Chapter 87: Persuading Allies Part 2

A Summoning Zone was a special zone where the spatial barriers were significantly weaker than other zones. Any creature living in these zones could be summoned and were able to respond to summons from a different world.

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The summoner would open up a dimensional passage with a sacrificial rite where an offering or mana was offered up in order to summon the target to the summoner’s side temporarily. However, this is not to say that only creatures within this zone could be summoned.

In actuality, any creature could be summoned as long as one possessed the name of the target or a personal belonging of the target to use as a medium to summon the target. However, this requires a large amount of mana in order to tear through the dimensional barrier. Furthermore, the summoned target might ask for an offering of sorts.

These zones have existed since ancient times and despite our attempts at researching them, we haven’t managed to understand their construct. However, our ancestors have long since managed to attain the coordinates of the summoning zone within Hell. And thus, summoning as an art was born.

Theoretically, anything can be summoned as long as one possessed the coordinates, however, there has always been an unresolved question plaguing the school of summoners: why can’t we summon human beings (This includes demihumans such as elves, dwarves, orcs etc.)

——-From <<An Apprentice’s Guide to Summoning>>

Numila had been stumped by my question. Evidently, her subordinates wanted to leave this place as well, but the guardians were simply too terrifying for them. While she maintained her silence, Mo En took the opportunity to crawl up to us like a puppy. He looked up at with a silly grin on his face, all the while maintaining his crawling position.

“There’s ample food here, why leave?”

“Ample food…that’s only from your perspective. As the highest power within this prison’s system, your livelihood is pretty much guaranteed as long as you don’t rouse the other four-stars. However, don’t you find it depressing to be constantly surrounded by these bones?”

“There’s nothing but bones in this maze. Don’t you wish to see the outside world?”

My first impression of Mo En was, unfathomable. There’s no way someone as powerful as him would be so…unmotivated…

Truth be told, while it might seem that I was trying my best to invite him, this offer was at best, a probing one. I had already expected him to reject it before I even opened my mouth.

As expected, he nonchalantly rolled his eyes as he glanced over me. He continued in blase drawl: “I don’t find it boring. After all, I have a method to visit the human world so I don’t care about this.”

“Human world?! Did you just say that you could visit the human world?” My heart pounded as a rush of blood blocked out all propriety. Without regard for our difference in status, I immediately pressed him, “You’re really able to visit the human world?”

“Of course.” He nodded his head in a matter-of-fact manner. As he did so, he turned his nose up, thoroughly pleased with himself.

“Is that world called the Western Human Realms?”

“Is there any other human world other than the Western Human Realms?” He scratched his head, a look of confusion flashing across his face as he turned to me. “How do you know that the human world is called the Western Human Realms?”

“That’s none of your business. I just want to know how did you get there?”

“Get summoned there of course.”

“Summon…” If I’m not mistaken, there were a number of occultists in the Western Human Realms. While there’s no law against practising the devil arts, this occupation wasn’t looked upon favorably. This discrimination coupled with the lack of talent has resulted in their numbers being relatively small.

However, given the vastness of the human population, even a small percentage was a sizeable number.

“My nest is built in a summoning zone after all.”

Summoning zone…according to my inherited memory, as long as one stayed in the summoning zone, there was a chance of being summoned by a summoner in a different world. Naturally, the circumstances of this summoning depended on the strength difference between the two parties.

If the summoned party was significantly weaker than the summoner, the summoned party could be forcibly contracted. If it was the reverse, the success of the summoning ritual depended entirely on the mood of the summoned party.

Long story short, as long as I stayed in his nest, there’s a chance I might get summoned to the Western Human Realms!

“Mo En, I wish to visit your nest!” My eyes practically shone as I exclaimed.

Who knew that this midget would end up providing such valuable information to me. If I managed to get summoned back to the Western Human Realms, the first thing I would do is find Nicole, check up on her and if…

Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself here, I still don’t know if he will accept my request. If it’s really not possible, I don’t mind seducing his granddaughters…assuming they aren’t ugly…

“…no problem, but you have to marry my granddaughter.”

“Sure, no problem. However, let me be clear about this, if your granddaughter isn’t to my liking, I won’t pull any punches.”

“Mhm, that’s fine, my granddaughter is SUPER cute, you’ll definitely like her.” Seeing me finally agree made him ecstatic. Two seconds later however, his elation was replaced with confusion as he scratched his head and asked me: “Weren’t you opposed to the marriage just a while ago? Why the sudden change of heart?”

He agreed!

“Leave these matters to the adults, kids like you don’t have to know about it. Just go play with some eggs in a corner.” Having taken a crucial step in returning to the human world, the heat of the moment ended up getting the better of me.

Just as those words left my mouth, my heart sank.

Who was Mo En? He was the leader of 2,000 devils, that’s who! He was also a four-star expert and was rumored to have a four-star primal lust demon as his wife! Even his wife was able to crush me a million times over and I actually…will he change his mind and eat me instead?

“Oh, well I won’t ask then.” He reacted blandly or perhaps I should say he didn’t react to it at all.

