Chapter 67: It was just an accident with no ulterior motive.

It was just an accident with no ulterior motive


My father was a police officer.

He used to protect the safety of the citizens and was kind to everyone in his surroundings.

His co-workers and the citizens themselves trusted him deeply.

He had some clumsy sides as well, but for me, my father was my aspiration.

However, one day and all of a sudden, he disappeared.

After he went to his work in the morning like usual, he never came back again.

Once his acquaintances knew about that fact, they all started to frantically look for him.

His co-workers and the people he looked after in the past went all together to search for him, but in the end, the result was still the same.

Because of that, my mom sorrowed intensely.

Probably because I was there, she always cried alone in her room.

But she eventually got over it and decided to continue living together with me.

My father is still missing until now.

Nobody knows where he disappeared, but somehow, I still think that he’s alive.


(I wonder why I feel as if my father is still alive somewhere…)


Although I don’t have any proof.

Thinking about that, I casually recalled something that happened to me in the past.


(Yeah, that did happen…)


I don’t remember when it happened exactly.

One day, I had an urge to go to a shop where my mom and I used to frequent together.

At that time, I decided to go there alone without telling my mom, thinking that I already know the way.

Of course, there was no way I’d remember the path to the shop and became lost.

I choose to go back from the same way I came from, but I couldn’t make it at all. Feelings of unease and loneliness gradually accumulated.

Nobody was around and I had no idea about where I was.

The sky became darker than usual and I kept walking down the same path, alone.


“Mom, Dad, where am I…”


I called my parents with a frail voice.

Rubbing my teary eyes, I continued to walk the strange path, inside the strange scenery. At that time only the fact that I’m alone in an unknown place was frightening.

At the moment when I was about to give up and halt my steps—


“Found you”


My father found me.



“Are you okay, Sayaka? Did you get hurt anywhere?”


Not getting mad at me leaving the house alone, My father gently brushed the crown of my head.

I probably made him run around for a long time.

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His forehead didn’t stop flowing from sweat.

Receiving his tender words, all the feelings I was pressing inside me got unchained, making me shed all the tears I was blocking in my eyes.


“It’s okay now, I’m with you.”


Gently hugging me close to him, he whispered in my ears.

I could feel his warmth and consideration for me at that time.

After I cried for a little longer and then stopped, we held hands and went back home.

When we returned home I was scolded by my mom, though those were good memories in themselves.


(I miss those days…)


Closing my eyes, I remained to recall the good old days.

At that time, it wasn’t only my father who went to look for me. The neighbors did also run around the town, so I had to go apologize to them later. I was kinda happy knowing that everyone was worried about me.

Opening my eyes, Kamiya-kun’s sleeping face entered my vision leading me to think about something else.


(Somehow, I think Kamiya-kun and my father are kind of similar…)


Not on the scale of the face or personality, but in the ambiance they give off and the way they help people out.

Despite looking lazy all the time, he still saved me numerous times.

That’s why I found myself comparing him to my father.

Even the other day, when I met with Akuya-kun for the first time in a while and he came to help me out.


“Don’t worry, I’m here with you.”


The way he told me that while smiling overlaid with the figure of my father saying the same thing.

It felt almost as if I was supported by both Kamiya-kun and my father at the same time.


(I’m getting saved all the time here…)


I felt slightly tired of myself that’s getting saved all the time, but for now, I can’t think of any way to directly save Kamiya-kun.

That can’t be helped, but I feel that there’s something that even I can do.

Even though that something wouldn’t help him in a direct way, I’d still do my best.


“Thank you, Kamiya-kun.”


I softly whispered to the sleeping Kamiya-kun.

For now, that is all that I can say. However, once the day where I will become able to help him comes, I’d definitely save him.

And once I make up my resolve I will tell him about it.

About how I feel.


“N, nn……”


Getting disturbed by my whisper, Kamiya-kun slightly moved.

Startled by that sudden move, I stiffened in my position, with my face close to him.

That’s probably the reason.

The reason that made the unexplainable accident that was about to happen, unavoidable.

As he kept stirring restlessly, his lips touched with mine.




I got thunderstruck for a moment after that, but immediately raised my face that has turned bright red.

I was about to scream at that point, but I barely restrained my voice to not wake him up, resulting in a weird sound leaving my mouth.


(Eh? D-Did we just K-K-Kiss?!)


My body started heating up from the unimaginable development.

I felt almost as if my head started emitting vapor and I lost my power to think clearly.

There was no possible way I’d be able to think decently in such a situation.

My eyes began turning round and round.


(E, No, w-wait, w-what should I do?!! I didn’t expect things to turn out like this! I-It’s not like I didn’t like it, but, no, I’m actually happy about it, I did it, but… But, I prefer if we did that after knowing about each other, w-we’re not even dating. A-Also, there must be a better situation than this… Just, what am I talking about!!?)


I covered my face with my hands and shook my head left and right.

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I didn’t have an idea about what I was thinking about, but one single thing was clear for me.

I kissed Kamiya-kun, accidentally.

That truth was enough to make me lose my sense.

Remaining in the anguish of the embarrassment and my own wild delusions, I waited for Kamiya-kun to wake up.


(Let’s keep this a secret.)


That was the only decision I came up with while suffering alone.






I didn’t do anything.


“By the way, Saya-dono, did something happen while I was away?”

“Eh? what, why?”

“Ah, no, it’s just that although he’s unconscious, you never know what might happen. You sure nothing happened?”

“Eh?…… N-O-T-H-I-N-G …”

“Why are you talking in monotone? Did something actually happen? Ha!! Did he do something to you?”

“He didn’t do anything!! Rather it’s…”

“So something did really happen!”

“Please, stop asking that…”

“No, but…”

“If you asked me again, I won’t forgive you…”

“I get it. I won’t ask you again. So stop looking at me with those scary eyes.”


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