Chapter 109: Die, Die, Die!


“Splendid, truly splendid. Unexpected, really unexpected ah.”

“That Qin lad actually cultivated in the demonic arts and is also an ancient heavenly demon. terrible, just too terrible ah.”

A strong aura burst forth from Lu Donghai. He was agitated. For over a hundred years, no one had made him this agitated. His face hung a smile as the intent to fight was released.

At the side, Dali emperor Li Gong frowned. Lu Donghai’s aura made him understand that if Qin Tian was injured, he would need to lend a helping hand.

However, would this be burying a hidden danger to the Dali dynasty?

“Yang clan’s ancestor has awoken.”

Zhao Changqing said in a sudden, causing Lu Donghai to be in a daze. His eyes changed and he said with a low voice, “As expected.”

“That Qin lad is in danger!”

Qin Tian also felt a pair of eyes staring at him, yet his law of aura was unable to feel it. He was shocked but did not dwell on it for long. What he needed to do now was to kill Yang Hong.


Qin Tian asked and the demon baby nodded.

The power of the Emperor’s Purgatory sea rushed out. This time, he must kill Yang Hong, or else his Qigong replenishment would not be able to keep up with the consumption. No matter how strong an ability is, without the support of Qigong, it would be of no use.

“Outrageous.” Yang Hong, seeing Qin Tian coming towards him, roared. The black flame aura covered the sky and earth. His heart was filled with rage, his mind was in chaos.


The anger burning in his has completely made his mind chaotic.

The chance Qin Tian was waiting for has come.




A faceoff between the black flame aura and the Emperor’s Purgatory. Thunder rumbled, resounding across the sky. The forces that divulged devastated the city. If there were a few more of these collisions, Sky Border city would definitely fall into ruins, becoming a city of death.

What Yang Lin was afraid of has occurred.

The casualties amounted to millions, and the Yang clan would surely need to take the blame. Sky Border city is guaranteed to lose the support of people, causing a great unrest, and Dali dynasty would no longer need to use even a single soldier to reclaim the lost lands.

At this moment, Yang Hong did not care did not care about anything else. There was only one thought in his mind – to kill Qin Tian.

Now, Yang Lin could only hope for his father to kill Qin Tian quickly and appease their people.

But his wish was to be shattered.

After the collision, Qin Tian and Yang Hong were several feet apart. Qin Tian smiled, “Now is the time……”

The demon baby became serious. An overwhelming spiritual attack shot out of Qin Tian and entered the mind of Yang Hong.

Suddenly, Yang Hong felt his mind turn muddled and his body unable to move. He frowned. The strength of the anger in his heart rapidly and repeatedly attacked the mind.

Sweat emerged on the demon baby.

One second. All Qin Tian needed was a second, it would be alright too if it was lesser.

At that moment, thousands of blood shadows were formed and they entered Yang Hong……

In less than half a breath time, they were all inside him.

Now, the demon baby seemed as if he was in prostration. However, he had completed his task. Using the great art of control, he had made Yang Hong unable to move.

To Qin Tian, 1 second was enough.

“Haha……” Qin Tian laughed in delight, “Get ready to accept your death!”

Yang Hong was terrified. Just now when the blood shadows were entering his body, he was not able to do anything. He was sure that Qin Tian had a spirit control treasure. With thousands of blood shadows inside him, he could imagine what would happen if they exploded, “Bastard, you’re too despicable.”

Killing intent rose.

Qin Tian made a death god-like smile and said, “Explode!”

The thousands of blood demon holding the heavenly demon’s baleful force released all of their strength and exploded. A normal person would not be able to withstand it. Even if it was Yang Hong, Qin Tian believed that he would undoubtedly die too.



Yang Hong moved his hands as he took a deep breath. The black flame aura entered him, and a cauldron appeared. Sounds of explosions could be heard in it.

Qin Tian was startled, a peak rank nine spirit refining realm was indeed powerful, being able to bring out all the strength of the mid-grade immortal tool.

But, Qin Tian would not let him have another opportunity to live.

So what if it’s a mid-grade immortal tool?
(It’s stated as low grade in this chapter, but mid grade in another, so……)

Laozi doesn’t believe that he can’t smash you into waste!

The sounds of the explosion of the blood shadows continued. With the power of the Emperor’s Purgatory sea gathered in his hands, he struck the cauldron.

“Guangdang, guangdang, guangdang……”

After every punch came a sound. After 1870 punches, 1870 sounds of crashing were produced.

Each punch contained all of his strength, and the sounds traveled thousands of miles.


Yang Hong was not feeling well. His blood and Qi at his chest were in a turmoil. After 1870 punches, Yang Hong could no longer take it anymore and blood spurted out of his mouth as he fell down like a cloud.

In mid-air, Qin Tian laughed, “F**k, give Laozi a big haul!”

The in-between of his bones cracked as a savage smile hung on his face. The super BOSS was dying and he could not help but be excited. The haul would definitely not be bad. Thinking until here, Qin Tian laughed out loud, “Hahaha……”

With a BOSS exploding out a big haul, no matter who he is, he would be happy.

Qin Tian’s joy had reached the peak, a hundred times greater than when he killed the ninth heaven demon.

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Like this, a peak rank nine spirit refining cultivator was going to be done for by him. Such satisfaction, such sense of accomplishment was unparalleled.


Qin Tian shot down like an arrow. The air resistance created a piercing sound.

Just when he was about to land a punch, the winds intensified and the earth trembled. Qin Tian felt the pressure on his mind increase by a hundred times. He felt uncomfortable, unable to release a single bit of energy and fell down from the sky suddenly.

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“Emperor’s Purgatory, out……”

‘Rank one berserk, out……”

The power of the purgatory guarded him. At the same time, Qinglian shouted, “Lotus saint recovery!”

A rainbow-colored Qigong condensed to form an eight-petalled lotus. Qin Tian felt the pressure on him decrease, but could only shield himself like before, unable to spare any strength to go against the pressure.

“Ancestor has come out……”

The two hundred years old Yang Zhan had eyes like a beast. An overwhelming pressure was released along with his words. “Presumptuous!”

His voice like thunder reverberated in Qin Tian’s ears.

Ascension realm.

An existence above many. The ascension force was even more unmatched, Qin Tian could not even fight back. In front of Yang Zhan, he was lower than an ant.

To cultivators, those below the ascension realm are inferior to ants.

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