Chapter 114: The Man Who Waited Bitterly For Ten Years

On a mountain range, lush green and full of life lingered around with spirit Qi, like a wonderland in the mortal world.

In the middle lies Jingxin sect.

At the entrance of the sect, there was a young man leaning against a boulder. Wielding two swords in his hands, he was firm and persistent. Waiting……and anticipating.

“It would be better if you return, Yuting senior sister will not meet you. For what have you waited bitterly for ten years?” A female disciple guarding the entrance spoke with pity.

The man was Meng Fanyi, Tianji sect’s disciple.

Ten years ago in an immortal sect convention, he fell in love with Jingxin sect’s Ye Yuting.

He pursuited bitterly, only to be obstructed. Since then, he had waited at the entrance for ten years, in which she only came out three times. And in those three times, she rejected him and urged him to return.

However, Meng Fanyi did not lose heart and continued to wait.

He believed that there will be a time when the clouds would disperse to let the light shine down. He believed that Ye Yuting will fall in love with him. He believed that Jingxin sect’s leader would one day agree. But, all these were just his own wishful thinking.

For his love runs deep.

Never did his determination wavered in the decade.

Meng Fanyi revealed a faint smile, but traces of sadness could be seen on it. Still, his actions looked dashing, causing the female disciple to be wild in thoughts. Her face turned red.

However at the next instant, her face regained it’s coldness, like a completely different person.

Regarding marriage In the Jingxin sect, no disciple dared to conduct it without the sect leader’s consent. She was like that, Ye Yuting was like that too.

After he had waited for ten years, no matter how cold the ice was, it would still melt. Not to mention Ye Yuting who has a heart of a normal person, how could she not be touched? However, there was nothing she could do. During the three times she came out, she cursed and berated, hoping that Meng Fanyi would leave.

“Fairy does not need to urge, Fanyi will definitely not leave.” Meng Fanyi said firmly.

The female disciple shook her head and sigh, deciding not to care anymore.

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Meng Fanyi also closed his eyes and sat cross-legged, meditating in Qigong.

A period of ten might not be long for cultivators, yet it wasn’t short too. Other than his Qigong improving, his cultivation did not, remaining as what it was ten years ago, a rank nine spirit refining realm.

He was once Tianji sect’s top hundred among the inner disciples, but he might not be now.

All these he did not care. He envied those couples he saw around. As long as he could wait by Jingxin sect, he felt blessed.

Such a thing soon became a conviction.

Everyday, disciples that passed by would call him dumb, only for him to laugh it off.

“It’s been ten years, how could he carry on for so long? Sect leader would not even agree.”

“Last year, Yuting senior sister brought this up to the leader, only to be punished.”

“Ai, I do feel sorry for him. Why must he be so foolish?”

Two female disciples guarding whispered to each other, looked at Meng Fanyi and sighed while shaking their heads. How could there be such an infatuated person?

“We’ve arrived!”

Seeing the words ‘Jingxin sect’, Qinglian had a myriad of thoughts and became tensed. She was about to separate with Qin Tian. Those few days she had with him were the happiest days among her many years.

Qin Tian gave the entrance a glance and saw a light surrounding it. With a look, he knew that it was the formation protecting the sect, an extremely powerful one. He frowned and followed Qinglian.

Passing by Meng Fanyi, Qin Tian thought, “Why would there be a man guarding it?”

“Meng Fanyi, is this worth all the trouble? You’ve waited for ten years, and your cultivation is neglected. Return to Tianji sect, and you may still be able to regain your previous position.” Qinglian spoke with pity as she urged.

Meng Fanyi opened his eyes and smiled, “So it’s Fairy Qinglian.”

He gave Qin Tian an envious look and asked instead, “Fairy broke the rules for him, but was running away from the sect worth it?”

He had known about the fact that Qinglian ran away, and was envious of the man who could make her do that. On this day, he heart became even firmer, believing that it would be worth it to continue waiting.

Her face turned unnatural. Especially when Qin Tian was looking, she did not dare to give him even a glimpse. Then, she thought of the past few days and suddenly understood Meng Fanyi’s determination. Was she not like him, a foolish person?

