Chapter 86: Persuading Allies Part 1


She actually roared with laughter and even dropped that arrogant tone of hers. Exactly how happy was this potato!

“Are you done laughing!?” I tossed the Grimoire of the Dead at Numila which was swiftly caught by her.

She gazed at the black grimoire before tossing it back to me with a disinterested look. She turned back to me with an icy look, which while didn’t contain any killing intent, gave me the sensation of being dropped into an icy ravine: “You should be happy that you’re not a male.”

At that time, I still didn’t understand the meaning of her words. It was only later that I found out about the key difference between a harpy and a harpy witch. It wasn’t their strength but rather their unwavering loyalty to their husbands.

The only men who could get off unscathed after touching a harpy witch were their husbands or their sons.

“She’s with me so you better keep your distance.” Habona shooed her with a wave of her hand before turning to the midget imp. “If there’s nothing else, we’ll be leaving.”

“Hold up, I’m not done talking yet.” He waved his hands to stop her from leaving. No matter how domineering she was, Mo En was still the leader of a large faction, not giving him his due respect was not an option. Habona stood there gazing down at the ugly little midget.

“There we go, what’s the rush. Let’s all have a proper discussion. The reason I came here is to…mhm…” He abruptly stopped and surveyed his surroundings. A second later, he scrambled to a nearby wall.

What’s up with this mysterious little bean…first he goes off about having a discussion and then suddenly stops to find a wall? Was he looking for a prop or was trying to reflect on his actions? Don’t tell me he’s taking a piss…

Just as my thoughts started straying off course once more, he suddenly turned around and with his back to the wall…

“Ah, should’ve done this earlier. Standing and talking is simply too tiring.” As he said this, he slumped against the wall and sat down.

Everyone: “…”

Exactly how lazy are you…all you did was say a few sentences!

Given their nonchalance, Habona and the others must’ve had dealings with this eccentric imp before. Or perhaps it was his strength that made them slightly wary around him.

However, it seemed that sitting down wasn’t enough as he began twisting around trying to find a more comfortable position. He soon gave up and instead laid on the ground directly, not caring about the dirt as he rolled around with a slightly glazed look in his eyes.

“Ah~~~the whole point of being born a devil is to enjoy yourself~~~*roll* so comfortable…” He unabashedly sighed in satisfaction.

What’s with that philosophical tone you’re taking! You’re obviously just a lazy bones, you naked illiterate!

“If there’s nothing else, we’ll be leaving, goodbye.” Ignoring his antics, she blandly said that and proceeded to lead us away.

“I’ll be on my way as well. I’m kind of tired after those two battles.” Numilia yawned in boredom as her eyelids began to droop.

“Wait wait wait! I’m not finished yet!” He swiftly moved himself in front of us and then to Numila, all the while maintaining his supine position. As he did so, he anxiously stated his purpose: “I’m actually here to find the soul bard!”

What the heck is wrong with you? Is that all you had to say? Why didn’t you just say so earlier instead of embarrassing yourself…did you really have to dig yourself into a hole before you’re satisfied, you potato.

“Alright then what business do you have with me?”

“Ah hah, it’s like this, I’m hoping you will marry my grandson…” He shyly smiled as he said this.

“…I just said that I’m a male.” Will you please scram…

“…” He threw me a strange disbelieving look as he scanned my body. However, he didn’t perform full body check-up like Numila did and instead adopted a negotiating tone: “Then what about my granddaughter?”

“No.” Why must I get involved with some ugly dude’s kids.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t think that your granddaughter will fit my sense of beauty.”

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“…my granddaughter is extremely cute!” He adamantly tried to recommend his lovely granddaughter to me.

There’s no way this ugly midget could have any good looking kids. They are probably at the level of a potato as well.

“No thanks!”

“…exactly what’s wrong my babies…just go have a look…” Having been rejected thrice, he laid there like a deflated balloon, dejected.

Is this guy really the head of a few thousand devils? Are you sure he’s not some imposter? Or perhaps his head shrunk along with his body…

“Since that’s the case Mo En, we’ll take our leave now. Don’t take it to heart.”

