumped into the Third Duke.

“Why is is that you look like you lost your soul!” Liu Zhong Tian reprimanded. In this military camp, a full spirit must be maintained. Such an attitude of lost spirit is what he doesn’t like most.

“Duke!” Liu Yun immediately straightened his waist and stood there properly.

“Carrying a heart full of thoughts, what happened?”

“Duke, Liu Yun feels that something is a bit strange. Isn’t Wei Qiqi going to get married with Duke tomorrow, why did you send her out of the campground?”

“Leaving the campground? Qiqi left the campground? When?” Liu Zhong Tian immediately straightened his eyebrows.

“Just a while ago, she said that you sent her to complete a mission.”

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian looked at Liu Yun anxiously. “Which direction did she go towards?”

“She wants to escape! I will go chase after her, bring a few soldiers and water and catch up with me. If you cannot find us before the sky darkens, immediately return to the campground!”

“However, Duke……”

Not waiting for Liu Yun to speak finnish, Liu Zhong Tian quickly chased out of the campground. His face is full of fury. Wei Qiqi actually dared to escape the marriage. Liu Zhong Tian is to be considered dashing and suave, someone with talent, a Great Han Third Duke that has the attention of thousands. There are countless women that hopes to become his concubine. However now an ugly Wei Qiqi is actually scared of getting married with him and escaped? This is simply inconceivable.

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