Chapter 155 – Skeleton Frame

Huan Qing Yan had no other choice, she left Madam Huan inside the sedan without consoling her as she was short on time.

At the same time, Assistant Housekeeper Wang had also gathered everyone to give their reports of the current situation.

“Young Mistress, we have asked all the stalls and shops nearby but none of them have seen Young Master…”

Huan Qing Yan’s heart sunk to the bottom.

She really wished to confront that b*tch Huan Meng Yue and ask her where Xing Han was taken to. In the previous life, she was definitely related to those thugs. Although there was no proof in the end, anyone who could think would guess that she was involved in that incident…

The current situation was the same, with no shred of evidence as well, that b*tch would never admit!

Rather than wasting time and get entangled with her, it would be better to use the time to search.

Huan Qing Yan calmed herself down. In the previous life, when they went to search for Huan Xing Han, where did the Ninth Prince bring the reincarnated girl to…

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It seems to be a mountain cave located at the outskirts of the city territory.

She wondered if the kidnappers would use the same location? Although the current situation was different from the previous life, this was obviously not the best method.

But Huan Qing Yan’s instincts were telling her that there was a possibility. As a result, she decided to have a look.

Since they were completely out of leads now, they might as well try their luck.

“Lou Qiao, gather the strongest men we have, we are leaving the city.”

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“Lou Zhu, bring Madam back to the estate while leaving two servants here, just in case it is Young Master being mischievous and he will return by himself.”

“Housekeeper Wang, you are to stay close to the gate when you return. If any kidnappers contact us, no matter their demands, just accept it first…”

The servants gathered all followed the instructions given to them.

Huan Qing Yan brought ten servants and left via the city gate.


Rat Eye Ding was currently covered in sweat.

He was breathing raggedly as he had been running the whole journey towards the meeting point. He also was not bothered about the condition of the child in the bamboo basket. With how he moved throughout the journey, even if the child was awake before, he would have fainted again due to the rough movement.

This place was a cave mountain with a naturally concealed entrance.

When he arrived, there were already people waiting for him inside.

“Dear sires, this lowly one has brought the goods…” Rat Eye Ding placed the bamboo basket on the floor.

Within the cave were four men in black masks, with each of them having a spirit treasure imprint on their wrists.

These men were all spirit masters! One of them was emitting an extremely powerful aura, causing Rat Eye Ding to tremble when he looked at the person.

“We need to inspect the goods first.” One of the masked men coldly said.

Rat Eye Ding’s instincts were telling him that he cannot afford to offend these people, neither did he have the intention to do so. He quickly removed the thick layer of hay on top of the bamboo basket.

A young child was presented in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Sire, the remaining five silvers…”

The masked man took out a bag and took out a piece worth five silvers. After fiddling with it, he tossed it towards Rat Eye Ding.

Rat Eye Ding did not expect that he could receive the silver so easily; after feeling the silver in his hands, his anxious emotions also relaxed. Just as he was about to notify them that the kid might have awakened…

He discovered that his hands had turned black and were feeling numb. Without moving a muscle, the blackness spread throughout his whole body and caused even his mouth to go numb.

A fear he never experienced before welled up from his heart. He stared at the masked men in front of him and tried to speak but only “ah ah” sounds were produced.

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