Chapter 116: Courting Death

It was not only Qin Tian whose mind was in chaos, Liu Xin was like that too.

As Jingxin sect’s outer sect elder, she had lost all her face after being forced into such a situation by Qin Tian. If words of that travel, how could she still have the face to stay in the sect? The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. Anger rose and she closed her eyes, revealing her killing intent.
She had drifted along for tens of years, yet she was unable to break through to the ascension realm.
The authority an outer sect elder had was very small. She felt as if she was not revered by many others, looked upon with disdain, leading to her becoming mentally abnormal. She treated disciples harshly, reprimanding for small reasons just to show her status.
Her personality caused others to shudder and engrave their hatred in their hearts.
Although she could not do anything to Qinglian, there were many ways to deal with Qin Tian.
The rank nine spirit refining realm her would not be afraid of a rank five spirit refining realm kid from the countryside
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Back to Qin Tian
With Qinglian gone and him not having any idea of what to do, he could only be like Meng Fanyi. He sat and waited anxiously, unable to be calm.
“Brother, do not be anxious, the Jingxin sect cultivates with compassion at the heart, nothing will happen to fairy Qinglian. What’s more, she is an inner disciple, an important figure to be groomed, thus there won’t be any punishment.” Meng Fanyi stared at the anxious face of Qin Tian and comforted.
At that time, he was also like that, shouting and screaming which was completely useless.
Qin Tian laughed before asking, “You’ve waited here for ten years for a girl?”
Meng Fanyi laughed bitterly too and nodded, “Jingxin sect is different from others. Here, the sect leader makes the decision of a fairy’s marriage. I too had no choice but to wait. Still, I believe that sincerity can split open metal.”
“F**k me, there are such guys nowadays? Is this being dumb or st*p*d?” Qin Tian thought but admired Meng Fanyi in his heart. To be able to wait for ten years, he truly could persevere. However, although Qin Tian admired him, he did not admire his actions as after all, strength determines everything.

If Meng Fanyi was in the worldly realm or even higher, not to mention ten years, Jingxin sect would have agreed immediately.

“Brother, have you thought about that even if you wait for another ten years, that fairy would still be unable to be with you?” Qin Tian asked.
Meng Fanyi trembled and his eyes turned lifeless. “After ten more years, if Yuting is still unable to be with me……”
He contemplated and revealed a pained face.
It had been ten years. He waited for too long, until he himself did not know how he passed his ten years. His cultivation was neglected, and he no longer knew whether he could return to his sect. Suddenly, Meng Fanyi seemed to have thought of something.
“If you want something, use your strength to speak.” Qin Tian said, but he was thinking of something else in his heart – After Yun Man’s situation is dealt with, he would need to go to Tianji sect. However, he did not know where Tianji sect is, so it would be good to bring Meng Fanyi along.

From what Qinglian had said to Meng Fanyi, when he knew that he was Tianji sect’s disciple, he secretly thought of bringing him along.

“If it were you, what would you do?” Meng Fanyi asked.
Qin Tian laughed.

If it was him, he would definitely not wait bitterly for ten years. He would use the ten years to train, level up, and become strong enough that even if Jingxin sect master did not agree, he would kill a path to a way and snatch.
Waiting is not even a method.

If the sect master was willing, she would have agreed at that time, why would she even let him wait for ten years?

“If it was me, I would have trained and reach a much higher realm. At that time, even if the sect master was unwilling, she would not have a choice.”

“Brother, strength determines everything. The weak are the prey of the strong, only the strong is revered.” Qin Tian gazed into the sky and spoke.

The only way out is to become strong.

Meng Fanyi’s expression changed. A wave seemed to have formed in his heart. “Strength, to possess strength……”

“Hu……” Meng Fanyi exhaled a long sigh and his eyes turned firm. “Thank you!”

He turned, walked towards the entrance and spoke to the female disciple guarding the entrance, “If you have a chance to speak with fairy Yuting, tell her that I will return.”

The female disciple was stunned and nodded slowly, expressionless. However, she was baffled, did that romantic man that waited for ten years suddenly become enlightened?
After making himself clear, Meng Fanyi walked towards Qin Tian and clasped his fist, “Brother, I shall return to my sect. What you have said woke me up. I now understand why my waiting of ten years was wasted.”
“You want to return to Tianji sect?” Qin Tian asked deliberately.
“ Indeed, back to Tianji sect.” Meng Fanyi replied.
Qin Tian hesitated for a moment before asking, “Would you mind bringing me to Tianji sect? I’ve admired Tianji sect for a long time, always wanting to go, but I do not know of its location.”

“Of course I can. With your strength, you should be able to be chosen as an inner sect disciple in less than a year. From here, it should take around half a month to reach there. Let me help recommend you at that time.” Meng Fanyi said passionately.
Qin Tian clasped his fist. “Thanks.”

After which, he continued, “Still, is it possible for you to wait a few days? I would like to know whether my aunt would be alright first.”

Meng Fanyi laughed openly, “Ten years I had waited before, a few more days would not bother me.”
“Many thanks.”


In the silent darkness.

A dark shadow, standing at the top of a tree, swept her eyes across.

Her hands moved and a hole appeared in the sect protecting formation. The body rushed out.

“Heng!” Liu Xin snorted coldly, “Sleeping so peacefully.”
A sword condensed in her hand. With a flash, a silver light appeared, glowing with killing intent.

Suddenly, Qin Tian let out a sneer before dashing away.

Liu Xin was startled. “Want to run?”

Without thinking, she started a chase. Seeing Qin Tian running away, her killing intent became denser as she revealed her delight. Secretly, she thought, “A rank five spirit refining is only a rank five refining, how can a man from the countryside fight against me? For my hatred to dissipate, you will have to die.”

Liu Xin chased after with great speed. Meng Fanyi opened his eyes and showed an inconceivable expression. “How did Qin Tian calculate that elder Liu Xin will try to kill him.” Then, he followed behind.

In a short period of time, they had gone far away from the sect.

Qin Tian halted at a hill. He stared at Liu Xin and his aura changed, “You are courting death.”

The atmosphere changed. Purple flame aura rose, covering the moonlight, forming into countless swords.

Seeing that, Liu Xin shuddered, feeling as if she had fallen into a trap.

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“Afraid?” Qin Tian sneered. “At that time when you attacked at the entrance of your sect, I truly did not dare to do anything to you. That place was after all the Jingxin sect, with experts as common as the clouds. However, it isn’t the same here. There is no one here around us, and I believe that none will find out if one dies here.

Qin Tian had already guessed that Liu Xin would try to kill him in secret.

In the evening when the saint lotus lady left, Liu Xin’s name turned red and was glowing with a golden light. Qin Tian was excited since she had become a BOSS.

“You!” Liu Xin was angered, and four black lotuses appeared.

Qin Tian laughed coldly, “Rank nine spirit refining realm? What Laozi kills are those!”

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“Seven lore formation, exterminate……”

“Black Lotuses, burst……”

The huge sword formed by numerous swords descended. A purplish black explosion was created, making the night sky restless.


Listening to the huge explosion, Qin Tian laughed, “Instant kill?!”
“Jade rank abilities are just too powerful, haha……”

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