Chapter 108: Emperor’s Purgatory

The Sky Border city was devastated.

Common folks yelled and cried, rushing out of the city without the guts to look back.

During fierce fights, the one who suffers the most was them.

Qin Tian climbed out of the rubble and rushed out. However, Yang Hong only graced him with a look of disdain before glaring at Qinglian. He let out a heavy sigh, “If not for you saving him that day, today’s matter would never happen. No matter who your master is, how much backing you have from your sect, Laofu will kill you.”

Qinglian trembled but was not in fear.

Her hands moved and an eight-petalled lotus covered her. Her heart was in tranquility when facing Yang Hong. She had already not planned to return. As long as Qin Tian did not die, she would have no regrets.

Suddenly, a white light shone and a strong aura spread forth. A goddess rose slowly, beautiful and breathtaking. The two thin swords in her hands reflected a rainbow-colored light.

The rainbow goddess.

“False beauty, won’t even be able to withstand a blow.” Yang Hong snorted as the black flame aura condensed into two huge hands, slamming towards Qinglian. He wanted to break Qinglian apart and see who else still dares to help Qin Tian.

The winds rampaged and the birds flew, the dust of the earth rose into the sky.


Yang Hong’s Qigong that was like the sea swept out as his two hands pressed down, wanting to squash Qinglian to death.

“Buddhism Scriptures, break for me……”

Two thin swords of the rainbow goddess slashed out and a line of rainbow light was seen, striking the two huge hands. Following which, the goddess turned into a white light and entered the black flame aura.

“Universe cauldron, absorb!”

Qinglian took out the immortal grade tool universe cauldron, filled with samsara force. It revolved about madly, taking in the black flame aura.

“Severing my Qigong?” Yang Hong’s expression changed. He did not expect Qinglian to have an immortal grade tool and was shocked. “Die!”

Immediately, the black flame aura vanished. A change occurred in Yang Hong. Like lightning, the strength he held was immense.

Everything happened at a fast rate.

“Aunt, be careful.” Qin Tian was anxious as Yang Hong’s strength was beyond what he believed to be.

Qinglian frowned and retreated, but was too late.


Qinglian received an attack and flew.

Her face was pale and cold seat emerged. The lotus saint recovery was used on herself, her blood and Qi calmed down. But in less than half a breath, Yang Hong like a ghost, had closed in and sent his attack at her.

This time, more powerful than before.



Qin Tian thundered and transformed into the heavenly demon, turning into a flash of red light.

“A rank five spirit refining realm dares to fight against me, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth. So what if you turn into a demon? Even your demon form would not be able to do anything.” Yang Hong spoke blatantly but was shocked. He thought, “To still be able to change.”

Black flame aura was released, enveloping Qin Tian up.

Next, he gathered strength in his fists and moved towards Qinglian, attacking without mercy.


When Qin Tian entered the black flame aura, he felt that he was in a boundless space, like it was limitless. Feeling the aura of Yang Hong rising from the use of the law of aura, he knew that Qinglian was in danger.

“Virtuous Draconic Force…explode.”

“Virtuous Draconic Force…explode.”

“Virtuous Draconic Force…explode.”


Releasing it continuously, formless energy rushed out crazily, constantly suppressing the black flame aura. In half a breath time, he had already attacked thousands of times. Qin Tian was filled with rage.

“Virtuous Draconic Force…level up for Laozi……”


“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for level upping the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture to rank two. Gained ‘Emperor’s Purgatory’……”

“F**k, finally level up.” Qin Tian released a look of glee. He had used the Virtuous Draconic Force continuously and consumed tens of thousands of Qigong. There was only one goal – to level it up to rank two.

“At this point, Qin Tian did not care about much anymore and screamed, “Emperor’s Purgatory!”

How strong was the Virtuous Draconic Force? The force of a hundred thousand colossus elephant an azure dragon. And, the Emperor’s Purgatory would definitely be stronger.

In an instant, a hundred thousand Qigong value was used.

Qin Tian was shocked, not at the consumption, but how strong it was. It was ten times more powerful than the Virtuous Draconic Force!


“Bastard Yang Hong, die for me!”

“Hualala!” The sky of the nine heavens seemed to have split apart. From Qin Tian’s body, the Emperor’s Purgatory force rushed into the firmament, drawing the power of heaven and earth. The boundless purgatory sea and the ancient force were drawn by it as it struck the black flame aura.


The earth split and a piercing sound was produced in the air.

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Qin Tian like a fierce god that just descended stared at Yang Hong. The cold radiance of his blood red eyes brought chills to others. The strength shook the whole Sky Border city.

In an unknown place, a dark pair of eyes opened, staring straight at him……

Yang Hong was startled and he gathered his Qigong to guard his mind. Looking at Qin Tian, his eyes were of shock. In a short period of time, did he break through again? How heaven-defying was he?

Anger rose as he snorted, “No matter how strong your abilities are, you won’t be able to escape the fact that you are only a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator. With only your rank five spirit refining realm, how could you fight against me?”


With a roar, the flayer pierced through the sky and bolts of lightning descended, striking at Qin Tian.

The Emperor’s Purgatory was too powerful. Facing Yang Hong’s attack, he was fearless. The Emperor’s Purgatory suppressing force moved.


A few collisions occurred, making Yang Hong more and more shocked. What rank of a divine ability did Qin Tian learn?

Emperor’s Purgatory, holding the power of the entire strength of the purgatory sea. Its might could be imagined.

Colliding again, both of them shot out. Qin Tian spoke inwardly, “Demon baby, do you have confidence?”

In the Dantian, the demon baby let out a cute smile.

Qin Tian was elated. Since the beginning, Qin Tian had let the baby use his great art of control to control Yang Hong. One second was enough, one second was enough to kill him hundreds of times.

However, the demon baby could not do much. Yang Hong’s mind and willpower were too strong, and his Qigong was even stronger. The chances of controlling him were low.

The only thing he could do was to disturb his blood and Qi, letting the demon baby be able to do his thing.

Now, Yang Hong’s blood and Qi were in a turmoil.

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The demon baby laughed!

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