Me: “…”

Don’t tell me he’s truly a retard…

Having settled this issue with Mo En, I turned back to Numila.

“Entering the Western Human Realms via the summoning zone isn’t guaranteed to work. Without a named summoning, getting summoned was solely a matter of chance. Thus, my offer still stands. I won’t give up on assaulting the exit of this maze. You should give it some thought once you go back. Ask your harpies if they are willing to spend their lives rotting away in this damned maze.”

“That’s all I’ll say for now. Once the time is right, I’ll find you again. In the meantime, I hope you will restrain your subordinates and ensure that they won’t attack the demonic werewolves and the other races under me. After all, we might just become allies in the near future.”

She paused for a moment before finally nodding her head. As she peered at me, her eyes belied the complex mix of thoughts and emotions within her.

As the guardian of her clan, she had a mountain of secrets and issues to handle. Her duty was to ensure the survival of her clan but as a creature with wings, she had her own innate desires as well. She wanted to fly underneath the vast boundless skies, bask in the warmth of the sun as she soared through the blue horizon. From the moment she accepted the role as guardian of her clan, her clan had turned into a chain, binding her down.

There’s no way she didn’t dream of her own freedom one day. After all, even a shut-in like me needed a computer and a LAN cable, let alone this harpy witch who was born to take to the skies.

And so, she left. At the same time, the slothful Mo En left as well. The plan was to first hand in my completed quest at the temporary camp of the werewolves and medusas. After which, I’ll lead my subordinates to Mo En’s nest.

Without Numila’s interference, our trip was an uneventful one. The occasional undead we encountered were swiftly taken care of by Manasha with their souls handed over to me.

Throughout the trip, I sat atop Habona’s shoulders, mulling over the issue of assaulting the exit point. Mo En was still an unknown but Numila’s participation was basically a given by now. The werewolves had agreed to join in once I meet their terms and so all that remained were the medusas.


The couple were busy flirting with each other when I called out to her. She immediately turned around and asked: “How may I help you?”

“It’s like this. I’m sure you know about that matter I discussed with Numila, and so I wish to ask you, what are you and your sister’s reasons for staying here? Is it to protect the clan?”

“That’s right. We have no males in our clan after all. Furthermore, we don’t have the best of reputations and have garnered a lot of enemies over time. Not only that, our pregnancy period is rather long. Coupled with the fact that this maze doesn’t produce food, our numbers haven’t been able to increase for a long time. Without the protection of both of us, the others won’t be able to hold on for long.”

So you know that your reputation is crap as well…speaking of which, where did this ridiculous custom of eating your husband because you’re afraid of him, come from? Isn’t that going overboard!

I just won’t feel comfortable if I don’t tsukkomi this glaring issue!

“If, and I mean if, I ask you guys to join me in assaulting the exit point, would you all agree?”

Tsukkomi aside, this matter wasn’t one that brooked any sloppiness.

She looked at me before turning back to face the mostly recovered Harlow: “Harlow, are you going as well?”

“Yes, Sis just told me about the conditions of the deal. Grandpa agreed to Lady Lust Demon’s deal in exchange for saving me. Now that I’ve been rescued, it’s time for us to fulfill our end of the bargain. During her assault on the exit point, us werewolves will be there as well.”

As he said this, a distinct fire could be seen within his eyes. He confidently smiled and said: “Besides, I’ve always wanted to see the world outside of this prison. Even if I break through to four-stars, I still won’t be able to leave this place due to my clan commitments.”

“Normally, the issue of leaving without breaking through to four-star is a dead subject…but now, things are different. Lady Lust Demon’s appearance has given me a chance at a new life. Truth be told, my biggest wish in life is to leave this prison and lead a life in Abaddon!”

“Harlow, you’re so ambitious! That’s what I love about you! Your bravery!” The couple entered into their own world once more as Majosha expressed her wholehearted support for him in a slightly submissive way: “I feel like I’m in love with you all over again!”

“Haha, it’s not that great, I’m just a little braver than others, hahahaha…” He flashed an honest smile as he scratched his head shyly.

Well, that’s a load off my shoulders. Initially, I was worried about what to do if your relationship ended up falling apart.

By the way, is it really okay to be so loving in front of a 45 year old bachelor like me? Haven’t you heard that PDAs are a quick route to death?! And, what’s that about my gender!

“Can you not call me Lady Lust Demon. I’ve said this multiple times already, I’m a guy.”


“Silly, guy means male.”

“Ah, so Lady Lust Demon is a male.” He slapped his head in realization. However, a look of confusion returned to his face merely a second later. “But I don’t smell a male’s scent on Lady Lust Demon!”

“I said I’m a guy so I’m a guy, a potato like you shouldn’t worry about all these unnecessary things.”

“But a scent will never lie…”

“I’ve said so already, I’m a guy. Just trust me on this.”

“But I trust my nose more…”

Me: “…”

I really wanted to slap this stubborn wolf right now but in the face of his adorably stupid and innocent expression, I changed my mind in the end.

Honest people are such a pain sometimes…

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