Chapter 118 – Omen


Many participants had been eliminated during the first round of the selection, leaving only slightly more than a hundred candidates remaining.

After entering the royal palace, they reached the Heaven Governing Hall.

“The second round of the selection,” an old man with a white beard said with a smile, “is to use the ingredients displayed in front of you to create a dish. Everyone is provided with the same amount and types of ingredients. The participants who cook the top ten dishes that possess the highest spirit energy points would move on to the next round, the rest would be eliminated! You have one hour.”

Everyone began to look at the ingredients placed in front of them at the same time.

They were all simple ingredients, ten prawns and a few eggs, as well as some common seasonings.

Of course, these prawns and eggs were not ordinary ingredients but ones that possessed spirit energy.

The prawns and eggs both possessed the same amount of spirit energy, at 30 spirit energy points for each type.

As expected, the organizers would not offer ingredients possessing too much spirit energy for a simple selection round, it would be too wasteful.

With a time limit of only an hour, Huan Qing Yan began to formulate how to best cook a dish with these ingredients so that she could produce the best results in terms of spirit energy points.

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan’s brow jumped, her mental state suddenly shook, nearing causing her to fall on the spot.

“What happened? Reincarnated girl, are you doing something again?” Huan Qing Yan asked.

“It isn’t me, I also sensed it, it seems like an omen…” the reincarnated girl replied.

“An omen?” needless to say, it was definitely a bad omen.

The feeling she experienced caused her soul to be affected, it felt like it caused something within her body to arouse, making things violent and uncomfortable.

It was because Huan Qing Yan used the table in front to support her that prevented her from falling.

“I am also not sure, it is purely a guess. In my last life, omens like this also appeared but no worries, the feeling will be gone after a short while.” The reincarnated girl’s last few years of life was filled with turmoil, when she experienced such omens, she treated it simply as a sign of poor health.

“Is there some hidden ailment within your body? Please do not con me! We have known each other so well, if you have any ailments you should tell me as soon as possible, I will think of a way to cure it. If you said it late and the illness reached the later stages, then it would be too late for saving.”

Before she could finish, that uncomfortable feeling quickly receded.

It does come and go quickly!

The reincarnated girl said in a bad mood, “Didn’t you see all my memories? What else can I hide from you…”

“This condition is kind of weird, we should get a doctor to do a checkup soon.”

At the same time when Huan Qing Yan’s body was experiencing the weird condition, the remaining people within the Huan Estate had all fallen unconscious. On the sky above the Huan Estate, dark clouds began to gather, the black churning clouds looked extremely ominous.

However, this scene was only limited to the sky above the Huan Estate, if looked from the outside, no one would be able to observe the phenomenon. This might be due to some sort of spell formation that created a camouflaging barrier.

Back to the selection test, Huan Qing Yan looked at her surroundings and noticed that the other participants had begun their preparations. Shelling the prawns, cracking the eggs…

Only she and Huan Meng Yue had yet to start. Huan Meng Yue seemed to be in deep thoughts.

With the one hour time limit, Huan Qing Yan quickly took action, she already decided on what to cook from the start.

After removing the shells of the prawns, she rubbed salt and pepper on them to marinate.

Next, she broke the eggs and beat them well, adding one and a half portion of warm water during the beating process before filtering the mixture while pouring them into a plate.

She began to boil water before placing a steamer on top of it as well as the plate inside the steamer. After maintaining the fire at medium to small output, she placed the prawns within the steamer and continued steaming, using the steam to turn the prawns’ color…

When the contents were cooked, she removed the plate and scattered spring onions on it and added seasonings as well as the Huan Family’s Aged Soup. The view of combing the red and white colored prawns, the golden yellow color of the eggs and the fresh green color of the spring onions greatly appealed to the appetite.

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The fragrant scent of prawns and eggs began to permeate the air.

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