Chapter 157 – Hit Her Head Angrily On The Wall

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Huan Qing Yan remembered after she was reminded by Lou Qiao. Fruits? Didn’t I have many of those in my dimension?

She summoned a few apples from the dimension. Since it was dark, she can make it appear as though she had apples stored within her sleeve pockets all along, “Fortunately, I have some spirit fruits with me, I brought them along when I went out. Come, let’s each have two, we can consume them as we search.”

Luo Qiao accepted them, the young Feather Guard also did the same as he had not eaten since they left this morning.

These two large apples per person was enough to fill the stomach of an ordinary person.

After they consumed the apples, they felt their stamina had an obvious recovery.

As they traversed the forest, they lightly called out, “Xing Han, Little Xing Han… Sis is here to look for you! Xing Han…”

They did not dare to voice out too loudly as they were afraid that it would alert the kidnappers too quickly.

Suddenly, they heard the faint sound of someone crying coming from a distance!

The young Feather Guard immediately quickened his pace and rushed towards that direction.

Huan Qing Yan also followed closely behind. Only Lou Qiao, who was an ordinary person, felt difficult at keeping up with their pace. Due to impatience, she accidentally tripped, fell down and injured her leg. Lou Qiao was a smart person, she knew that she could no longer move, and she understood that she was of no help to her Young Mistress if she continues, rather, she might even be a burden if she goes on. Therefore, she decided to wait till dawn before she decides on what to do next.

“Mama, Sis, Mama… Xing Han is afraid… no, I cannot be afraid, Sis told me that I am already a young man, I must not be afraid… Sis, quickly come save me, I am not afraid, I am not afraid of anything…” as the duo approached, the voice got firmer and clearer.

Who can that be other than Huan Xing Han?

Finally found him!

Huan Qing Yan felt a torrent of different emotions when he heard his words and did not know how to react.

Little Xing Han’s short legs were frantically pushing him towards Huan Qing Yan’s general direction, the clothes on him were also torn and tattered while minor cuts made by the vegetation were also found on his face. Yet, he did not allow himself to stop…

Until he saw Huan Qing Yan who was holding up a torch not far in front of him did Huan Xing Han pause and began to mumble, “Sis? Sis? Woo woo woo, I know Sis will come and save me! Those bad men are scary… Woo woo woo…” Huan Xing Han’s strong front instantly collapsed.

Huan Qing Yan immediately picked him up, she smiled at him while giving a peck on his face, “Don’t be afraid, Sis is here. Little Xing Han did a good job! You are very brave!”

Huan Xing Han stopped crying, while his fighting spirit was reignited, “I sneaked out when those bad men were sleeping. Sis told me before to eat more so that I have more energy to run away when I meet bad people, Xing Han had done it!”

Huan Qing Yan was nearly in tears, this was not due to the reincarnated girl’s emotions, it was her own emotions. She had developed real sibling love for this brother of hers.

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Such a smart child was a person worth her complete love and care.

She once again kissed his face as a reward, “Our Xing Han is the best!”

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The young Feather Guard’s ears picked up something, “We have been discovered, there are people heading towards here. You leave first.”

Huan Qing Yan carried Huan Xing Han and ran the direction they came, “Little Feather, what about you?”

“I will try to hold them off for a while, however, they have several people and all of them are emitting powerful auras. There’s a limit to how long I can hold them off, so quickly take him somewhere to hide.” The young Feather Guard decisively replied.

Huan Qing Yan was hesitant.

The young Feather Guard continued, “I am fine, I can always run if I cannot win.”

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