Chapter 142 – Virtuous Girl

The reincarnated girl’s voice reached her, “Wait for a moment, the sedative’s effect is dissipating…”

Huan Qing Yan felt strange, whenever the reincarnated girl asked her to go offline, she would take over without problems. Yet for her to take over the body, she must wait for the reincarnated girl to go offline before she can obtain control.

Was it because the reincarnated girl was the original owner? That was why her control over the body was greater than a crossover girl like her?

So be it, this was not the time to ponder about such things.

Damm*t, who was the one that tried to set her up!

The small alley was not long, and she was quickly dragged out of it to a connecting small street. Although she could not see, she could hear, this place was not as crowded as the trading street but there were still quite a large number of noises that were generated.

The reincarnated girl had fallen completely unconscious.

That was when Huan Qing Yan obtained control of the body again. At the same time, Huan Qing Yan also felt that the Pig Spirit Treasure, who was often in a state of slumber, began to wake up. With a pulse of the Pig Spirit Treasure’s energy, Huan Qing Yan felt the weakness within her body receding.

The time has arrived!

At this rate, it would be troublesome if she was dragged to an even more isolated location.

The kidnappers likely did not dare to act in the previous alley because they feared that the young Feather Guard would discover them quickly. Now that they moved her away from the place and was much harder to track, the danger rating on her thoughts also got much higher.

She cannot let this go on any longer.

Huan Qing Yan instructed her Pig Spirit Treasure to drill its way out of the sack and deliver a sneak attack!

“Aiyo! What is this thing? It dares to bite this daddy?”

Along with the shout of pain, Huan Qing Yan felt the sack slacken. She used the momentum to roll out of the sack.

This situation was not something she could talk her way out.

Huan Qing Yan immediately screamed in the loudest capacity she could muster, “Someone, please help! A kidnapping of a virtuous girl!”

She shouted as she ran.

The faces of the kidnappers turned dark. The prey they had easily caught had suddenly ran away.

A scarred face thug that looked to be the boss of the kidnappers scolded his men in a low voice, “What happened? Isn’t she supposed to be sedated? Why is she awake and running about?”

A follower with a serious bleeding injury on his arm replied in pain, “Boss, how would I know? I do not even know what bit me.”

“Idiot, deal with that wound yourself first.”

Another man asked in a low voice, “Boss, what to do now?”

“No need to panic, just follow me.”

This street was a supplementary road lined with small general goods stores, the street itself was not big, about three meters wide only and the path was blocked as one of the stores had placed their goods on the street. Huan Qing Yan was unable to run far before the four burly thugs reached her.

The path in front and behind was sealed, there was no way for Huan Qing Yan to run!

However, despite being unable to run away, she had garnered the attention of several people, attracting a rather large gathering.

“This cannot be, the security within our Hanging Cloud Empire had always been good. I have never heard of someone trying to kidnap a young girl under broad daylight…”

“There’s murderous aura coming out of these men and they also seem to be spirit masters while this young girl’s attire is also not ordinary, it might really be a case of kidnapping!”  

“Hey, this is the capital and right under the jurisdiction of the emperor, are you men not afraid of the law? Quickly release that girl! If you don’t, I will call the constables!”

Huan Qing Yan saw hope, the gathered people were honest and righteous, unlike modern men who would watch over the situation with a cold attitude.

It looks like her gamble was correct!

The four thugs were all spirit master as they all possessed a spirit imprint with four stars on their wrists.

All of them were Four-Star Spirit Masters, anyone with proper intelligence would do their best to avoid a one versus four situation.

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