Chapter 112: Huge Rewards from Yang Zhan


A second past felt like a thousand years.

Under the effect of a hundred thousand Qigong value, the green dragon cauldron shone. The image of the green dragon carved on it cried, forming a huge green Qi cover.

Along with the mid grade immortal tool, Qin Tian activated the deviate soul bell. Another layer of protection was another layer of safety.

In his arms, Qinglian stared at him quietly. Her big eyes sparkled as she laid on his chest in deep thought. Soon, her face turned red like the peach blossom in spring, making others feel tenderness towards her.

Qin Tian was also aware of the changes of Qinglian’s aura. He swallowed his saliva and exercised maximum restraint, not daring to think.

In the ascension domain.

Yang Zhan took a deep breath. Facing the ball of light, he was shocked. Black flame aura gathered until the sky was covered. And now, the ascension domain can actually be called completed.

The powers of the ascension force was completely released.

In the ascension domain, nothing can escape Yang Zhan’s control. However, the ball of light which Yun Man turned into, he could not control it. Against the power formed from a very kind person of a hundred lifetimes, Yang Zhan felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

Yun Man moved.

There was only one thing in her mind – kill Yang Zhan.

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The ball of light was formed from the Baishi Shanxin, a strength far beyond what Yun Man could withstand, causing her mind to be in chaos. The her now was not far away from losing conscious. The only drive she had to make her continue was the thought that if she did not kill Yang Zhan, Qin Tian would not be able to run away.

This thought was the last trace of her conscious.

“Burst……” Yang Zhan roared. In the ascension domain, the black flame aura filled with destruction attribute madly explode, obstructing Yun Man’s attack.


Yun Man screamed and the Baishi Shanxin force once again flowed out. The golden ball of light doubled in size, suppressing Yang Zhan.


In the sky of Sky Border city appeared a light, buildings of great height burnt. Civilians stared at the sky with great difficulty, not daring to speak a word. In silence, they prayed for everything to be over early.

“The Baishi Shanxin force is truly outrageous.”

“Never had I seen such a powerful force, I’m afraid Yang Zhan is going to fall.”

“After two hundred years of cultivation, just because of him wanting to defy the heavens and change his fate, he used the Baishi Shanxin to draw the Long qi from deep down. Who would have expected that everything would be burnt to the round in an instant, haha……” Li Gong laughed coldly and his voice was filled with disdain.

Lu Donghai laughed wryly, not speaking another word.

The sky darkened and thunder rumbled.

Soon later, the darkness dispersed and Yang Zhan and Yun Man flew up.

“Aunt, save Yun Man……”

Having said that, Qin Tian moved out anxiously. However, he was delighted too. Although the strike just now did not deal much damage to Sky Border city, but judging from his aura, Yang Zhan had received serious injuries.

The ancients had said – when he is sick, take his life.

Beating a dog when is has fallen was something Qin Tian was good at.

Who was Yang Zhan? Yang clan’s ancestor, a monster living for more than two hundred years, so how many nice things would appear when he kills him? How much experience points would he get?

Just the thought of it made him excited, causing his pace to increased.

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“Peng!” A hole was created from the impact of Yang Zhan onto the ground and deep cracks were formed around. A faint black flame aura seeped out.

In the hole, Yang Zhan widened his eyes in anger, he was like a tiger without his canine teeth, unable to bite a person to death no matter how fierce he is. From that attack just now, he seemed to have seen another domain, the domain of the hundred lifetime reincarnation. A hundred lifetime in a blink of an eye, that kind of power was too terrifying.

Suddenly, he frowned. As he tried to stand, his blood essence was in a turmoil and blood spurted out.

“Haha……” Qin Tian laughed delightfully, “Ascension realm, so strong, so arrogant. Why not continue ah?”

“Do you not look down on all of us like we are ants?”

“Why not show your arrogance now ah?”

Seeing Yang Zhan’s ruined state, Qin Tian laughed like a villain gaining success. His hands moved and his Qigong condensed into a purple spear. Jumping into the hole, he stared at the raging Yang Zhan. “You’ve never thought that you would die in my hands right?”

“Rest assured, for you won’t be lonely on the way. Your grandsons are waiting for you.”

After speaking finish, a trace of excitement appeared on his face. “Big haul, let out a big haul, big haul……”

Grabbing the spear tightly, Qin Tian thrust out towards Yang Zhan whose life was hanging on a thread and blood splashed out.

Yang Zhan left unwillingly and enraged.

At the brink of death, he glared at Qin Tian, causing him to tremble as cold sweat rolled down. After killing so many people, this was the first time he felt a trace of fear. However, the fear vanished soon after as delight rushed in to replaced it.

Yang Zhan had died and gave a great haul.

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining 60000 experience, 120 000 Qigong value, 11000 survival value……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for getting a spatial ring……”

“Spatial ring? !” Qin Tian was startled and immediately thought about Cang Tianji’s spatial ring. “Please let it not be that the good thing cannot be taken out.”

He let his mind enter it. Yang Zhan’s spatial ring was a lot smaller than Cang Tianji’s. Although the amount of items inside was not much, there were hundreds of cores, a low grade immortal armor and a low grade immortal dagger.

“High grade……high grade……high grade immortal tool ‘ heaven domain enclosure’.” Qin Tian was agitated. Seeing the system display the words ‘high grade immortal tool’, he trembled. High grade immortal tool wasn’t something he had expected to get, “For there to be a high grade immortal tool, as expected of a old monster that lived for hundreds of years already.”

In addition to the three immortal tools, there were also a few peak grade spirit tools.

“I’ve struck rich, haha……” Qin Tian laughed and took out the ‘heaven domain enclosure’, wanting to see what it actually does.

Holding onto the ‘heaven domain enclosure’ in his hands, he was dumbfounded. It was literally just a cloud of black mist, and would dissipated with just a blow of the wind.

“What D*gsh*t heaven domain enclosure is this ah, such a nice sounding name, yet……” Qin Tian grumbled and checked its attributes.

Heaven domain enclosure: High grade immortal tool, forming a domain to kill others.

Note: One must be in the ascension realm to use it.

“F**k, so that ascension domain of Yang Zhan was created through this?” Qin Tian stared at it coldly and kept the seemingly useless looking but powerful treasure.

Then, after sweeping through the items inside and seeing nothing of much importance, he went to where Yun Man had fallen……

In a corner of Sky Border city.

Yang Lin was filled with rage and bite his words out one at a time, “Qin Tian, I will definitely cut you into pieces!”

At the next moment, Yang Lin shattered a space escape talismen and fled from Sky Border city.

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