Chapter 163 – You Are Looking To Die…

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But the snake spirit treasure was too quick, it injured Huan Qing Yan’s arm causing it to bleed badly.

That strike could have killed the both of them!

“Didn’t we agree to exchange the recipe for my brother’s life?” Huan Qing Yan shouted.

“Release? This daddy had received orders to kill you after obtaining the recipe, we never intended to let anyone live! If you weren’t here, we would have crippled your brother before using him as a chip to exchange for the recipe. When you meet us for the exchange, we will silence the both of you together…”

Huan Qing Yan’s brain was working overtime, she needs to find a solution out of this situation!

Worst comes to worst, she would jump into the river with her brother and they would escape into the dimension.

However, as she had not tried bringing someone else into the dimension before, she could not help but hesitate and hoped to use another method.

“You are quite a good-looking lass, if not for the urgent situation, this daddy would have spent some good quality time with you first. If this daddy recorded our ‘fun time’ and submitted this recording to the job giver, I am sure I would be rewarded with more spirit stones, what a shame! Consider yourself lucky, quickly die so that you can quickly go reincarnate…” The gaze Plague Chicken used while looking at the two siblings felt as though he was looking at corpses.

The snake spirit treasure once again head towards Huan Qing Yan, the pig spirit treasure within her wrist could no longer stay still. It appeared without Huan Qing Yan’s summons…

Plague Chicken was not surprise at its appearance, it was likely that he had received information about Huan Qing Yan beforehand.

Rather, when he saw a pig spirit treasure, he could not contain himself and laughed out loud, “Why bother showing such a disgraceful spirit treasure.”

After speaking, his snake spirit treasure dashed towards them like a bullet.

A spirit treasure was intimately connected to its owner, the owner could control their spirit treasure with the same level of precision as though they were controlling a third hand.

Although Huan Qing Yan’s pig spirit treasure only had three stars, it did not display any weakness; with a push of its legs, it dashed forward.

“Overrating yourself!” Plague Chicken said in disdain.

The snake spirit treasure bit the body of the pig spirit treasure. However, not only did the pig spirit treasure remain composed, it returned a bite at the snake spirit treasure.

A tearing sound was heard before Plague Chicken felt a rush of weakness…

‘What happened?’

Plague Chicken was surprised to discover that his snake spirit treasure was gravely injured, the five stars above its head had been reduced to four!

Plague Chicken rubbed his eyes, his eyes were not playing tricks, it was really reduced!

‘Why did this happen?’

An ominous feeling began to well up in his heart.

As a Five Star Spirit Master, Plague Chicken naturally had his fair share of combat experience. He managed to contain the bad feeling and shouted, “Venom Splash!”

He personally ran towards Huan Qing Yan.

His snake spirit treasure lifted its head and hissed loudly and a lump of crystal clear venom shot out from its mouth.

The pig spirit treasure continued to stand its ground and used the opportunity to attack with another bite.

The venom splashed onto the pig spirit’s body but there was no reaction.

The snake spirit on the other hand, trembled as another star above its head disappeared, it now had only three stars!

When the number of stars decrease, it meant the rank decreased. When the rank decreased, its power would naturally decrease too.

After receiving two bites, the snake spirit seemed to have shriveled.

Along with its condition, its owner Plague Chicken was also greatly affected. His body that was running towards Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably paused for a moment before he could reach her.

Huan Qing Yan, who was originally preparing to evade with Huan Xing Han in her arms, was delighted at the change of events. She moved a hand behind her back and secretly summoned a pickaxe from the dimension before she viciously hacked down with it.

Plague Chicken had been overconfident about his spirit treasure’s technique, so he did not prepare himself for a counterattack.

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With no time to evade, his body was struck by Huan Qing Yan’s pickaxe, causing blood to flow instantly.

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