Chapter 111: Huge Rewards from Yang Hong

An overbearing power.

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Yun Man’s unmatched power flowed out. She stepped on air, stared coldly at Yang Zhan and said sharply, “Die for me……”

The hatred suppressed for tens of years had finally been released.

The strength from the accumulation of thousands of years, brewed from the hundred lifetimes.

It’s was extremely terrifying.

Yang Zhan shuddered in fear, the ascension force was of no effect. The Baishi Shanxin force was beyond his imagination. At the next moment, he calmed down, “To have actually broken through the seal, now the fortune aura could no longer be of use. Leaving you alive would only bring the Yang clan problems, so let Laofu open the door to hell for you.”

Yang Zhan’s robe rose and the black flame aura at his legs spread out. Like a wave, it opened up and swallowed Yun Man inside. The entire Sky Border city was caged.

“Does he wants to exterminate Sky Border city too?”

“Millions of civilians are still inside ah.”

“As an ascension realm cultivator, how would any of the common people be placed in his eyes. To him, they can’t even be considered as ants.”


Li Gong suddenly laughed. “The Yang clan is too overconfident, having such a commotion created by just one person. Now, Sky Border city is going to be eradicated, what would Yang Hong use to fight with me? I am the one fated……”

He was excited, joyful.

Li Gong had finally let out everything after hiding it deep inside him for so long. The golden Long qi came out.

Lu Donghai and Zhao Changqing were stunned, looking at Li Gong with surprise.

Li Gong retrieved it immediately. His expression changed, becoming the same as usual. He stared at the Sky Border city with a smile.

“Little Tian, little Tian.” Qinglian lifted up Qin Tian from the rubble, embracing him. Seeing the pale white face and blood flowing out from the edge of his mouth, her tears rolled down her cheeks.


Qin Tian let out a breath and his eyes widened, “Yun Man……”

“Aunt, was it Yun Man?” Qin Tian felt a pain in his chest. His cores were revolving frantically, replenishing his Qigong. The dragon elephant force seeped into his body. A while later, he felt himself recovering gradually.

Yun Man’s sharp words startled him, waking him up.

Staring at the black flame aura which caused the pressure to multiply and Qinglian’s tear-stained face, he felt as if his heart was pierced by a needle. He extended his right hand and gently wiped her tears off. Then, he stood up and said, “Aunt, the further you run the better. I’m afraid Sky Border city is going to be destroyed.”

“What about you?” Qinglian did not fear. In her heart, a decision had already been made, if Qin Tian did not leave, she too would not.

“Me?” Qin Tian stood in a daze. He thought about Yang Zhan’s unparalleled might like an impassable mountain. He felt that he, a rank five spirit refining cultivator, was still too small.

If he could not even kill Yang Zhan, how could he kill Long Xiaotian who was hundreds of time stronger? How could he trample the thousand demon sect?

At this moment, Qin Tian turned calm.

Ever since he came into this world, his rate of improvement was fast. However, against the cultivators that cultivated for hundreds of years, his speed was of no advantage.

He needed time, experience, level ups.

And the best way for that is to kill……

He needed to kill Yang Hong and Yang Zhan, not letting a single one of them off. As after all, the abundant rewards from super BOSS were great.

Thinking until there, Qin Tian’s eyes turned firm as he looked at Yang Zhan. His eyes were piercing and cold.

“Little Tian, do not do anything silly.” Qinglian said, “Yun Man has already broken through the seal, gaining the Baishi Shanxin force, Yang Zhan is not her opponent. Also…also……”

“Also what?” Qin Tian asked.

Qinglian hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I’m afraid Yun Man will lose her sanity and destruction will occur.”

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“What?” Qin Tian’s expression changed.

“The Baishi Shanxin force is too powerful, Yun Man’s current self could not bear it. With her unable to control it, I believe that the entire Sky Border city will turn into dust……”

Before Qinglian could speak finish, Qin Tian had already dashed out.

She frowned slightly and followed.

Yun Man was just like what Qinglian said, her mind was turning blur. After the Baishi Shanxin force was released, there was only one thing in her mind – kill Yang Zhan.

As it was Yang Zhan who caused serious damage to Qin Tian, Yun Man only had that thought.

Yang Zhan, using his ascension force produced the ascension domain. In the domain, he is the master of everything. In other words, he is the god here.

He could make anything inside vanish.

This was his strength, an unimaginably strong ascension domain. Even Lu Donghai and Zhao Changqing dozens of kilometres away could feel its terror.

Yang Zhan’s strength after cultivating for hundreds of years shocked them greatly.

However, Yang Zhan had taken the Baishi Shanxin force too lightly, especially in the berserk state. A force suppressed for thousands of years coming into the world would be as terrifying as an apocalypse, extremely powerful. With two blood red eyes, she screamed. “Ah……”

The scream caused the entire domain to tremble.

Yang Zhan frowned and clasped his hands together. Gathering his Qigong, he roared, “Burst.”

At the same time, Yun Man revealed a demonic smile. Staring mercilessly at him, she turned into a golden flame light. The flame light changed into a ball like the sun in the sky, releasing boundless might striking towards Yang Zhan.

The civilians of Sky Border city fled in fear and tears. It was a complete mess……

“Little Tian!” Qinglian shouted and the eight-petalled lotus appeared, covering Qin Tian.

Without a drop in speed, he dashed towards Yang Hong and smiled sinisterly, “Your ancestor doesn’t have time to care about you, haha……Yang Hong, go to hell!”


Two fists filled with strength punched down.


“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Yang Hong. +400 000 experience, +100 000 Qigong value, +10000 survival value……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for getting the mid-grade immortal tool green dragon cauldron……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for getting the immortal rank ability seven lore formation……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for getting 17 rank five cores, 8 rank six cores……”


One big beautiful haul.

However, he was not in the mood to care about much. He immediately placed Qinglian into the green dragon cauldron to protect her. What’s next would be the collision between Yun Man and Yang Zhan……

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