Chapter 144 – A Runaway Concubine

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The scarred thug hinted with his gaze at his two brothers beside him.

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One of them was the one that got his hand bitten by the Pig Spirit Treasure, despite the emergency first aid, it was still bleeding and very painful. He could not wait to deal with this b*tch as soon as possible before properly attending to his injury.

The two men took a step forward and planned to grab Huan Qing Yan by her arms.

“This little b*tch is spouting nonsense, to dare to even say that the Lord Emperor has eaten at her place. A little b*tch like you would not have the luck to see the Lord Emperor even if you lived for eight generations. Stop playing tricks and obediently return with us!”

Huan Qing Yan agilely twisted her body and evaded them.

“What’s the rush? All of you were just the lackeys of Master Hu San, a noble and respectable person like him would surely emphasize that he has no relation with this matter. Only imbeciles like you guys would continue to act without thinking and would just be taking the blame for this incident. Open your lackey eyes and look at what this is!” Huan Qing Yan took out a luxurious looking token.

The word “Nine” was engraved on it.

Surrounding the word were also engravings of multiple golden dragons!

“This is the Ninth Prince’s token; do you understand now? This was something he lost to my elder sister due to a gamble when we were at the royal palace’s star attracting pond! My elder sister kept the Ink Jade but passed me this token. This is proof that I am not the same person as the person you are trying to catch! This lady is the Young Mistress of the Huan Estate, I have met the Lord Emperor before and have connections with Lord Ninth Prince, anyone of them have a higher standing than that man-loving Master Hu San of yours!”

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This was a token that was attached to the ink jade that she won from Bai Cheng Feng, after she consumed the Ink Jade, Huan Qing Yan decided to keep it as it might be useful in the future.

Unexpectedly, it indeed became useful today.

She did not say that it was her that made the bet with Ninth Prince as she was still fat at that time, even people she was close to were unable to identify her after she slimmed down, thus she decided to create an elder sister for the story.

Since no one would know the truth, anyway.

At that moment, a fatty within the crowd suddenly exclaimed, “I remember! I own a Recording Stone Store and the most popular Recording Stone that sold recently is the one about the bet between Lord Ninth and a lady. That token is indeed attached to the accessory that Lord Ninth Prince lost that day, how could a runaway concubine possess an item of Lord Ninth Prince? This is surely a case of mistaken identity.”

The scarred thug was already deeply regretting giving Huan Qing Yan the chance to talk so much, “This b*tch is exceptionally cunning, you lied to our Master and now you are trying to lie to everyone here? Drag her away, now!”

He planned to use force now.

Huan Qing Yan already had her guard up.

She could only react with force also, when the Pig Spirit Treasure appeared, three large goose egg-sized stars appeared on her head.

“Woah, what huge star talent!”

“Indeed, why would a person with such high star talent be willing to be a concubine! These men were either mistaken or were planning to enslave her.”

The scarred thug did not expect that Huan Qing Yan could still summon her spirit treasure while under the effects of the sedative!

It was also because they were worried about her spirit treasure that they applied a mixture of sedatives inside that gunnysack…

Now that things had exceeded their ability to control, his face was also becoming darker and darker.

Huan Qing Yan knew that everything would be settled if she had released her spirit treasure from the beginning, but she did not do so. This was because she was waiting for this exact moment!

“Dear brothers, do you still think that this lady is still the runaway concubine of your estate?”

With Huan Qing Yan’s questions, the observers all began to react, “How is that possible? This level of star talent is even enough to become the wife of the crown prince, how can she be a mere concubine?”

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