Chapter 69: Changing your mind all of sudden is conversely troublesome.

Changing your mind all of sudden is conversely troublesome.


Back to the usual mornings where I go to school lacking sleep.

Sitting alone on her desk while inside the morning class, Saya hazily gazed at the window.


“Did something happen to you, Saya? You were staring at the window for a while now.”

“Not really. It just feels strange how we’re able to spend these normal days despite all what happened yesterday.”


Saying that, Saya looked around the class.

There was the usual lively spectacle. Friends talking about different topics, students who hurriedly do the homework they need to hand over today and those who are waiting for the class to start while reading a book.

Even though all those things happened yesterday, we were able to spend the next day normally at school.

Saya seems to find that strange.


“Well, I think I get what you’re trying to say. Though I already got used to it.”


I mean, I spent the last year dealing with troublesome people, of course I’d get used to it.

Terrorists, monsters spawning randomly, angels and dragons. The more I go back in time, I lose count on how many times I went through those situations.

I closed my eyes, recalling all the events I experienced until now.


“I-Is that so. That must have been tough……”

“Yeah, it was.”


Giving her a random follow in response, I stopped recalling the past.


After Lina came back yesterday, we got pretty busy. Since I was out of magic I couldn’t go back home.

When I asked Lina to share some with me, she refused for some reason.


“I-I can’t do that in front of someone else!”


According to what she said, transferring magic is a complicated task and can’t be done unless both sides are glued to each other.

That’s why she intensely refused, fearing that she won’t be able to bear the shame of hugging me in public.

Watching her refusing with all her might, I decided to stop asking.


“Lina-chan has her cute sides too.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all if it was me though.”


Recalling Lina’s flustered altitude yesterday, Saya smiled.

I don’t think I would have refused if I was in her place. It was a state of emergency and all.

Well, despite all that rejections, I ended up making her accept sharing her magic with me only by holding hands.

Though the efficiency was awfully weak and it took an unnecessarily long time in order to replenish a sufficient amount.


“Come to think of it. Was Akuya-kun okay after that?”


All of a sudden, Saya asked me an unexpected question.


“He should be fine. I mean, he changed and all.”


When I brought that gloomy guy with Germa to the other building, I completely forgot to send him off somewhere before fainting.

I only remembered him after waking up, resulting in Saya, Lina and I watching, and staring at him when he woke up.


“Sayaka… chan?”


His first word was Sayaka.

Normally, he should say something like “where am I?” or “what was I doing here again?”.

Saya’s reaction was the same though. She hid behind me then Lina and I started thinking of a way to menace him until his next conduct left us dumbfounded.


“I was taken aback when I saw that.”

“I know.”


Recalling that moment, a bitter smile reached both of our faces.


“I am very sorry!!”


He apologized.

Not just a simple apology, but he said that while kneeling down on the ground and rubbing his head against it.

All of us there was not anticipating something like that to happen, so we didn’t know how we should react.

When I asked him why he was apologizing, he answered me with his head still fixed on the ground.


“I did something very bad to Sayaka-chan. Thinking about it now, I knew all the time that she hated me because of what I did, but I didn’t consider apologizing at all. This was the best way to ask for your forgiveness that I thought of.”


Honestly, I doubted my ears when I heard his excuse.

Just how could someone as mad and gloomy as him say something like that.

I couldn’t believe him at first, but I asked him to raise his face at least and when he did, all of us were dumbfounded furthermore.

That gloomy impression he used to emit from his face had completely disappeared almost as if he was purified and he turned into a fresh, serious young man.


“””Just who are you!!”””


All of us shouted at the same time.

From a dark and depressed expression to a serious and cheerful one. How could a drastic change like this happen? I can’t call him the gloomy guy now.

Maybe the cheerful guy?

I tried pondering about the reason behind that change and came up with one possibility.

It was the 【Shining heart】I used to drive out Germa from his body. It’s a skill that purifies any evil emotions in a person’s heart.

Because of that, even the gloomy guy ended up getting his heart purified.

After we tried contemplating a way to get ourselves out of that situation, we decided to teleport him somewhere for the time being, but…


“I’m not expecting you to forgive with just this apology. That’s why, from now on, I won’t get close to you as a way to recompense for my sin. I have already made my resolve. I shall from now one live for the sake of other people. That’s why I’m planning to join the local volunteer society and work to make the world a better place. So please Sayaka-chan, do your best too and keep living…”


I could feel his enthusiasm.

Fortunately, I teleported him somewhere else in the middle of his zealous speech, because if I didn’t, he would have continued to talk forever.

I’m happy that he changed his mind, but when it comes to this level it becomes troublesome.


“I wonder what is he doing now.”

“Who knows. Maybe he’s working for some volunteer somewhere now.”


I replied with a different tone.

I don’t care about what he’s doing now. If he really changed his mind, then Saya should be safe from him.

That was the only good outcome.


“Lina-chan is pretty late. Did something happen to her perhaps?”


Saya said as she moved her sight to the seat next to me.

Come to think of it, she still didn’t come.


“I don’t know. Maybe she’s taking a break today. Oh! That means I can finally sleep during class—”

“Not gonna happen!”


Pleased with the fact that Lina didn’t attend, I heard a familiar voice behind me.

Turning around, I saw Lina standing with a smile on her face while folding her arms.


“G-Good morning, Lina.”

“Morning. So what did say just now?”

“N-Nothing at all.”


Even though she was smiling, I knew that behind that smile a different emotion was hiding so I just went back to my seat without making any unnecessary objections.

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Saya who saw my reaction started quietly laughing.

I didn’t know she was behind me.

Did she do that on purpose?

The timing was too good that I began doubting her


“Let’s do our best today too, Kamiya Yato”

“… yeah.”


Facing her pressing ambiance, I stopped thinking any further.

Thus I ended up spending every lesson that day without sleeping.

Just as usual.




Lunch break, when the three of us were eating and chattering, Saya asked Lina an abrupt question.

Only allowed on


“Ah, yeah.”

“What does the house of an angel looks like?”

“Ah, I’m curious to know that as well.”


I followed Saya’s question.

I would be lying if I said I’m not interested in the place where Lina used to live in.

Maybe it’s something extraordinary.

Lina showed a slightly troubled smile after getting asked.


“I feel bad for you raising your hopes, but it’s just a normal house.”

“Hee, is that so?”

“Do you want to come over?”

“Eh, is it fine?!”


Saya seemed exceedingly happy by Lina’s invitation.

Lina’s place, huh. I want to go there too.


“Can I come over too?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Alright then, let’s go after school ends today.”


Getting her acknowledgment, we decided to go to Lina’s house.

Visiting an angel’s house.





Kamiya’s contest


“Did you hear about it?”

“About what?”

“Kamiya is finally calling Kamaishi with her first name!”

“What?! Does that mean that they finally started to…”

“No, apparently, not yet. The girls asked her just now and her reaction was negative.”

“I see. But at least they made progress.”

“Yeah, she seems to be calling him by his name too, so I guess that makes her the leader of Kamiya’s contest now.”

“I hope she wins.”

“I know right.”


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