Chapter 152 – Interlocked Stratagem

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“Young Master, this is Mo Si, I have properly completed the task you assigned to me! Mo Si is now on the way back to Hanging Cloud Empire, I was worried that Young Master is anxious for an update, so I sent this spirit crane in advance. There’s an anomaly in Lady Huan’s blood! However, it is not related to demons. Rather, they detected the presence of an ancient bloodline… Mo Si will report the details to you when I return as the spirit crane has limited capacity…”

Ji Mo Ya went into deep thought.

An ancient bloodline?

Mo Wu looked like he was stopping himself from speaking, thus Ji Mo Ya asked, “What is it? Speak.”

“After following her in secret over the past few days without her discovering, this subordinate thinks that it is impossible for Lady Huan to be possessed by a demon. Different from what we expected, there were no new cases after we let her move freely, in addition, if she is possessed, she would have handle things prudently and not perform rash acts like beating up Princess Cang Xia today. Instead, the demon would have dug her heart out in secret. After all, that Greater Demon had already killed several spirit masters…”

Ji Mo Ya replied, “You can stop following her for the mean time.”

Mo Wu was surprised for a second, his Young Master had always been persistent with his views but this time he changed his mind so easily?

That was when he thought that his Young Master might have already made this decision before today. The Young Master should have already known what type of person Lady Huan was, after interacting with her over this period.

In fact, his thoughts regarding this matter might already be not firm, and all he was waiting for was an excuse to do so.

Ji Mo Ya called out towards the door, “Servants, prepare me a change of clothes.”

“Young Master, are you planning to go out?” Mo Wu got nosy and asked since the Young Master seemed to be in a pleasant mood.

“I am making a trip to the palace. There is a need to discuss with the emperor about the law and order within his capital. It makes one worry when an empire’s ability to maintain law and order is so poor.” Ji Mo Ya gracefully smiled as he replied.

Mo Wu was flabbergasted…

The Young Master was definitely in a good mood!


Huan Qing Yan only just found out that today was Mountain Goods Day.

The young Feather Guard also no longer dare leave Huan Qing Yan’s side. After they decided not to buy ingredients today, he stuck close to her, keeping her guarded throughout the return trip to the Aged Consulate.

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“Little Feather, why are you pulling such a long face? Even I, the kidnapped, isn’t as nervous as you are now. Just relax, this is really not your fault, they are specifically targeting me and would have taken action one way or another. Look at me now, am I not alive and well?” Huan Qing Yan tried to cheer him up.

“I have neglected my duty, I will seek punishment when I return.” The young Feather Guard was very remorseful.

“Please don’t. It really has nothing to do with you.”

When the duo reached the street where the Aged Consulate was at, a voice filled with surprise was heard, “Young Mistress! Young Mistress! You are fine?”

“Lou Qiao?” Huan Qing Yan turned around.

Yes, it was Luo Qiao.

Luo Qiao’s eyes were red as she ran towards her, “Young Mistress, who is the idiot who dares to accuse you to be a runaway concubine? It is fortunate that Young Mistress is fine…”

Huan Qing Yan smiled and consoled her, “I am fine. You got the news pretty quick, how did you learn about my kidnapping incident?”

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Luo Qiao replied, “A neighbor staying on the opposite street came to notify Madam after he saw Young Mistress being carried away while accused of being a runaway concubine. Madam brought us along to find you…”

Huan Qing Yan’s smile immediately reduced greatly after hearing her words.

A neighbor saw her being carried away while being called a runaway concubine? Then, since he recognized her, why did he not come out to be her alibi earlier on? If he had done that, would he still need to inform Madam Huan?

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