Chapter 156 – Sis Is Here To Save Me

“Heh Heh, is someone like you qualified to earn this daddy’s silver?”

Rat Eye Ding finally understood the situation, however he was unable to utter another sound as the poison had invaded his heart.

He died before he could transfer his warmth into the silver in his hand.

Next, large chunks of black colored flesh began to fall off from the body…

Within a short period of time, Rat Eye Ding had been reduced to a black colored skeleton frame. His flesh and blood had changed into black color liquid and seeped into the ground.

A tragic sight.

The man in black who paid him the money laughed coldly while picking up the silver on the floor, “This daddy is the capital’s famous god of pestilence, yet you dare to take money offered by me. That guy must be thinking that he had lived for too long.”

“Stop fooling around, move the target. Is there a need to feel proud when you used poison on a small timer like that?”

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“Yes, boss.”

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The sky was getting dark.

Huan Qing Yan’s heart felt heavier as time went by, she was delayed for a long time when leaving the city due to the long queue.

As she brought her men out of the city, she discovered that the city outskirts were way larger than she had expected. In addition, the reincarnated girl’s memories about the terrain were unclear and she was unable to determine which mountain along the mountainous region was the one that held Huan Xing Han before…

With so many large and small mountains spanning the whole region, how to find it?

In the end, Huan Qing Yan had no choice but to divide the men under her into teams of three.

“Split up to search for Young Master, once you find him, give us a signal. The day is getting dark, so creating a large bonfire will suffice as a signal for us to see… Those who successfully locate and save the Young Master will be rewarded 500 silvers each! If a casualty occurs, the casualty’s family would receive 1000 silvers as compensation. Now go!”

The situation was dire and dangerous, it also occurred to Huan Qing Yan that there might be casualties from this incident.

She had also prepared for the worst-case scenario. If the kidnappers were spirit masters, then she would do her best to hold them down while getting the servants to save Huan Xing Han. With so many loyal servants with her, she believed that at least one of them would be able to bring Huan Xing Han to safety.

The servants currently following her were also the ones that were rather loyal, with the huge reward and compensation, their fearful emotions were also blown away. The Young Mistress had been known as a person of her word while they also knew that they would never be able to earn an accumulated amount of 1000 silvers during the rest of their lives. If something happened to them, the compensation of 1000 silvers would be enough for their families to buy a small house in the capital and live safer lives.

“Yes, Young Mistress! We will save the Young Master even if we have to use our lives.”

Everyone split up.

Lou Qiao teamed up with Huan Qing Yan and the stubborn young Feather Guard.

The sky had fully turned dark, Huan Qing Yan was able to continue searching without worry due to the young Feather Guard’s presence.

Lou Qiao consoled Huan Qing Yan, “Young Mistress, do not worry. We have already alerted the officials; the constables they sent would surely be here soon.”

Huan Qing Yan did not reply, she was shaking her head in her mind. They did inform the authorities, but their stance was mild. They reasoned that the time of disappearance was too short as it might just be a child hiding due to fun. They would consider the case if he does not return tomorrow…”

It would be better for her to rely on herself than to seek help from others.

Lou Qiao saw that her mistress did not reply and knew that her mistress’s feelings were heavy, so she did not continue talking while the young Feather Guard was silent from the beginning. The trio began to search within the dense forest.

As time went by.

Huan Qing Yan’s clothes were slightly torn by branches of the vegetation within the forest. As a glutton, she needed to consume several meals daily, with multiple dishes per meal. However, she had not eaten once today, this caused her to feel exceptionally hungry. The loss of strength she felt was also getting worse.

“Young Mistress, do you wish to eat something? Lou Qiao can gather some wild fruits for you…” Lou Qiao managed to observe her current state.

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