Volume 1, Chapter 3-1: No Escape

Claudia pushed me down in a dark alley of the city. I was afraid that she had become Yandere, but…something was strange.

“…Claudia? Oi, what’s wrong!?”

I was shaking Claudia when I could feel a warm, viscous liquid touch my skin. I slipped out from beneath her and looked at her body.

— There was an arrow sticking out of Claudia’s back.

“A-An arrow!?”

It’s clear what happened. Someone fired an arrow at me and Claudia protected me from it.

In other words —

“Please, run away….”

Claudia tells me this while gasping for breath. I quickly turned to look for the person that fired the arrow.

And — I found them.

There were three women standing in the direction we had come from in the alley. They all looked like adventurers and one was holding a bow.

“Are you the ones that did this!? Why would you do something like this!?”

“Haha, why would I do something like this? That should be my line!”

The woman that stood at the centre of the three spoke.

“…what’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re such a bad boy. You refused my invitation earlier, yet, here you are flirting with another girl.”

I don’t know what she’s talking about — wait, I recognize her.

“You’re the woman that I spoke with at the Guild.”

The woman that Sylphy told me to avoid because she is a ‘severe Yandere.’

Her name was…Yuno. Her name’s similar to the other name for the Yandere Goddess Hera, so I was able to remember it pretty easily. (TN: The Roman name for Hera is Juno.)

“Fufun~, you remembered me. I’ll give you some points for that.”

“…sure, thank you.”

“However, I can’t forgive you for flirting with that woman. After I kill that woman, I’ll have to punish you, so prepare yourself.”

“I don’t think I can let that happen.”

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While still watching them, I think about what’s the best option for me.

Clearly, it would be useless to try to talk this out. Someone willing to murder a person in the streets isn’t going to be open to calmly talk things out.

But I need to get Claudia’s injury treated…I can’t even attack the women because of my Feminist skill.

It’s a little shameful, but I’ll have to run to save Claudia.

“…Claudia, can you run?”

I quietly asked Claudia this while still watching the Yandere girls. However, Claudia is on the ground and her breathing is ragged.

“Claudia, stay with me.”

“…I’m…sorry. Don’t worry about me. Please, run away.”

“Don’t be stupid. If you can’t stand then I’ll carry you and we’ll run away together.

“…eh? Wha- hyaa….”

I lifted Claudia in a princess carry and started running as fast as I could.

“Wait a minute! Do you think you can just run away!?”

I’m surprised at how light Claudia is, if she was any heavier I doubt I’d be able to run with her — gah! A sharp pain struck me in the back.

She’s still shooting arrows at us.

If I stop here, Claudia and I are done…I somehow managed to push myself onward.

However —

“Ga…haa…what’s wrong? It feels like my consciousness is fading….”

My body became more and more sluggish and I could no longer run. My body felt strange but I tried to keep running.

But, I collapsed to the ground in the middle of the road. If I stay here I’m definitely going to get caught by that Yandere girl. I dragged myself and Claudia to a nearby alley.

But…I was at my limit.

“…haa…haa. Wh…y….”

An arrow would obviously hurt but it shouldn’t be like this.

Besides, when I was stabbed by Hinano in my previous life it didn’t feel like this.

Something’s wrong…I frantically opened my status window and saw that there was now an item called ‘Poison Rank D.’

— Poison? Claudia must be suffering from the same poison.

“Of course, Cure Poison…how could I forget?”

I focused as much as I could and set Claudia as the target. The magic circle formed around me and I used my magic to erase the poison affecting Claudia —

But the painful expression on her face didn’t change.

…that’s right. Claudia’s Curse of Weakness prevents any recovery magic from affecting her.

This is bad. I’ll need to give her an antidote to cure this poison. Of course, I don’t have anything like that.

Would the Guild have a way to cure poisoning?

I don’t know, but I have no choice. I’ll have to go there to find out…because I’ve been running around with a poison arrow stuck in me, the poison has started to affect me more than Claudia. If it keeps going like this I’ll collapse first.

I cast Cure Poison again and target myself.


I only felt slightly better after casting it. It seems that because my spell doesn’t outrank the poison, it’s not as effective as it should be.

I may be able to cure the poison completely if I use it many times, but…I’m not sure I’d be able to use it that many times without passing out. Even more importantly than that, Claudia may die before I can cure myself.

“…Mas…ter, are you okay?”

Even in this situation, she’s more concerned about me than she is herself. I won’t let such a kind girl like Claudia die here — I decided to prepare myself.

I targeted myself and began to cast Fire Bolt.

I’m still afraid…but it’s okay. This would be the third time and I know what to expect. Besides, I’m doing this for Claudia.

I’ll die in one quick shot — and I cast Fire Bolt.

I experienced my third death after coming to this world.

I instantly select the option to revive immediately in this monochrome world.

And Medea-nee appeared out of thin air —

“Medea-nee, I need to revive immediately!”

“Yes, I’ve been watching you, Yuzuki-kun. I understand the situation, so I’ll revive you as soon as I can. Please, do your best.”

