Volume 1, Chapter 3-2: Claudia’s Wish

A girl with two blonde twin tails wearing a gothic style dress. She’s the daughter of the Countess that owns this island — Rose, along with her escort, stood there quietly.  

“Ehehe~, Yuzuki onii-san, I’ve finally found you~”

An innocent smile appeared on her face.

Seeing her like this, she really does appear to be a normal pretty girl, but I won’t be deceived. Rose is the Yandere girl that mercilessly cut off all of their arms. 

“Yuzuki onii-san, Yuzuki onii-san. Leave that woman alone and return home already. We can do perverted things together. So~ many lewd things!”

“Wait, wait! I need to get the antidote from this woman!”

I was saved from Yuno, but Claudia is still in danger. Rather, because Rose is also Yandere the situation really hasn’t changed.

I tried to desperately appeal to her to find the antidote.

“…antidote? Is that why you were following that woman’s orders? You need this antidote?”

“Y-yes…I need the antidote to save Claudia.”

Rose followed my gaze and noticed Claudia lying on the ground.

“…and what kind of relationship do you have with this Claudia? What does she have to do with you, onii-san? Why do you want this antidote for her?”

Her gold coloured eye is shining brightly but the light had disappeared from her blue eye.

She’s in total Yandere mode right now. I’m sure this is due to the fact that she’s still angry about me escaping and her Yandere rank is increased during Yandere time.

And this Yandere Rose is asking about Claudia.

I don’t know what she plans on doing.

“Claudia protected me. She’s important to me.”

“…important to Yuzuki onii-san. Hee~…I see….”

Rose slowly repeated my words….

And took a deep breath before walking over to Claudia.

“Oi, Rose!? What are you going to do to Claudia!? Rose!”

I’m still tied up so all I can do is desperately call out to Rose, but Rose just got down to one knee next to Claudia….

“….Cure Poison.”

A magic circle formed beneath her and she used her magic to try to cure Claudia.


“Calm down. Do you really think I would hurt someone important to you, Yuzuki onii-san?”


This doesn’t seem like the same Yandere that used her demon eyes to confine me and cut off all of my limbs….does Rose have multiple personalities?

…whatever, this is fine. Claudia should be able to get help now.

“Because of her Curse of Weakness, Claudia can’t be affected by recovery magic.”

“…magic can’t affect her? I see. So that’s why you need the antidote…you. You protected Yuzuki onii-san?”

“…isn’t that…what…haa…he’s been saying.”

“Hmm, alright then.”

Rose showed a gentle smile for just a moment, but she soon stood up and walked over to the woman that no longer had any arms.

“Ku, stay away! Don’t come near me!”

The Yandere woman tried to run away but lost her balance due to her lack of arms. She fell down into a pool of her own blood.

Rose stepped on the Yandere woman’s back and held her to the ground.

“Hey, you. Where’s the antidote?”


“Yes, you have it, right?”

“I-I don’t have anything like that!”

“— Liar! You told me earlier that you’d heal Claudia if I did what you said!”

As I was listening to their conversation, I spoke up without thinking.

“…so you’re saying Yuzuki onii-san is lying? Do you want me to rip out your tongue?”

“W-Wait a minute! I’m not lying! I was planning on curing her poison!”

“…and you were going to do that without an antidote?”

“Ah, I-I didn’t know that magic wouldn’t work on her!”

I heard the Yandere woman’s words and instantly fell into despair. However, Rose instantly turned to her escort.

“– Lilia!”

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“I’ve already sent word to the nearest medical clinic; they’ll be ready to treat her as soon as she arrives.”

“You did well. Please, take her to the medical clinic immediately.”

“–Yes! Right away!”

The red-haired woman named Lilia — she was one of the female guards escorting Rose’s horse-drawn carriage.

I’m guessing she’s the captain or something similar. She gave orders to a pair of guards and they quickly picked up Claudia and ran off.

“And be sure to detain anyone that attacked Yuzuki onii-san and turn them in to the local guards. I can never forgive those that would commit crimes in the Brad family’s territory.”

“– Yes!”

Following Rose’s instructions, members of her escort quickly detained the Yandere woman’s friends and took them somewhere.

Soon after, Rose kneeled down in front of me.

“Yuzuki onii-san, are you okay? Put your hands out now so I can free you.”

Rose was acting like a Countess earlier, but now that she’s speaking with me, she’s talking like an ordinary girl.

I was a little confused by how she was acting but I offered my hands to her.

She immediately cut the rope around my hands and feet.

“…thank you. You saved me.”

