Chapter 118: Tianji

The entrance of Tianji sect was crowded like the marketplace.

The way up was filled with an endless stream of people. A limestone stair, built like a dragon, connects the bottom to the mountain peak.

The bustling entrance of it as compared to the tranquil entrance of Jingxin sect was like heaven and earth.
Tianji sect is the strongest sect, a level higher than the Jingxin sect. In the radius of tens of thousands of Li was had dynasties numbering to ten, countless of disciples would come.

Tianji sect’s standard for recruiting outer sect disciples was very strict.

Those without a cultivation of spirit gathering realm would not be accepted. Likewise, those who are above the age of thirty with a cultivation of spirit gathering realm would not be accepted too. Cultivation depends on one’s talent and intelligence. Those with a higher talent would be able to cultivate faster, reaching spirit gathering realm before thirty would not be a problem. As for those who are slow-witted, sects had no reason to spend resources on them.

After a strict screening, the number of disciples remaining wasn’t many.

The next step would be to become an inner disciple. One would need to have a great contribution, have rapid breakthroughs, looked highly upon by an elder, or through accepting tasks, accumulate enough merits and exchange for the qualifications to become an inner disciple.

Tianji sect had a variety of tasks, with countless being released every day. Earning merits may look simple, but is not simple in actual fact. The amount of merits rewarded corresponds to the difficulty of the task. The task which Lin Yan and his team took back then, to kill the millenary undead king, was of great difficulty, worth 3000 merits.
10000 merits are needed to exchange for the qualifications.
In Tianji sect, merits are like it’s currency. It could be used to buy and sell, exchange for spirit tools, or for assigning a task.

In simple terms, merits mean everything.
Among the long line of registrants.
“Your royal highness, it will be us soon, please wait patiently.” A chamberlain-like man clasped his fist and bowed. He spoke with a fearful tone, stuttering every now and then.
“En.” A man wearing a gorgeous garment replied, full of pride. His face hung a trace of disdain. He swept his eyes across the others and sneered. With a kick, the chamberlain-like man flew. After landing heavily onto the ground, he ran up.
The two of them were not yet Tianji sect disciples, so even if they plan to kill each other, no one would appear to stop them.
The gorgeous garment man was actually establishing his dominance when he gave out a kick. Among the crowd here, a spirit refining realm cultivator is undoubtedly a very powerful existence.
Spirit refining expert!”
Someone in the crowd shouted, causing the people in the line to get excited.

“He is Real Dragon dynasty’s thirteenth prince Yu Sheng, cultivating the Long Qi secret arts. A few years ago, he had broken through to the spirit refining realm. Truly, he is Real Dragon dynasty’s once every hundred years genius.
“Even the prince wants to enter the Tianji sect, seems like we haven’t gone to the wrong location.”
“Haha……this is the Tianji sect, a great sect, number one among the other sects. Rumours have it that Long Xiaotian had reached the peak of universe realm, a step away from the absolute realm.
The crowd conversed as they walk closer to the Tianji sect.
Qin Tian and Meng Fanyi were squeezed among the line.
“Brother Qin, with your ability, you would be able to become an inner disciple within a month. At that time, I estimate that the sect leader will see it with his own eyes.” Meng Fanyi was already an inner disciple, hence not needed to queue up. He queued only because he wanted to accompany Qin Tian.
A rank five spirit refining realm cultivator killing a rank nine spirit refining realm cultivator in a move. Not wanting to attract attention would be hard.

In Tianji sect, strength is the king. The stronger you are, the more resources you would get. An outer disciple would be able to redeem a bottle Dan to purifying one’s marrow, a low-grade Dan for consolidating one’s constitution. However, an inner disciple could redeem a high-grade Dan, and maybe even a jade rank ability if recognized by an elder. Such situations are normal.

Qin Tian laughed and did not reply.

He came to the Tianji sect with the motive of killing Long Xiaotian.