Qin Tian was startled, “So it turned out that Qinglian ran away because of me. Qin Tian ah Qin Tian, just how st*p*d are you.” He cursed himself inwardly. Seeing Qinglian’s expression, he felt a pain in his heart.

“Senior sister Qinglian has returned, notify Elder Liu immediately……” A disciple guarding the entrance was shocked when she saw Qinglian and asked another disciple to inform an elder.

And of course, after secretly running away from the sect and breaking the rules, she would not be able to escape her punishment now that she had returned.

Suddenly, Qin Tian pulled Qinglian’s hand, “Aunt, let’s go.”

Although he did not know what the punishment would be, it would surely not be light. He did not want Qinglian to suffer and wanted to bring her away from the Jingxin sect, never to return.

Qinglian replied calmly, “Little Tian, do not worry, mistress will not punish me.”

“Not be punished? Heng, going down the mountain secretly, do you know what punishment you would receive? Seven days of suffering, being gashed at by insects.” A middle aged lady walked out and stared at Qinglian.

Outer sect elder, Liu Xin.

Because of Qinglian, she was punished for not taking care of the entrance properly, leading to her being angered greatly.

“Seven days of suffering, being gashed at by insects?” Qin Tian widened his eyes and glared at Liu Xin. He then tightened his grab on Qinglian. “Aunt, let’s go, do not return back to the sect.”

“Heng, pushing and pulling, so embarrassing.” Liu Xin snorted coldly.

Qin Tian was angered. Just as he was about to take action, he was obstructed by Qinglian. She let go of his hand and moved a few steps towards the front, bowing, “Disciple request Elder Liu to notify mistress, disciple is willing to accept her punishment.”

“What?” Qin Tian cried out in shock and rushed forward, “Aunt, I won’t allow you to receive any punishment, even if it is from the King of Heaven.”

“Speaking bold words, overconfident. . Why don’t you take a look at where you are?” Liu Xin shouted. Making some hands signs, her Qigong condensed and shot out.

Qin Tian prepared himself, wanting to give her some ‘face’.

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At this point, Meng Fanyi made the first step. He brandished his sword, shooting out a sword light, dissipating Liu Xin’s attack. Laughing, he said, “Elder Liu, why lose your temper?”

Liu Xin was a peak rank nine spirit refining realm, and Qin Tian was only a rank five. Meng Tianyi was afraid that Qin Tian would be injured and took action.

“What, Meng Fanyi, are you going to meddle in my business?” Liu Xin said with an attitude of a superior one. Displeased, a cold light flashed by her eyes. She stared at Meng Fanyi and shot out an even stronger attack.

Again, Meng Fanyi blocked it for Qin Tian, “Elder Liu, why bother moving against us ordinary folks? It would only harm your reputation.”

Liu Xin frowned and decided that what he said was true. Attacking some countryside kid would be beneath his status. Thinking until that point, she snorted, “Heng!”

Qin Tian was raging, if not for Qinglian beside him, he would have attacked. He was not afraid of a peak spirit refining cultivator, as long as it wasn’t the ascension realm or higher, he was confident in winning.

Seeing Liu Xin taking back her Qigong, Meng Fanyi moved back and smiled at Qin Tian.

“Thank you!” Qin Tian spoke with gratitude.

Meng Fanyi laughed, walked to the side and started meditating, like he had been indifferent to everything.

“Gather, bring Qinglian down.” Liu Xin ordered.

Qinglian frowned. “Elder Liu is only an outer court elder. When was elder in charge of disciple’s problems? An outer court elder wants to deal with an inner court disciple’s problems, is this not going beyond your authority?”

What Qinglian said hurt Liu Xin’s sore spot.

As Qinglian was an inner court disciple, Liu Xin was not qualified to handle her. However, her punishment was the result of Qinglian’s action. Without revenge, her anger could not dissipate.

Liu Xin’s expression changed and she howled, “B*t*h!”

Her hands formed a black lotus, blasting out……

“F**k, gave that b*t*h face yet she does not accept it.” Qin Tian could not control himself anymore. HIs Qigong spreaded out and he revealed his killing intent.

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