Chapter 115: Lotus Saint Lady

The curse was like a bomb.

Erupting suddenly.

Meng Fanyi was stunned, not expecting Qin Tian, a rank five realm cultivator to have such profound Qigong. It was not inferior to a rank nine spirit refining realm’s Qigong. He no longer tried to help as he believed that Liu Xin could not do anything to Qin Tian.

Liu Xin was also shocked, not expecting herself to kick a rock.

However, as she was arrogant to the core, she continued to look disdainfully at Qin Tian. No matter how strong his Qigong was, the fact that he was only in the rank five spirit refining realm cannot be changed.

At the next moment, her Qigong erupted out and a black lotus flew up, descending upon Qin Tian.

“Little Tian, be careful.” Qinglian reminded while her hands moved, executing the lotus saint recovery.
Yet, Qin Tian sneered as he took a step forward. Against the black lotus, his Qigong grew stronger. “Break for me!”

The purple flame aura filled with boundless rage was released, attacking the black lotus.

With a loud sound, the black lotus was shattered, disappearing in mid-air.

And, Qin Tian was like a mountain. He did not move a bit, seemingly as if he did not receive any damage. He stared at Liu Xin coldly and a purple spear condensed in his hand. Wielding the spear, the veins on his arms bulged as he struck.


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The formation of the entrance trembled, releasing a light filled with great strength. Before the spear could even get close, it dissipated into dust, vanishing.

“Such a powerful formation.” Qin Tian said to himself. When he wanted to use a greater force, he was stopped by Qinglian.
Attacking the sect protecting formation was equivalent to picking a fight, and this may cause death to descend upon him.
“Nicely done, to even dare to disregard Jingxin sect’s existence and attack the sect protecting formation. It seems like you’re tired of life.” Liu Xin was delighted and continued on by speaking to a female disciple near her, “Report immediately that there is someone provoking our sect, having no regards for our Jingxin sect.”
The female disciple hesitated as she gave Qinglian a glance.
“Still not moving?” Liu Xin berated.
Immediately, the female disciple bowed, “Obeyed.”

Just like that, the blame was pushed towards another person. If the disciplinary hall were to take action, Qin Tian would properly never be able to escape from the mountain.
“Elder Liu, aren’t you being too shameless? It was you who provoked the other first, yet you make a false counter charge. I will definitely report this issue to the law enforcement elder.” Qinglian spoke firmly, not putting Liu Xin in her eyes.
Such a small outer court elder does not have much power in the Jingxin sect.
If not for Qinglian running away, she would not even need to place Liu Xin in her eyes or tolerate what she was doing.

“If you dare to come out, I’ll immediately destroy you!” Qin Tian was angered and shouted while pointing at Liu Xin. “Old woman, don’t just ide in the formation. Come out if you have the ability, do you believe that I can destroy you in one move?”
Purple flame aura spread out, forming countless swords which were filled with killing intent. Each sword was very close, making it seem like a huge sword formation.

Seven lore formation
That was the jade grade ability gained from Yang Hong. Even in the Jingxin sect, jade grade abilities are extremely precious. Liu Xin was shocked as she had never imagined that Qin Tian had cultivated in such a profound ability. At the same time, she felt her rage grow. When had she been forced into such a situation by a rank five spirit refining cultivator? And it even made it that she did not dare to step out of the sect protecting formation.
The might of the seven lore formation made her feel a sense of terror.
“Such a profound sword formation.” Meng Fanyi widened his eyes and stared at the huge purple sword. He was shocked. Not only was Qin Tian’s deepness of Qigong cultivation higher, even his cultivation in his abilities were the same.

Secretly, he admired him.
To be able to release such a huge sword formation at the sect entrance without the slightest scruple. Would this perhaps be the first time something like this happened in the whole of Jingxin sect’s history?
“Little Tian……” Qinglian frowned, “Retract your sword formation.”

“Heng.” Qin Tian snorted. Waving his hand, the huge sword in the sky disappeared. A while ago, he had acted without thinking. Jingxin sect is a sect with great power. If he were to truly attack the sect protecting formation, trouble would definitely arise.
Acting on impulse would not lead to anything good.
Qin Tian breathed out, calming himself down.
Although Liu Xin was secretly in deep anger, she did not dare to step out of the formation. She was worried that she would be suppressed by Qin Tian, making her lose face.
Suddenly, a sound of nature traveled into their ears. A fragrance of lotus permeated into them. It felt fresh and clean, which cleared their minds, making them feel comfortable. A white lotus was descending. On it was white dress lady holding onto a lotus leaf, a beautiful lady with a faint gentle smile.
“Lotus saint lady!”  

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Immediately, Qinglian kneeled, “Welcome saint lady.”
Liu Xin was also the same, not daring to take any deep breaths.
“There isn’t any aura?” Qin Tian stared at the lady descending with eyes wide opened. His law of aura was not able to sense any aura from her. Was she far beyond the limits of what he could sense? How could that be so?
A white lotus floated down and vanished. The lady moved and waved her hand, causing the sect protecting formation to conceal itself. She then reach out for Qinglian’s hand, lifting her up, “Fairy Qinglian, there is no need for formalities.”
Below her feet radiated out a pure white light, making her seem like a divine being.

Her cultivation was extremely high.

The law of aura is a supreme law, yet it was not able to sense the fluctuations of the lady’s aura like she was nonexistent.
In a sudden, Qin Tian retreated half a step and became cautious.
Just as Qinglian was about to speak, the lady stopped her and said, “Sect leader knows everything, there is no need for anymore words. Follow me to meet her.”

“Wait.” Qin Tian took a step forward and asked, “ Would my aunt be punished?”
The lady did not even bother looking at Qin Tian. She took Qinglian by the arm gently and white lotus appeared below them. Slowly, they rose up.
Naturally, Qin Tian was unhappy being looked down upon by others. He wanted to stop them, he found out that he was unable to move. He had been restrained by a thin white thread. Just as he intended to curse out loud, he was interrupted by Meng Fanyi.
 ”Brother, to not speak randomly. She is a saint lady, a worldly realm cultivator, and is not someone we can provoke.” Meng Fanyi grew up in the Tianji sect and had a deep understanding of each sect. The lotus saint lady of the Jingxin sect has great capabilities and has the greatest authority with an exception of the sect master.
[TLN: worldly is after ascension realm]

Only until the lotus saint lady vanished from his sight did the thread dissipate.
“Worldly realm, above many others, so pure, not tainted by your surroundings? Wait for it, Laozi will make you kneel before me, f**k it!” Qin Tian cursed. Acting so aloof from the material world, makes me(Qin Tian) want to see how pure she would be when she is on the ground,

For being suppressed by a woman, Qin Tian felt unhappy.
Also, he did not know whether Qinglian would be punished and whether the sect master would take action to save Yun Man.

All of these made his mind in chaos.

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