Chapter 12: Zhuang Nai Nai, It is Really You

Zhuang Nai Nai cannot find any explanation to this.


Is Si Zheng Ting angry?


Is he angry because she keeps on chasing after him or is it because of her encounter with the stranger in the washroom?


As she is immersed in her thought, Si Zheng Ting already lets go of her wrist.


He unbuttons the first button on his collar with his long, slender fingers before taking long prudent steps to his seat.


His face is expressionless, as though the anger just now was merely Zhuang Nai Nai’s imagination.


At this moment, Zhuang Nai Nai has no time to think of anything else but, ‘I have entered!  I have entered!”  Without saying anything, she enters the entertainment room.  Even though the two bodyguards appear hesitant when they see her, they did not attempt to kick her out.


Zhuang Nai Nai turns to look at the two bodyguards who are also the ones who kicked her out earlier on.  She pettily raises her head and arrogantly follows after Si Zheng Ting.


The bodyguards:  …………..


The room is very big and at this moment, all eyes are tentatively fixed on Zhuang Nai Nai.


Zhuang Nai Nai looks around and spots a couple of familiar faces.


Su Yan Bin’s mouth forms a large ‘o’.  He discreetly glances at Si Zheng Ting.  In the end, he cannot stop himself from exclaiming, “Zhuang Nai Nai, it is really you!”


Zhuang Nai Nai smiles sweetly at him, “Long time no see!”

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Su Yan Bin looks at her curiously, “How come you are here?”


Zhuang Nai Nai cannot stop herself from giving him a big eyeroll.  Why?  Is she not allowed to be here?

Only allowed on


These group of people are the heirs and heiresses that are led by Si Zheng Ting.  Why do all of them says that when they see her?


Zuo Yi Yi said that, and now Su Yan Bin.


Their gazes and their tones suggest that Zhuang Nai Nai is a kind of disease.


Before Zhuang Nai Nai even gets to reply him, he replies to himself, speaking as though he just discovered a big secret, “You work here?!”


Zhuang Nai Nai:  …….!


She naturally understand what Su Yan Bin is implying.  Only rich people can enter Wu Guang Shi Se.  Those people knows Zhuang Nai Nai comes from a plain background, it is impossible for her to come here to squander money.  Since she doesn’t have the money to waste yet still has the freedom to go here and there, he naturally assumes she works here!


This guy is seriously!  Su Yan Bin will be so shocked once he finds out who she really is!


Zhuang Nai Nai harrumphs coldly before speaking with a proud smile on her face, “I am—-“


Just as she is about to introduce herself as Gu Qing Yan, the sound of a man clearing his throat can be heard.


Everyone turns to look at Si Zheng Ting who is placing a glass of red wine on the table.  Even though he has not said anything, his aura completely suppresses the air in the room.


He gives Su Yan Bin a simple glance; one that is enough to invoke goosebumps on the latter.  Su Yan Bin swallows heavily.  He gives Si Zheng Ting a sheepish smile before shrinking backwards, hugging his companion without saying a single word.


The room is immediately engulfed in silence.


Zhuang Nai Nai stands in the doorway, being stared at by everyone in the room.  They are clearly eating, but no one bothers to invite her to sit down.


This kind of cold reception is usually enough to embarrass other people, but apparently not her.  She is used to this.


She looks around the room.  Si Zheng Ting is too formidable, so the seats on each of his sides are both empty.

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