Chapter 154 – Already Crippled

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“No, the capital is under strict management due to the murders linked to the Greater Demon, so every individual must have their identity verified and that too by using the entry permit issued to you when you first entered this city. Without that permit, you will be denied from leaving the city and also be arrested for investigation.”

When the two elderly brothers saw that they could not easily exit the city, they quickly turned around and left to search for the permit.

It was Rat Eye Ding’s turn now and he was currently at a state of extreme anxiety. He tightly clutched the permit in his hand, “It’s this lowly one’s turn, this is this one’s permit, please check sir.”

At the same time, the bamboo basket behind him shook slightly.

To avoid others from noticing the anomaly on his back, Rat Eye Ding had been constantly shifting his shoulders while displaying a carefree attitude.

The guard was a person who disliked this type of individuals, after the guard had checked the permit, he used a disgusted tone and replied, “Ok, it has been checked, now scram! Don’t cause a delay for the people behind you.”

Rat Eye Ding immediately nodded in reply and left the gate.

Once outside, Rat Eye Ding ran and headed straight towards the meeting place…


When Huan Qing Yan returned to the Trade Street, the street was no longer packed with people.

Madam Huan was seated within a sedan at the roadside crying while saying, “Xing Han, my dear Xing Han. It is mother’s fault, if mother knew that this would happen, I would not have brought you out. Xing Han… if something is to happen to you, how can your mother explain to your father when I meet him! How do I face the ancestors of the Huan Clan*.”
(Cuppa: In Chinese Tradition, after a daughter was married off, she would become a member of her husband’s clan. Therefore, after she passed away, she would ‘live’ with her husband and ancestors of the clan in hell.)

When Huan Qing Yan approached her, Madam Huan felt that the savior had arrived.

“Little Yan! Little Yan, you are fine? Did you really get kidnapped by someone? My Little Yan, it is good that you are fine…”

“I am fine.”

Madam Huan quickly held onto Huan Qing Yan’s hand, “It is good that you are fine. Your brother has been taken, you must think of something to save your brother.”

“Mama please rest assured, I will surely save Xing Han! However, I need you to recall everything in detail. When you were carrying Xing Han, who was the one that pushed you, did you notice any special traits or individuals?”

Huan Qing Yan needed to ask this as the current situation was very different from when Xing Han was taken during the previous life.

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Therefore, she was unable to determine where the current Xing Han was taken to…

In the previous life, the people who took Xing Han were targeting their family’s Aged Soup. Those people assumed that the secret recipe was likely passed on to the son after Huan Bei Ming passed away, so they took him and interrogated him…

But he was still young and knew nothing about it.

After that, the Huan Estate managed to find the secret recipe and planned to use it to exchange for Huan Xing Han. However, Huan Qing Yan of the previous life was unwilling to exchange the recipe for a useless little brother as she wanted to use the recipe to improve her position within Ninth Prince’s heart.

When the kidnappers could not get anything, they gave Huan Xing Han a terrible beating in anger.

When Huan Qing Yan finally managed to get the Ninth Prince to save Huan Xing Han, his leg was already crippled.

When reincarnated girl recalled that memory, her negative emotions of sorrow and repression began to affect Huan Qing Yan’s judgement again.

Huan Qing Yan angrily said, “That’s enough! I will save him.”

The reincarnated girl backed off.

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On the other side, Madam Huan was doing her best to recall. However, the more she tried to recall, the more she despaired and began to cry, “Little Yan, there were too many people then. Mother really could not remember who pushed me, neither was I able to remember who carried Xing Han away during the commotion nor did I hear Xing Han cry. Mother is useless, if something bad were to befall Xing Han, mother would not want to live any longer…”

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