Habona placed me on her shoulders once more and began to leave. On the side, Numilia began to fly away as well having lost interest in this scene.

Hold on, I seemed to have forgotten something important. Exactly, why did I agree to save Harlow? Because Habona agreed to help me break through the exit once I did so. If she can become my ally, why can’t Numila and Mo En as well?

“Wait up, I have a question for everyone.”

Hearing my sudden interruption, she stopped walking and turned to look at me with an inquiring look: “What’s the matter?”

“What’s up?” Numila halted her flight and landed.

“So you’ve finally come around! Is it going to be my grandson or my granddaughter?”

“…No, I just wanted to ask, are you guys truly satisfied with just staying here all your lives?” Did this guy even have any brains in his head or was it just filled with mush?!

Before he even understood the meaning of my question, he chimed in: “Of course not, I’m going home as well. Once you guys leave, there’s no one else here. How boring is that.”

“…” I’m wrong for thinking you had brains at all.

Unlike Mo En, Numila clearly had an inkling of what I meant. “You’re talking about leaving the maze?” She said after giving me an appraising look.

“That’s right, I intend this leave place, as soon as possible.” I want to return to the western human realms, I want to have human food, I want to stay in a big house with a warm bed. I miss Roscar, Nicole and even Sares…I don’t want to struggle alone in this world for survival…I can’t even let the others find out that I’m a human…because humans are cattle to devils.

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“If it’s you, becoming a four-star is only a matter of time, is there a need to be in such a hurry?”

Numila had clearly seen my strong desire to leave. Given that I had chosen to recruit more people, it was also clear to her that I wasn’t a rash person who allowed his desires to cloud his judgement and was clearly aware of the dangers of doing so. This contradiction between my rash desire and my cautious behavior intrigued her.

“I have my own reasons, I only want to know if you guys wish to stay here for the rest of your lives?”

“Haha, what a joke, the guardians at the exit won’t stop a four-star from leaving. As long as I wished it, I could leave at any time.” Having finally understood my question, he rushed out to pad his sense of existence once more. “What’s the matter, you want to leave?”

“If you were willing to leave, you would’ve done so long ago.” I couldn’t be bothered to answer his question. After our short interaction, I’ve come to the conclusion that he was an idiot, so there was no need for such wariness. “The fact that you’re still here means that you must’ve had some reason for staying.”

“When you put it like that, I seem to have…exactly why did I choose to stay behind…why?” He scratched his bald head and began to mull over this question. However, no matter how much he tried to act like one, he clearly wasn’t cut out to be a thinker. After a short deliberation, he gave up and with a wave of hands, said: “I seemed to have forgotten.”

Sigh, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more from an airhead…

In contrast, Numila was a lot more straightforward to deal with. Like her name, she was fiery and direct. “The maze is too dangerous, I have to guard my clan in order for them to survive.”

So it came down to their clan’s survival after all.

Regarding this harpy witch, there was clearly no need to probe her intentions and so I cut straight to the point and asked: “Since you feel that this place is dangerous, shouldn’t you lead them out of here?”

“That’s impossible. The guardians at the exit aren’t as simple you think they are. It’s been said that since the creation of this maze, only four-star experts have been able to leave this place. There have been no records of weaklings ever leaving this maze.”

She gave me a firm look and said: “None whatsoever.”

“There’s no way that’s true! There’s always a way, if you don’t even attempt it, you’re destined to fail from the start!”

“You’re dead the moment you try!”

“You only know that once you’re dead!”

I don’t know why but the negotiations ended up in a shouting match between me and Numila.

“It’s impossible, just give up.” She lowered her voice and tried to persuade me once more. However, there was no way I would change my mind for someone who wasn’t even an ally yet.

I stared back at her, not intending to show any weakness as I rebutted: “Then let me ask you, are you sure that all of your subordinates are willing to stay here and await their deaths as well?”

“…” She was stumped by question.

As long as there was a chance of leaving, who would willingly stay in this god forsaken prison?!

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