Chapter 110: Yang Clan’s Ancestor

Yang clan’s ancestor has come out.

“Really an undying old man.”

“That Qin clan lad would not be able to escape death.”

“Brother Zhao, do we……?”

“Hehe, naturally, but everything would be by fate. Qin Tian had killed so many of Yang clan’s people, if Yang Zhan truly wanted him dead, I’m afraid that we might not be able to prevent it.”

“Ai!” Lu Donghai sighed and kept his ascension force. He hoped that Qin Tian could escape the crisis and maybe have them get to know one another, forging a friendship.

Yang clan ancestor?” Qin Tian climbed out from the rubble. He felt that only after he used all of his Qigong was he able to withstand the pressure slightly. Wanting to kill Yang Hong would be difficult, “Ascension realm, ascension force? Is this the strength of an ascension realm?”

“F**k, the ascension realm is too strong.” Qin Tian raged. A spirit refining is completely unable to be compared with an ascension realm, the difference was as if heaven and earth.

Once one stepped into the ascension realm, one would be able to generate ascension force, making the strength before and after to be on a different level.

The ascension force is a powerful spirit ability, releasing an inexhaustible spirit pressure. Not only that, the ascension force holds much strength. Along with Qigong, it would be able to release a powerful attack.

By just staring angrily, a strong pressure enveloped Qin Tian.

Qin Tian was powerless against it, his predator’s aura (law of aura) was too weak. He could not withstand the ascension force.

“Old fart, just die.” Qin Tian felt a splitting headache. In his Dantian, the azure dragon trembled and the colossal elephant halted, even the demon baby was shaking from fear. Even so, the heavenly demon Qin Tian did not fear and cursed.

“Little Tian……”

Qinglian was anxious, the Yang clan ancestor had come out.

The state of mind of an ascension realm is different, only wanting to cultivate to the higher realm. Having a lifespan of tens of thousands of years, stepping into the void and becoming a saint.

Hardly did he intervene with the outside world, but with the Yang clan facing such tragedy, Yang Zhan finally decided to interfere.

It would be hard for Qin Tian to escape death.

Qinglian’s face dimmed. For Yang Zhan to kill Qin Tian would be easier than squashing an ant. Even if he could run tens of thousands of kilometres, it would not be easy to escape the chase.

“Aunt, do not worry.” Qin Tian stepped out with great difficulty, sending Dans into his mouth continuously. The five cores inside him revolved madly, recovering his Qigong. As long as his Qigong recovered, no matter how strong Yang Zhan is, he would still fight.

Killing intent rose as Qin Tian suddenly rushed towards Yang Hong……


From the void thundered a voice. A shadow flashed by, appearing on top of the royal city. He stared at Qin Tian with contempt.

Yang Zhan, rank three ascension realm.

Qin Tian felt as if he was facing a gravity of a hundred times, every stepped needed much strength. Sweat rolled down his forehead. In his heart, he cursed, “You uncle.”

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“Burst out of Laozi……”

His red face turned white and his veins bulged, extremely hideous.


Qin Tian roared. With great difficulty, he condensed out a sword and moved. He thrust towards Yang Hong……

“Not knowing what’s good for yourself.” Yang Zhan snorted and killing intent rose. Waving his finger, the sword vanished.

To Yang Hong, a spirit refining’s condensed weapon is nothing at all.

With another wave, Qin Tian could no longer move, “Damn it, f**k your ancestors.”

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Seeing the BOSS radiating with golden light in front of him left with only a bit of health, needing only one more hit to kill yet was prevented by others, the feeling was worse than eating a housefly. Qin Tian constantly tried to gather his strength, but could not shatter the shackles of Yang Zhan’s power.

BOSS, a golden shiny BOSS ah. A super BOSS, can explode out a big haul, and even an immortal tool.

“Heavens, why must you torture me like this?” Qin Tian sighed and glanced at Yang Zhan, roaring, “Old fart, go die, let Laozi help you die.”

The Emperor’s Purgatory was used

His aura changed as his anger reached the heavens.

Yang Zhan sneered and waved his finger, causing the strength Qin Tian was gathering to disperse, “Die……”

When the word ‘die’ was said, Yang Zhan vanished like he had never appeared before. There was no trace of his aura left.

At the next second, a towering pressure descended.

Likewise, Qin Tian was the same. He had been thoroughly angered by Yang Zhan. The heavenly demon formed ten thousand blood shadows, covering the sky. The red sky charged towards the void which Yang Zhan was in. Although his law of aura could not sense anything, he was able to feel the killing intent clearly.

“Explode for Laozi!”

Ten thousand blood shadows, the limit of a rank one heavenly demon.

“Demonic cultivation road, heng!” With a ‘heng’, Yang Zhan’s aura surged and his ascension force flowed out rapidly, sucking up the blood shadows. All were turned into ashes.

The ten thousand blood shadows were eradicated.

Qin Tian felt despair. His Emperor’s Purgatory sea guarded him while the azure dragon and the colossal elephant roared out……


Yang Zhan punched lightly and Qin Tian felt a strong force acting upon his chest. He flew and landed a kilometre away onto the wall.

The wall crumbled.

“Little Tian……” Qinglian cried out, rushing towards him. Her eyes were moist and she felt a pain in her heart. Tears dropped.

“Qin Tian……”

At the same time, Yun Man howled. Her clothes rose as wind gathered around her. The seal of the Baishi Shanxin was broken and a disastrous force descended. From above the nine heavens to deep in hell, all were trembling.

Extremely kind person of a hundred lifetimes, a hundred years fortune aura, all the strength in her crazily rampaged.

When Qin Tian was sent flying, Yun Man felt a great pain. Unable to control it, it acted up.

She stepped out, drawing a shocking force into her. Staring mercilessly at Yang Zhan, she howled, “Go die……”

Yang Zhan moved. His eyes widened up with anger as he shuddered, “To actually break the hundred years seal. The hundred years fortune aura is unparalleled, I’m afraid……”

His heart tightened while his mind was in chaos.

Yun Man roared, her eyes were filled with killing intent, wanting to force Yang Zhan back by a thousand feet.

“The strength of the Baishi Shanxin is beyond one’s imagination.”

For the first time in history, Yang Zhan felt fear.

Baishi Shanxin erupted, Yun Man has come!

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