“Don’t mention it. After all, it was for you, Yuzuki onii-san. About Claudia….”

“Yeah…I heard you say you were taking her to a clinic. Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me. It’s just…I wonder if she’ll get there in time….”


I don’t understand what she means. No, I don’t want to accept what she’s saying. But, it’s clear what she’s trying to say. Claudia might not be saved in time.

“…what are you saying? Is the clinic that far from here?”

“No, it’s not that far, but, unlike magic, an antidote will not heal her immediately. On top of that, the arrow is still stuck in her back and, honestly…I think it will be difficult for her to survive….”

“No way….”

I was finally relieved — and now I’m just back in a pit of despair.

“…Rose, I know that I escaped from you and that this is a selfish request, but…please, take me to that clinic!”

If I knew that Claudia would be okay, I’d be fine with Rose just taking me now, but if I don’t know that I need to see her first.

“Yuzuki onii-san…will you be angry if I don’t let you?”

“I’m sorry, but Claudia risked her life to protect me. That’s why….”

“Like I said, I wouldn’t hurt someone so precious to you. I’m sure you’d think I’m a terrible girl if I did something like that.”

“Eh, well…is that true…?”

Rose just stared at me….

“…Yuzuki onii-san?”

“N-No, it’s just that…you’re Yandere, right?”

“I’m definitely Yandere, and, ever since meeting you, my Yandere rank has increased, but me being Yandere and me wanting to thank someone that helped you are unrelated.”

“Well…umm, seriously?”

Of course!”

…she seems to be telling the truth.

“Also, I really do want to take Yuzuki onii-san home right now and do naughty things from morning until night I want to love you even more. However….”

Rose cut her sentence short and showed a sad smile.

“If I were to abandon Claudia here, I’m sure Yuzuki onii-san would hate me.”


“No matter what else, I want you to love me. And for that to happen I can’t do something you don’t like.”


That was unexpected.

Every other Yandere I’ve known has never considered my own feelings before. But it’s clear now.

Rose is different. She’s definitely Yandere, but she’s not only thinking about herself. She’s acting only after considering my own feelings.

Still, I don’t think I can get past her being Yandere.

“For now, can you bring me to the clinic?”

“Of course.”

“…thank you.”

I said this and offered both of my hands to her. Rose just asked, “What’s wrong?”

“No, I just thought you expected me to try to escape again. Or would it be better to form another contract using your demon eye?”

“That’s not necessary. If you were to abandon Claudia and run away, I don’t think I’d be able to love you anymore.”

“…t-thank you.”

It’s because of my skill ‘To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes’ that she was drawn to me, so I’m not sure she’d just be able to give up on me, but….

“Then, can you show me to the clinic?”

“Yes, of course — Lilia.”

“– Yes!”

“Take me and Yuzuki onii-san to the clinic. Have everyone else explain what happened here to the guards.”

“Yes, right away!”

One of the knights escorting Rose, Lilia, brought us to the clinic where Claudia was. We were now waiting in the lobby to find out if Claudia had been healed.

Shortly after, a doctor wearing a white coat came out of her room. I ran up to the doctor as soon as I saw him.

“Doctor! Did the antidote work!?”

“I gave her the antidote so I believe the poison will no longer spread throughout her body.”

“So you were able to save her!”

I asked this with a sinking feeling. And the doctor’s only reply to me was silence. Why?

“…please, tell me what’s happening to Claudia.”

“Now that she has been given the antidote the poison in her system should be gone, but the poison has been in her system for some time now. The damage caused by the poison can’t be healed immediately with just an antidote.”

“…so that means?”

“In other words, unless her body is able to recover on its own, she won’t be able to heal properly.”

My vision went dark.

“…but there’s still more you can do to help her, right? Dialysis or a saline transfusion? Or if you need my blood you can take it!”

“D-Dialysis? Saline transfusion? And is your blood in some way magical? Unfortunately, it seems healing magic does not work on her….”

“Magic? What are you talking about….”

But I cut my own words short realizing where we were.

This world is more advanced than medieval Europe. It has lights powered by manastones, a sewer system, and running water; but the medicine level is nowhere near that of modern-day Japan. It’s still on par with the medical knowledge of the medieval times on Earth. Of course, they would have no knowledge of toxins in blood.

Since Claudia is unaffected by healing magic, there’s no way to treat her in this world. In other words, there’s nothing to do but wait for her to die.

I understand it now.

Because of the healing magic in this world and my own Immortality skill, death has felt so distant.

But Claudia is unaffected by recovery magic. I should have thought more about what could happen to her.