Every time he sees Cang Tianji’s spatial ring that was full of treasures, his heart would throb. SSS rank task. Although the rewards may be bountiful, the risks may be beyond his imagination.

Killing Long Xiaotian would not be simple. Viewing the Tianyuan continent as a whole, the number of universe realm experts are not many. Killing him won’t be easy.

This was a reason why he came to Tianji sect.
If doing in the light is not possible, then try the dark. If doing in the dark is not possible, then scheme.

All in all, he needed to enter Tianji sect, become an inner disciple as fast as possible, performs well in front of Long Xiaotian and gains his trust.

The other reason is that Tianji sect is filled with tasks. There would be many for killing demons, monsters, and may even have some records of other devil lands. These would benefit his level upping greatly.
Kunlun mountain range and impendence mountain range’s low-rank monsters are no longer able to satisfy his requirements to level up. Also, only a few rank five monsters could be found there, unable to satisfy his thirst.

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The entrance to the devil region had already been destroyed, if he wants to level up, he would have to find other unique places. Tianyuan continent existed many spatial worlds, left behind from the ancient era. The worlds were full of different types of creatures, and are extremely dangerous.

As for Qin Tian, what he needed were those spatial worlds. One usage of the ‘Sky Piercing Lightning art’, he would be able to gain millions of experience points.

On their journey to Tianji sect, he had from Meng Fanyi’s introduction gain some understanding of the tasks, which includes entering spatial worlds.


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An old cultivator shouted, seemingly annoyed.

“Your royal highness, it is your turn.” The chamberlain-like man bowed and said, ignoring the pain on him.

Yu Sheng exhaled a breath. Revealing a faint smile, he entered.

Not long after, a shout traveled out, “Rank three spirit refining realm, Heaven gate.”

“Rank three spirit refining realm?”

“Indeed powerful. I’m afraid that he might be the strongest among us all.”

“Heaven gate?!” Meng Fanyi was stunned. “A rank three spirit refining realm cultivator could enter the Heaven gate?”

Outer disciples were split into four groups- Heaven, Earth, Jade, River.
Heaven refers to the best while River refers to the worst. Heaven gate disciples are outer sect disciples that are key figures to be developed. They have a separate courtyard and could redeem better Dans.

Soon after, it was Qin Tian’s turn.
Meng Fanyi walked away from the line and said, “Since a rank three spirit refining cultivator could enter the Heaven gate, then Brother Qin would definitely enter it too.”
Qin Tian laughed and entered.
An old man was sitting in the middle with two green robed disciples by the side. The aura of a spirit refining cultivator could be felt on him.
After a simple introduction of themselves, the old man got Qin Tian to move towards the on a stone pillar. “Release all your Qigong.”

“All?” Qin Tian frowned and thought, “All of it would be 200 000 Qigong value, which is equivalent to a rank nine spirit refining realm’s Qigong cultivation ah.”
“Say less nonsense and follow the elder’s instructions.” A green-robed disciple snorted.
Qin Tian gave him a glance and walked up. With his right hand on the stone pillar, he released his Qigong and it reacted. A faint glow appeared and became increasingly stronger. Only until there was a bright light did Qin Tian kept his Qigong. “Is this alright?”
The trio stared at Qin Tian with their mouths wide open as if looking at a Monster.
“Qigong cultivation of rank six, you……your cultivation is only rank five spirit refining, unless…your Qigong cultivation exceeded your martial cultivation?” The elder stood up suddenly and looked at Qin Tian inconceivably.
Qigong cultivation exceeding martial cultivation, such cases are alimony impossible to find.
Qigong is the source of cultivation. Precious treasures and abilities all needed Qigong to activate. The denser the Qigong, the higher one’s strength would rise.
Qin Tian said inwardly, “Isn’t it only a denser Qigong? Why so shock?
And this wasn’t all of his Qigong. If all of them were released, would it scare them to death?
Seeing their shocked state, Qin Tian felt refreshed.

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