Chapter 68: You’re mad after all.

You’re mad after all.


I wonder how long I was sleeping.

Opening my eyes, I felt something soft under my head. At the same time, My eyes met with Kamaishi’s who was looking down at me.


“W-Welcome back, Kamiya-kun.”

“Ah, thanks, Kamaishi-san.”


When our eyes met, Kamaishi greeted me somehow, awkwardly.

For some reason, her face turned bright red and she averted her eyes from me. I wonder why.

I greeted her back and turned over to realize that the soft thing under my head was her lap.

I didn’t notice it since I just woke up, but apparently, Kamaishi was giving me a lap pillow.

Who knew that the day when Kamaishi would give me a lap pillow would come.

Without any particular purpose, I ran my hand through her lap.

I wonder why I feel like I already went through a similar situation.


“Um, Kamiya-kun. You are tickling me…”


Smiling at me with a troubled expression, Kamaishi asked me to stop.

I forgot that I kept rubbing her lap as I got lost in thoughts.


“Sorry, I will stand up.”

“Ah, no, it’s fine. You’re tired, aren’t you? You can stay like this if you want.”


When I was about to stand up, Kamaishi stopped me as she lightly pressed my head.

Accepting her kind offer, I decided to stay laying down on her lap for a bit longer.


“Where’s Lina by the way?”

“Lina-chan went to hand over that fallen god.”


Answering my casual question, Kamaishi made a worried face.


“Kamiya-kun. About what I was talking about before you fainted, I heard everything. Although, I don’t remember you doing anything of what I heard.”


I kept quiet for a moment after listening to what she said.

So she heard everything from Lina.

Well, I don’t think anything bad would happen if she knew about it, so it’s fine. I always thought that it won’t be a big deal if Kamaishi discovered the truth anyway. The reason that she doesn’t remember the fight is because I erased her memories of it.


“I see…”

“Yes, and when I knew that you did all of those dangerous things, I became really worried… so—”


Leaving a short moment of silence, she continued.

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“Don’t try doing the impossible. I won’t ask you to not do it ever again, but at least, please, don’t die. You can ask me for advice anytime you want. Just don’t die, please.”


I couldn’t see her face from this angle, however, I could tell that it was brimming with sorrow just from hearing her frail voice.

The hand she was placing in my head was faintly shaking and her voice was trembling.

Looks like I caused her to worry more than what I thought.

Hearing her words until the end, I raised my hands as if I gave up and said.


“I understand. I promise you, I won’t try doing the impossible and I shall ask you for advice whenever I get the chance. So please, stop saying something like that with that sorrowful face.”


Like this, Kamaishi answered with a cheerful “yes.”

Good grief, It looks like I’m no match for her.

I wonder why I can’t argue with her any further.

She could be one of the strongest enemies I met in a certain meaning.

I prefer fighting 10 people like Germa at the same time instead of making her sad.

Thinking about random stuff while using her lap as a pillow, this time, Kamaishi changed her voice tone and addressed.


“By the way, you kept quiet about your abilities only from me, didn’t you? Even though Lina-chan and Karen-chan knew about.”


Unlike the sorrowful ambiance she was giving off just now, this time around it was pressing mood.

Hm, what’s this feeling?


“Well, Lina was originally from that side, and Karen discovered it only by coincidence.”

“But you still kept it a secret from me, didn’t you?”


Ignoring my excuse, Kamaishi asked me the same question. Almost as if she was implying that I didn’t have the right to explain myself.

As I thought, she’s pressing me for an answer.

Hmm? Could it be that she’s……


“Are you mad?”

“Not really.”


When I turned my face to look at her, she answered me and turned to look in a different direction.

You’re mad after all.

I found her angry attitude kinda cute, but since it wasn’t the perfect timing to comment about it, I

kept quiet.

For now, let’s keep making excuses.


“It’s not like I kept a secret only from you. I wasn’t intending to tell Karen either. Even at the time when Kren knew about it, I started thinking that it would be fine to tell you as well. It’s just that I Couldn’t find a good timing and necessity to do it. It’s not like I didn’t want to tell you.”

“Then why did you tell me now? You could’ve just erased my memory with all those people.”


Her face still looking at the other side, she added another question.


“I told you, the timing was good, so I thought it would be fine to let you know. And if I was to erase your memory of what happened, you will suddenly find yourself standing on the roof of a random building, which would unexplainable and confusing.”


Fixing my eyes on her face, I continued.


“So can you cheer up…?”

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I checked Kamaishi’s expression.

Honestly, I’m out of excuses.

Fortunately, my last excuse was acceptable and Kamaishi turned back to look at me and make a condition.”


“I-if you do what I tell you, I can forgive you.”

“What could it be?”

She averted her eyes and her cheeks changed to faint red color as she seemed to have a difficult time saying something.

Just what is she going to ask?

Feeling a bit worried about what she would say, I waited until she spoke again.


“From now on, I want you to call me Saya. I will call you Yato as well.”


Hearing her request, I couldn’t hide my surprised expression.

I thought she was going to ask something on another level.


“Now that you said that, I never called you by your first name.”

“Yes, that’s why I’d like you to do that from now on. Is it no good?”


Kamaishi waited for my answer with nervous eyes.

I didn’t have any reason to refuse.

If Kamaishi wants me to call her that way, then why not?


“I get it. I shall call you Saya from now on.”

“Yes! I will call you Yato-kun from now on too.”


Thus, with smiles on our faces, we promised to call each other by our first names.

It felt kinda embarrassing at first to do that, though it wasn’t a bad experience.

Probably thinking about the same thing as me, Saya’s face became faintly red.

We only have to get used to it.

After that, we had a fun time calling each other with our first name until Lina came back.

Somehow I feel like the distance between us had considerably shortened at that time.





I won’t help you.


“Yato-kun, why do you have all those abilities?”

“In the past, My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me, and I ended up obtaining these abilities.”

“And what happened to your classmates?”

“Who knows. They’re probably still in that world.”

“You’re not going to save them?”

“I don’t know the name of the world and I don’t want to go there anyway. So it can’t be helped.”

“So if you get the name of that world, will you go?”

“Absolutely not!”

“As I thought.”


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