Chapter 119 – Steamed Egg With Prawns

The attention of the spirit chefs around her were attracted.

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The entire process took no more than ten minutes, making Huan Qing Yan the fastest to complete her task!

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She swept her gaze across her surroundings, her competitors were all performing their tasks with different methods. Some used stir-frying, some use deep frying while others use boiling methods to prepare their dishes.

“Participants who have completed their dish could present them to the judges up front for evaluation!”

Old Imperial Chef Zhang announced as his gaze landed on Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan took advantage of her thick-skinned nature and used a spoon to taste her work in front of everyone. The recipe she used to cook the dish was based on a recipe within the dimension and had further improved it by including their Huan Family’s Aged Soup in the cooking process.

When the spoon entered her mouth, what replied was an indescribable delicious flavor, prompting her to help herself with another spoon of the dish. Only then did she bring the dish to the judges in the center for evaluation.

Her action caused the surrounding spirit chefs to stare wide-eyed in amazement, “The ingredients provided possessed limited spirit energy, every bite she took would reduce the dish’s overall spirit energy quantity, yet this fella dared to sample two large spoons of it?”

“What a god d*mn true glutton! Maybe she isn’t here for the one thousand spirit stones but for the chance to eat free spirit energy food instead?”

“This lass is daring! I like it!”


Including Old Imperial Chef Zhang, a total of six elderly Imperial Chefs were present at the central area. They were all judges for this round and in front of them, was a scale being displayed.

Huan Qing Yan looked at this simple looking scale that looked like any other scales one would see in modern markets. It was circular and seemed to be made from a white jade-like material.

Old Imperial Chef Zhang chided lightly with concern, “Lass, you could have sampled your creation after measuring its spirit energy value first, why be so impatient? The spirit energy within each dish is limited, silly girl…”

He felt angry upon seeing a good talent like her make such an impatient mistake, upon seeing the two large missing portions on the steamed egg, he guessed that this lass might be ousted this round.

Huan Qing Yan being a glutton, did not bother to think about such matters. However, since the act had already been done, she could only wait and see what the scale displayed.

Another elderly imperial chef approached her and took the dish from her hands and said in a formal tone, “No. 69, what is the name of your dish?”

“Steamed Egg With Prawns!”

The elder smiled, “That’s a rather straightforward name…”

And placed the dish on the scale after speaking. An interesting phenomenon happened, the ordinarily looking scale produced a ray of light and scanned the dish…

After that, the white, cleaning looking scale displayed three sets of values.

Spirit Energy Value!

Culinary Rating!

Additional attribute!

Huan Qing Yan only felt wonder at this mechanism, to think that a scale like this that could measure spirit energy value exists.  

Old Imperial Chef Zhang said excitedly, “100 Spirit Energy Points! Culinary Rating: Good! Increases 1 Stamina Point!”

The other elderly imperial chefs were also excited, “She ate two mouths of the dish, yet it still contained 100 spirit energy points, how remarkable! If she did not eat it, it should possess at least 120 points. Even though it is only at Good rating, yet it can increase attributes?”

“Stamina attribute, is this lass someone from Imperial Chef Huan’s family?”


While the elderly imperial chefs were surprised, a great commotion stirred amongst the contestants.

“That’s impossible! It is only steamed egg, combining the two ingredients would at most create a dish containing 60 spirit energy points! How did she manage to double it? Must she be so abnormal?”

“With ingredients worth 60 spirit energy points on hand, I could only produce a dish containing 80 points after applying my spirit chef technique. At this rate, it looks like I would be eliminated.”

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