I wonder if she really is watching me all the time. Medea-nee knew how urgent the situation was and she immediately began casting her magic. My consciousness soon returned to my healed body.

“…good. The poison is gone. I’ll get you to the Guild right away. Just hold on a little longer!”

I picked up Claudia and started running towards the Guild. But — just as I was about to exit the alley, I saw the Yandere woman and her friends blocking the exit.

If I’m hit by another arrow this will be the end — behind the main Yandere girl, her friends were blocking either side of the road.

Something, something…anything! I can’t think of anything. The only escape routes are blocked, Claudia can’t move, and I can’t attack them due to my Feminist skill.

There’s nothing I can think of.

“Fufu, ahaha…At last, I have you, my beloved.”

You calling me your beloved makes my skin crawl.

Or that’s what I’d like to say, but if I want to save Claudia, I have to avoid offending her.

I clenched my teeth so hard blood started coming out of my mouth. I set Claudia down against a building.


“I’m sorry for getting you involved in this. At the very least, I’ll get you help Claudia.”

“No…it’s useless. Don’t worry about me. Run away…please…run away…”

Claudia desperately wants me to run but I just silently shook my head.

“It’s my loss. You can do anything to me that you want just, please help Claudia.”

Hee~…Just now, you said I can do anything?”

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“Yes. You can do anything as long as you help Claudia.”

I still don’t want to be killed by this Yandere…no — I don’t want Yuno to kill me.

But…Claudia was the first girl I met that wasn’t Yandere. Even though we’ve really only known each other for a little over a day, I felt like she was the only girl I could trust in this world.

So —

“Please, I’m begging you. Please, save Claudia from that poison.”

I deeply bowed my head.

“Hmm, why would I help the woman that tried to steal my beloved person from me?”

“…if you don’t save Claudia, I’ll bite off my own tongue and kill myself.”

“—tch. Fine, I get it.”

The Yandere women said this with a resentful tone. I’m not even sure if she has a way of curing Claudia, but she seemed to be thinking about it.

“Sure. I can cure her, but as soon as I cure her you’ll no longer be right where I want you. First, I’ll need to tie your arms and legs. Oi –”

The Yandere woman ordered her friends to begin tying me up. The Yandere woman’s friends were touching all over my body as they were tying me up. I endured it so that Claudia could be cured.

Soon after, both my hands and feet were bound.

“Alright, then next you can…lick my feet.”

“Cure Claudia first!”

“If you won’t follow my order, I won’t heal her.”

Yuno showed a disturbing smile.

“–Oi, I told you that if you don’t save Claudia I’ll bite my tongue off and kill myself!”

“Just stop already. There are people here that can use healing magic, so even if you bite your tongue off, they can just heal you.”


It was a mistake to try to negotiate with a Yandere.

Still, this woman was already a severe Yandere. Now that it is Yandere time, her Yandere rank has increased by two. It’s a miracle that she was even willing to talk in the first place.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“If you won’t save Claudia I won’t follow your orders.”

“You say that but…if you obey me, you might be able to change my mind.”


I don’t believe Yuno is willing to save Claudia. But, just as Yuno said, if I refuse her, there’s no chance of saving Claudia.

So, I just need to do what I can to save Claudia.

“…I understand. I’ll do whatever you say as long as you’ll save Claudia.”

“It depends on how hard you’re willing to work. Now, crawl to me.”



Claudia’s fading voice echoed out from behind me and my chest started to hurt. With both my hands and feet tied up I crawled over to her using my hands and knees.

“Good. Now, I’ve changed my mind!”

The Yandere woman stuck out her foot to me, but she was wearing boots with armour that covered her leg up to her knees.

“…you want me to lick your boots?”

“No, I decided on something else. Somewhere a little further up.”

Up…? If I look up, I can see the inside of her tight skirt. In a word, she wants me to lick up there.

…this type of Yandere is the worst.

A self-centred Yandere woman. She’s as bad as Hinano. It’s disgusting to even think about doing something like that to a woman like her.

However —

“What’s wrong? You don’t have any time to waste.”

“…I know.”

I sat up on my knees and place my tongue against the Yandere woman’s thigh.

“Ah, mou! Just get to it already!”

She grabbed my hair and forced my head towards her groin.

And —


The Yandere woman screamed but I haven’t even done anything yet. When I looked up a hot liquid splashed all over my face.

…eh? Wait, what is this? What is this liquid?

“My arm! My arms are –!”

…arm? I turned to look and saw that both of the Yandere woman’s arms were gone. On top of that, the Yandere woman’s friends were also screaming out in pain as their arms were also gone.

…was that blood that poured all over me? Blood? What’s happening!?

“Geeze…I don’t know who you are, but what exactly were you planning on doing to my Yuzuki onii-san? Maybe I should cut off more than your arms?”

…I didn’t even need to see who it was after hearing that line and I turned to look in the direction of the voice.

There stood a beautiful girl wearing a jet black gothic dress with several people accompanying her.

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