Chapter 113: Qinglian

Yang Zhan, Yang Hong, Yang Biao and Yang Kun had died.

The Yang clan had now been thoroughly destroyed.

It had been less than two months since the Sky Border dynasty was founded, and it fell just like that as if it was a big joke.

The happiest were of course the imperial family as the Yang clan was driven to chaos with their ancestors dead without having to mobilize their army. Such an ending was not expected by Li Gong.

Watching the tigers fight, it was truly a wonderful performance.

Li Gong was pleased and excited. With Yang Zhan dead, the stone on his heart could finally be laid down. The Yang clan was now of no concern anymore as their pillar had died. For him to retrieve the lost land would be of great ease.

“Let’s go, we should meet the hero of our Dali dynasty.” Li Gong laughed without any restraint. He leapt and a yellow figure appeared in the sky moving with great speed.

Lu Donghai and Zhao Changqing gave each other a glance before smiling and flew towards the Sky Border city.

“Aunt, what is happening to Yun Man?” Qin Tian frowned anxiously. He was unsure about the might of the Baishi Shanxin force, but he knew how horrifying Yang Zhan was. Was Yun Man really able to go against the rank three ascension realm Yang Zhan? He did not know.

Qinglian executed some movements and only until three ‘lotus saint recovery’ was used on Yun Man did she heave out a sigh. “Her life should be preserved.”

Qin Tian let out a sigh of relief.

At the very least, her life was preserved. As long as she was still alive, anything is possible.

Yun Man’s face was pale and she was wounded all over. Still, Qin Tian was worried. Qinglian’s ‘lotus saint recovery’ was a powerful healing art, yet her face was still pale after the usage of it three times like nothing had happened.

“I’m afraid it would be hard for her to wake up ……”

Qinglian looked into his eyes and spoke hesitantly.
The power of Baishi Shanxin force was too great and Yun Man was not able to control it. The eruption of it caused her meridians to be under great pressure. For her to recover, if a universe realm expert takes action to help Yun Man unclog her meridians, she may be able wake up.

Or else in this lifetime, she will never wake up again.

Qin Tian was startled and looked at Qinglian, frowning, “Then won’t she be a human vegetable?”

“Aunt, would she really not wake up again? Is there no other way?” Qin Tian was unwilling to give up. If not for her, he would probably be dead already.

“It is not that there isn’t any way.”

“By relying on a universe realm expert to help to unclog her meridians, she will be able to wake up.”

The three people walked towards them. Lu Donghai, seeing Qin Tian, could not help but become excited and revealed a kind smile.

Qin Tian was startled. He glanced at them, seeing that their names are white, he rest assured. However, the strength of the three of them had shocked him. Two were in the ascension realm while the other was in the peak spirit refining realm.

A powerful group of three.

From their dressing, his eyes expressed shock. He looked at Li Gong and showed his regards.

Li Gong smiled faintly, hinting that there was no need for the formalities. Next, he took a look at Qinglian and praised, “Truly a beautiful fairy.”

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Lu Donghai walked up, putting his hand on Qin Tian’s shoulder, he said, “Little brother, you have stunned us all. A rank five spirit refining killing a peak spirit refining cultivator. This was the first time I’ve ever seen such a situation, nor have I heard of it before.”

Lu Donghai directly acted familiar.

Qin Tian let out a bitter laugh, “Junior is unworthy of senior’s praise.”

“Haha……” Lu Donghai chuckled.

“There’s no need for formalities, if little brother is willing, you can call me elder brother Lu.”

Those words startled Qin Tian.

Lu Donghai is protecting him. Li Gong is undoubtedly Dali emperor, wielding immense power. And, there was another ascension realm expert too. Since Qin Tian was able to kill Yang Hong when at rank five spirit refining realm, his threat would be no less than the Yang clan.

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If the two of them work together, killing him would be a breeze.

However, Lu Donghai’s action has destroyed Li Gong’s intent to kill.

Qin Tian understood that and immediately greeted respectfully, “Elder brother Lu.”

“Haha……good, good, good.” Lu Donghai smiled and took out a Dan, “Being your brother, as I do not have anything valuable, take this Peiyuan Dan. Treat this as a gift for our first meeting.”

“Peiyuan Dan?!” Qin Tian was stunned and felt grateful. Peiyuan Dan was a grade eight Dan, made from refining countless of cores. A Peiyuan Dan a extremely hard to get, and is a great treasure in this world.

Li Gong and Zhao Chengqing were also stunned. They knew how precious the Dan is more clearly than anyone else, but to think that Lu Donghai would just give it away.

Not waiting for Qin Tian to take it, he shoved it onto his hand and turned to look at Yun Man. “If she wants to regain conscious, she would need the help of a universe realm expert, or else she would never wake up in this lifetime……”

Qin Tian was extremely grateful to Lu Donghai.

‘Universe realm, this…this is like a god-like existence to us.”

Universe realm, a peak existence among cultivators. They were those who were hardly seen and were seen as arrogant monsters. Who among those would help him?

Why would a universe realm expert help him?

On the other hand, if he wanted to cultivate until the universe realm, he was unsure how long it would take. When he reached it, would Yun Man still be alive? And, if the turmoil of her meridians was dragged for too long, even a universe realm expert might be helpless.

Qin Tian contemplated, not speaking anymore.

Qinglian felt her heart ache looking at him. Biting her lips, she said, “Little Tian, let me return to seek the sect mistress to take action. Yun Man will be fine.”

Li Gong and Zhao Changqing, hearing that, felt fortunate. The background behind Qinglian was indeed not simple. Luckily, they did not offend her or once the universe realm expert take action against them, Dali Dynasty would be flattened in just one move.

“Aunt!” Qin Tian felt joyful, only to feel a pain in his heart looking at Qinglian. He hated himself a little.

Everything needed strength. With strength, anything can be done, and there was no need to plead for help from others.

In this world, the only one that treats him best was Qinglian.

Pleading a universe realm expert to help was undoubtedly extremely difficult, and might even draw upon death on oneself. Qin Tian understood all of these. Qinglian was willing to do anything for him, and such sacrifice made him want to slap himself hard. He once again made an oath to become stronger.

The atmosphere became oppressive.

Qin Tian was in great pain. However, there was no other way. He did not even know any universe realm expert, what’s more asking one to unclog her meridians.

“Little Tian, there is no need to be worried. Jingxin sect harbors mercy at heart to cultivate in the Buddhism scriptures. Sect leader will definitely help.”

Qinglian knew much about Jingxin sect, and she may be punished when she returns. Wanting the sect leader to help would be difficult, but as long as there is trace of hope, she would not let it go. Whoever Qin Tian cares for is someone she cares for too.

For Qin Tian, she was willing to do anything, no matter how arduous it was.

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