Chapter 153 – Rat Eyes Ding

After going back and forth from the scene of the incident, she would have already been taken to god knows where! In addition, after she slimmed down, she had not met many neighbors, how could one recognize her?

“Where’s my mother?” Huan Qing Yan’s instincts were telling her that it was not good.

Lou Qiao told her what had happened.

“What? Xing Han is missing?” Huan Qing Yan’s eyelids twitched, the tone of her voice also got higher.

Huan Qing Yan felt a chill running down her spine.

This is an interlocked stratagem!

Their real purpose was to kidnap Huan Xing Han.

In the previous life, Huan Xing Han was kidnapped when he was visiting the Lantern Festival with Huan Meng Yue, in the end one of his legs was crippled…

In this life, despite her doing everything she could to avoid it, a kidnapping happened again!

Without a doubt, this must be related to Huan Meng Yue, she noticed that Huan Meng Yue had not taken any action ever since she exposed her during the selection exam. She was waiting for this opportunity…

“Lou Qiao, quickly bring me to where Xing Han went missing.”

The young Feather Guard said, “Lady Huan, let’s return to the Aged Consulate and seek the Young Master’s advice first.”

“No need. We cannot delay for even a second. Little Feather, please help me notify Young Master Ya that I would like to take a day off today.”

After Huan Qing Yan spoke, she broke into a jog and left with Lou Qiao.

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Due to the increasing crowd, a queue was developed at the inspection gate leading out of the city.

The queue was so long that the end could not be seen from the gate.

Most of the people queuing were rough men who lived in the mountains along the outskirts of the city territory. Their attires were simple with most of them carrying a large bamboo basket on their backs.

Their bamboo baskets were mostly filled to the brim.

When they entered the city, they were carrying a month’s worth of goods that they painstakingly accumulated, these goods were either items unique to the mountain, spirit food ingredients etc.  

Now at the time of return, the bamboo baskets were filled with daily necessities.

Within the crowd was a shady-looking man with rat-like eyes, on his back was also one of these bamboo baskets, on the top of the basket was a thick layer of hay.

When he was about to reach the gate inspection station, movement could be felt coming from the bamboo basket. It caused the shady-looking man to jump in shock, his heart nearly jumped out while his limbs began to tremble.

This man lived in a mountain village called Coarse Fur Village, his name was called Ding Xiao Cheng. He mostly spent his days lazing around doing nothing, living as a bully within the village, the villagers also referred him as Rat Eyes Ding.

He also visited the city today, however there were only a couple of items within the bamboo basket he carried. He only visited the city for leisure, so his returns at the end of the day were also minimal. Yet, unexpectedly, before he was to leave the city, he chanced upon a heaven-sent incident.

Someone tasked him to carry an unconscious kid out of the city safely and he would earn ten silvers for doing so, he naturally happily agreed to it.

He also understood that he was performing human trafficking, seeing that this kid was wearing luxurious clothes, the kid was likely the target of a kidnap. If discovered, he would surely be spending his days in prison. However, under the allure of profits, he decided to take the risk.

Now, the kid, who was supposed to be unconscious, had suddenly begun to move.

He was now near the city gate with a couple more people queuing in front of him, his pair of rat eyes trembled as he felt his palms began to sweat.

“Show me your city exit permit.” The guard upfront instructed the two men in front of him.

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They were a pair of elder looking men who seemed to be brothers as they looked alike.

“We only have one permit as we dropped the other one due to the pushing within the crowd, can you let us out, we were only here to sell our mountain goods.”

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