Chapter 117: Parting

In the night, the earth regained its tranquility.

Meng Fanyi was extremely agitated. He walked round and round around Qin Tian, revealing an inconceivable look as he stared. His mouth mumbled out some words which he himself may not even know.
Being stared at closely by someone, what’s more a male, made Qin Tian feel uncomfortable. He thought, “Brother, must you look at me with this kind of expression?”
A rank five spirit refining killing a peak spirit refining in one move.
And that was a great sect, Jingxin sect’s outer sect elder.
Meng Fanyi’s cognition of the cultivation world had been completely overturned. This was simply outrageous, such a heaven-defying person. He started to guess whether Qin Tian was truly a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator. Did he cultivate an ability which could hide his cultivation?
Or else, how could he kill Liu Xin in a move?
“You……” Meng Fanyi was slightly agitated. “ Are you really in the rank five spirit refining realm?”
Qin Tian felt his hair stand, to be stared at by him so closely. If not for him waiting bitterly for ten years for a lady, Qin Tian would definitely question his sexual orientation. Must a man look at another man so passionately until sparks seemed to be forming?
“En.” Qin Tian relayed while taking a small step back.
A while later, Meng Fanyi finally realized there was something wrong with his gaze and retrenched his passionate look. He laughed dryly and said to himself, “Really too powerful, for Liu Xin to be killed in one move, such an evildoer-like existence. I’m afraid that even Liu Shuanghan can’t do that.”
Meng Fanyi, after staying in silence for ten years, was woken up by Qin Tian.
He, from Qin Tian’s boiling blood and desire to become stronger, had gotten the fire inside him burning again.
After many long years, he walked to the Jingxin sect alone…… (The words after shall not be stated for now)
After a tranquil night, the next morning arrives.
The sky was slowly brightening up. A lotus flower, glowing with white light, floated down.
On it sat Qinglian. Her eyes were moist and her mind seemed to be preoccupied. Small water droplets condensed on her black eyelashes. With a blink, a drop of tear fell, rolling down her face. Those who saw would not know whether it was a teardrop or just the dew.

Seeing that she was about to reach the sect entrance, she wiped away the water on her face and revealed a forceful smile, coughing a few times.
Qin Tian knew that it was Qinglian at first glance and ran up towards her.
Qinglian laughed and gently tidied his messy hair. “Aunt is alright.”
Her voice trembled in between her words which she tried her hardest to not let it be found out. Looking at his resolute and steadfast face, she said to herself, “Little Tian has grown up, he can take care of himself.”
Qin Tian felt his heart shudder. He felt that it was not as simple as what Qinglian said, there should be something hidden from him. However, he knew that even if he asked, he would receive no reply. He knew her love for him is beyond anything else.

And he would engrave it into his heart, never forgetting it.
After tidying up his hair, Qinglian spoke, “Sect master has agreed to save Yun Man. However, it may take time for her to recover. The Jingxin sect is a quiet location, the most suitable place to recuperate, hence she hopes Yun Man can remain.”
Qin Tian, without thinking, replied, “Aunt shall make the decision.”
Suddenly, she felt her hand trembled. Her heart was in pain like it had been pierced. Although she was in immense pain, she kept her smile on her face, not wanting Qin Tian to notice.
Sect master agreed to save Yun Man.
And the condition is for her to never meet Qin Tian again, the same for Yun Man. Also, regarding her running away from the sect, it would not be looked into.
If she did not agree, not only would Yun Man not be saved, even Qin Tian would not be able to escape death.
Universe realm, wielding a might far beyond the norms. Without even taking action, by just relying only on her mind, Qin Tian could be eliminated in an instant. With him only in the spirit refining realm, how could he resist?
To Qinglian, not being able to meet him ever again was much more unbearable than dying.
However, to protect him, she was willing.

For the whole night, she felt as if her heart was dripping blood, wishing to shout out her agony.
She pondered for a long period of time before pleading the sect leader to allow her to meet Qin Tian one last time. She was worried, worried that he would do some silly things after being unable to see her.
This was the Jingxin sect, not the Sky Border city. A spirit refining cultivator would not even be able to fight against the sect protecting formation, what’s more storming into the sect.
Qin Tian walked the Dao of killing. Qinglian understood that and was thus worried.
Still, Qin Tian wasn’t mentally disabled, how could he not feel the changes in Qinglian’s aura? Though he did not know what the conditions were, he knew that the conditions were agreed upon to protect him.
Recalling what he conversed with Meng Fanyi the previous day, he let out a bitter laugh inside him.
He may not have power, but he can endure. There will be a day when the dragon shall fly, and the currents of the river flowed backward.
His aura changed and a strong pressure descended.

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The conditions were probably harsh. Still, with Qinglian and Yun Man still able to continue living on, it is already good news to him, “Universe realm sect master, wait for it.”
“Those who touch laozi’s women shall all die.”
Qin Tian swore with his fists tightening.
“Little Tian, do not worry for me. Aunt will take care of herself, and will take care of Yun Man too.” Qinglian felt a change in Qin Tian’s aura and became slightly anxious.
At that instant, Qin Tian frowned and his aura vanished. “Aunt, you too do not need to be worried about me. I will take care of myself. In the future, there will be a day when I get the both of you back, wait for it.”
Qin Tian stared at Qinglian seriously and gently touched the beautiful face of hers. Biting his lips, he turned. “Brother Meng, let’s go……”

The beautiful scene in front of him made him choke with emotions. He rose his head and sighed.
The two men left as Qinglian stared at their figures quietly.
A long while later, she fell onto the ground with both hands covering her face. She was crying.
This may be the last time they would ever meet.

“You’re so manly ah Brother Qin.”
Both of them were journeying quietly. Meng Fanyi felt the depressed aura of Qin Tian, and felt that if it were to erupt, even he might not be able to withstand it. And the aura was something he experienced before ten years ago.
Qin Tian exhaled a long breath. Letting out a cold laugh, he turned around to look at the huge mountain, “Someday, I shall return.”
“Those who dare to stop me shall be left with no hope, never to reincarnate again.”
As he spoke, his depressed aura released a purplish black light. It shot up into the sky, causing a number of explosions to occur.
A deep killing intent was contained within his words,
He roared, “Laozi will do what he says!”

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