“Hey, onii-san. Why doesn’t healing magic effect Claudia?”

“That’s…because she has the Curse of Weakness.”

“If that’s the case, can’t we remove the curse and heal her?”

“…ah, that’s true!”

Rose and I turned to look at the doctor but he just shook his head.

“It’s possible to use Dispel to remove her curse. I even requested some assistance from the Guild to do so but they weren’t able to help. It seems this curse is a rather high rank.”

“…the curse that was put on her is rank A.”

“Is that so. Then….”

The doctor looked sad for me and, surprisingly, so did Rose. The slaver told me that there was nobody capable of removing Claudia’s curse on this island.

That’s why Claudia’s curse is so powerful.

I was trying to think of some other way — that’s when I thought of my own ability to interact with another person’s status.

“Rose, can you show me your status window?”

“…eh? Why do you ask? I have Dispel but it’s only rank D.”

“Still, I beg you. Please, show it to me!”

I deeply bowed my head.

“I don’t really understand, but… if it’s for Yuzuki onii-san, I don’t mind showing you it.”

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She didn’t hesitate and showed me her status window. There were several ridiculous items there but I’m not concerned with that right now. I looked at her healing magic.

There, just as Rose said, Dispel was rank D.

Of course, with that skill rank she can’t remove Claudia’s curse, but…I feel like I need to pray before looking down further. I turned my eyes to the final line that showed her SP.

Her remaining SP was 680.

I opened my own status window to check the reference value for Dispel. It’s…200 SP. So to get Dispel to rank D it would cost 1200 SP and to get it to a high enough rank to remove Claudia’s curse it would need to be rank AA…or 4600 SP. She doesn’t have enough…it’s useless.

I realized that my final hope of saving Claudia was gone. I unconsciously looked up towards heaven. I wonder what Rose was thinking when she saw me do that. As if she was attempting to comfort me, she hugged my arm.

“…umm, Yuzuki onii-san, I know it might be painful but you should probably say your final goodbyes.

“…final goodbyes. Yeah, you’re right….”

It’s only been a day since I bought Claudia and became her master. If she has a final wish I would like to hear it.

“Doctor, may I speak with Claudia?”

“…she’s barely able to remain conscious. She doesn’t have much time left…if you wish to speak with her you should hurry.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

I bowed my head to the doctor and took a step inside Claudia’s room. Most of the room was dimly lit by a single manastone set in the corner of the room. I could see Claudia lying in a plain bed.

I could see the burns on her face and chest. The doctor must have removed her blouse and veil in order to treat her.

And, due to the poison, her face had become bloated and her eyes were bloodshot.

I could tell Claudia was close to dying and I started crying unintentionally.

I can’t afford to cry now, so I wiped my tears and walked to her bedside.



She responded weakly to me. Her emerald green eyes were staring off into a blank space. The poison seems to have also taken away her sight.

“Yeah, it’s me. Claudia’s master. Yuzuki.”

“I’m so…glad. I thought that…I’d never be… able to see you again.”

Tears appeared in the corner of Claudia’s eyes and my vision blurred.

Huh, that’s strange. Claudia’s the one crying so why is my vision blurry?

“Master…was the one that bought me…I’m so happy…that it was you…”

“…what are you talking about? I promised to protect you and, in less than a day you’ve become like this. I’m a terrible master.”

“That’s not…true. You said…you wanted us to be happy together…I was so…so…hap…”

Claudia’s voice trailed off and her eyes slowly closed.

“…Claudia? Oi, Claudia!?”

When I shook her body hoping to keep her conscious, her eye opened just a little.

“Claudia! Stay with me, Claudia!”

“Ah, I don’t want this…I was…able to meet such a wonderful mas…ter…and now…it’s already the end….”

“Don’t say this is the end! There’s still plenty of time to do anything you like! There must be something you want to do, so please tell me!”

“…there is…”

“See! So, please tell me your wish! Even now it’s not too late. We can still do it together!”


Claudia slowly raised her hand and I realized she wanted me to hold it.

I hurriedly grasped her hand.

“Please…be happy…for…me….:


“Th…at’s….my…wish. It’s…the…only thing…I want….”

Claudia finished speaking and seemed that she had finished saying her wish. She showed a gentle smile before closing her eyes.


I call out to her but there’s no response.

“Claudia? No…this isn’t happening. Claudia, wake up!”

After all this time I was finally able to meet an ordinary girl in this world full of Yanderes. I wanted to spend more time with Claudia!

I desperately called out to Claudia several more times, but no matter how much I begged and cried for her to wake up — her eyes remained closed.

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