Chapter 143 – Young Beautiful Man

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After the Pig Spirit Treasure made its bite attack, Huan Qing Yan ordered it to quickly return to her body, this led to the gang of kidnappers being unable to see clearly what had happened.

“Help me! Kidnapping! Just tell me how much silvers you want. Although I do not know who ordered you to do this, as the Young Mistress of the Huan Family, I am willing to give you all the silvers I have on me…” Huan Qing Yan acted meekly and said.

The leader of the group smiled sinisterly at Huan Qing Yan, “Little bride, don’t act, you are the latest concubine brought in by our master! Master had treated you very well, yet you stole from him to elope with your adulterer. The master had already instructed, once you return the silvers you stole after we brought you back, the master will not pursue the matter…”

When the words were spoken.

It caused Huan Qing Yan to go dumbstruck.

‘The f*ck, what is happening? A twist in the drama plot? Is this a case of mistaken identity?’

“You have caught the wrong person, I am the young mistress of Imperial Chef Huan’s estate… My name is Huan Qing Yan…”

The scarred face thug said, “We did not catch the wrong person, the concubine that escaped is called Huan Qing Yan. The master had instructed, we have to bring you back alive or dead.”

His lackeys also began to address the gathered crowd, “People, this is a private affair of our estate, our master is Master Hu San of West Lane. We apologize for disturbing your business while catching a runaway concubine! Please stop blocking us from doing our work.”

Huan Qing Yan was greatly surprised, she did not expect that these thugs would have such high IQ!

Who came up with this utterly unscrupulous idea?

Upon listening to their explanation, the sympathetic gazes of the observers transformed into disgust and disdain, a woman that stole from her husband and eloped with her adulterer could only be a person of vile character.

Some of them even began to spit at Huan Qing Yan, their spit nearly landed onto Huan Qing Yan’s body.

As Huan Qing Yan swept her gaze at the crowd, she saw a young beautiful man within the group looking over the scene in enjoyment.

That young man’s lips were red while his teeth were white, while his skin was smooth and soft; it was obvious that it was a woman crossdressing as a man!

Huan Qing Yan finally understood the situation…

Want to play tricks? Sure, let’s play then.

“*Sigh* These brothers have identified the wrong person, yet you still don’t believe me. Who doesn’t know about the reputable Master Hu San? Even this little girl has heard about him, Master Hu San has always had a thing for young beautiful men, the concubines within his estate were mostly this type of people. Last time, when Lord Emperor visited our Huan Estate for a meal, he also mentioned about Master Hu San’s homosexual preference, Lord Emperor also added that you will always find people like that in this world, those who do not walk the normal path…” Huan Qing Yan said as loudly as possible.

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The observers all took a step back, they were greatly attracted and shaken by this extremely juicy piece of information.

“What? There’s really someone who has such a preference in this world?”

“Come to think of it, who is this Hu San? To even have news of him reaching the ears of Lord Emperor?”

“What’s more, that young lady really knew Lord Emperor? Lord Emperor rarely had meals within the estates of his subjects, he will only do so in the estates of highly reputable Imperial Chefs… This young lady, do tell, which family you are from again?”

When the kidnappers heard them, they understood that the situation was getting out of hand. They never expected that such a meek looking girl would have such a way with words.

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Master Hu San? That was just someone they created randomly, yet this girl even brought in the emperor into this.

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