Chapter 151 – Appoint As An Imperial Concubine?

Huan Meng Yue continued to smile sweetly, “Your highness, didn’t I mention before that Huan Qing Yan is exceptionally cunning and had advised you not to be nearby when the plan is being carried out? It was to avoid any slipups and avoid exposing any possible weak points, yet you did not listen to me and insisted on going to see…”

Princess Cang Xia was dumbstruck for a moment, “That woman seduced Young Master Ya, can this princess tolerate her? This princess planned to bring more observers to watch the show after she got humiliated so that her reputation would forever be destroyed. Yet those imbeciles allowed her to escape halfway! Can you blame this princess?”

Huan Meng Yue smiled and handed her a plate of Shrimp Crystal Dumplings*, “Princess please try these, it is made using Meng Yue’s Butterfly Cooking Technique. As you know, Meng Yue could only perform the technique once per day, even Lord Ninth is unable to taste this.”
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Princess Cang Xia had one and found that it tasted great, this caused her mood to relax greatly.

Huan Meng Yue continued, “Since princess had received such a great loss, what do you plan to do next?”

“Naturally to tell Lord Father about this. Confiscate all her family’s possessions! Execute all her relatives up to nine generations away!” Princess Cang Xia replied venomously.

“I’m afraid it would not go as the princess planned. She is currently the personal spirit chef employed by Young Master Ya, if Lord Emperor were to do as you asked, it would mean disrespecting Young Master Ya. As this would affect the relationship between the Hanging Cloud Empire and the Ji Mo Clan, Lord Emperor would absolutely not agree to the princess’s demand. On the contrary, you might even receive a scolding; in addition, you secretly left the palace disguised as a man. Lord Emperor might even ground you from leaving the palace.”

“Then tell me, what should this princess do?”

“Princess’s precious body requires ample rest, in addition, the princess has done really well for this incident. Therefore, just leave the remaining things to Meng Yue to handle and help you vent your anger. The princess, a spirit master that possesses both nobility and beauty, is the only one that’s worthy of Young Master Ya.”

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Princess Cang Xia felt really good after listening to her words, “Huan Meng Yue, you are actually a very considerate person. In the future, I will surely speak more good words for you in front of Lord Father and Ninth Brother, allowing you to be appointed as an imperial concubine.”

Huan Meng Yue lowered her head, “Meng Yue thanks your highness’s kind intention.”

Appoint as an imperial concubine? All these scheming just to become an imperial concubine?


Her goal was to be appointed as the main wife so that she could become the empress of the Hanging Cloud Empire in the future, to obtain the status of being only under one person while being above everyone else.


Mo Wu reported Huan Qing Yan’s kidnapping incident from the beginning to the end.

He noticed the corners of his master’s mouth began to curl as he spoke, and further into the report, he noticed that his smile also became more obvious.

Ji Mo Ya was doing ink painting of a picture of a mountain scene, on the sky of the painting was a weird looking bird that looked like an eagle.

“… Young Master, this subordinate had done an investigation after the incident and found that there is no such person called Hu San. It’s a lie spun by Lady Huan on the spot, she said that the emperor had mentioned about this Hu San and that Hu San had a preference for men. Her words were so convincing that it caused this subordinate to break into cold sweat when I learnt that it was a lie.” Mo Wu was not a talkative person like Mo Si, yet he could not help but express his thoughts.

Ji Mo Ya stopped his brush, the more he pictured the scene within his mind, the more comedic he found it to be, stirring quite some joy within him.

At that moment, the two persons felt a spirit energy pulse.

It was a spirit energy vortex that was turning slowly; if seen from the front it looked exceptionally deep and profound, while when seen from the side, it looked as thin as a silk.

A spirit crane jumped out of the spirit energy vortex and hovered in front of Ji Mo Ya.

The spirit crane was created by spirit energy, it flipped backwards using its wings causing its body to scatter, the scattered particles transformed into lines of words made from spirit energy and were displayed in front of the two men…

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