Chapter 66: A person gets too self-aware when he knows that nobody is watching him.

A person gets too self-aware when they knows that nobody is watching him.


I teleported back to Lina who was already on the roof of another building.


“I’m back!”


I gave her a light greeting that usually doesn’t come from a person who was fighting a former god just now.

Both Lina and Kamaishi came running toward me with worried expressions.


“Kamiya-kun, are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

“I can heal you if you’re hurt!”


They both asked me while checking if I got any wounds.

Looks like I made them worry quite a lot.

That is something I’m happy about, but still, I think they’re worrying too much.

I couldn’t help letting a bitter smile reach my face.

It’s pretty awkward for me to answer them when they’re this close to me.

Also, If I was hurt, I would have healed my wounds using my skills, Lina.


“As you can see, I’m fine. More importantly, Lina, take this guy for me.”

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I threw Germa in the ground.


“Ah, I understand. I shall responsibly take charge of him.”


Lina answered me as she sent sidelong glances at Germa with uninterested eyes.

Kamaishi who saw that, made an awkward smile and then came to talk to me after noticing the gloomy guy I was carrying in my other arm.


“Is he alive?”

“Well, yeah…”


It was pretty hard for her to tell if he was alive with his tattered clothes. But since I made sure to heal all his wounds, he should be safe for now.


“He could wake at any moment now.”

“I-Is that so…”


Feeling tired, I threw him off to the ground. Kamaishi immediately took distance from him. Despite wanting him to live, I guess she can’t overcome her fear.




Before I realized it, Kamaishi changed her nervous expression to a subtle face as she looked straight at me.


“I heard everything from Lina About what you have been doing until now.”


Apparently getting a grasp of the situation, Kamaishi seemed to be trying to say something, though I stopped her mid-way.


“Please wait, Kamaishi-san. Sorry, but there’s something I must do before we talk about that.”

“Eh? Something you must do?”

“What are you intending to do?”


Lina and Kamaishi titled their head in doubt.

I still need to erase the memory of everyone who saw what happened.

I did draw attention during my fight against Germa. It would be the best to take care of it as soon as possible.

I will probably faint due to magic expiration, but that can’t be helped.

Lina and Kamaishi are here, so I should be fine.


“I will be erasing the memories of everyone who is related to this incident. I will probably faint after doing that, so…”

“You will faint?”

“Yeah, I will leave the rest for you.”


I had already covered the entire place using 【space magic (extra-large)】. All that’s left is to use the erasure skill.

Right after finishing my words, I activated the skill and deleted the memories of everyone around.

And as always, I felt my body running out of strength. My vision got distorted and I slowly lost consciousness.


(it happened again. I thought that I may not end up fainting this time because of the mental resistance skill upgrade, but I guess it’s still impossible.)


Fortunately, the time I spend fainting got considerably shorter. With my consciousness slowly fading away, I intentionally fell on Kamaishi.




I was confused when Kamiya-kun had suddenly fainted on me.


“Eh, wai- Kamiya-kun!?”

Feeling my face getting hot because he fell right into my arms, I tried shaking him.

I’m happy that he jumped at me like this, but I’d prefer doing that sort of things when we’re alone… What am I talking about?

As I started panicking and thinking about what to do, Lina talked to me


“Calm down, Saya-dono. As he just said now, Kamiya Yato lost his consciousness.”


Reminded by what he said before fainting, I finally took back my composure.

Though, despite calming down and everything, the fact that Kamiya-kun is clinging to me didn’t change.


(W-What am I supposed to do…)


Lost about how I should react, I stiffened in my place. When I looked at his face, he seemed almost as if he was comfortably sleeping.


(How cute…)


Since he makes those drowsy eyes almost all of the time, I couldn’t help but feel moved from gazing at his sleeping face.

The rare expression he was making made me gaze at his face for quite a while.


“Ah, Saya-dono, how about we lay him somewhere more comfortable? That’s enough gazing at his sleepy face, no?”


Lina, who noticed what I was doing, made a suggestion.


“Ah, Y-Yeah!!”


Startled by her call, I intently twitched and immediately sat down on the ground.

I completely forgot that she was watching me.

Ah, I feel so embarrassed…

I covered my face from the shame and casted my eyes downwards.

But still, I don’t think it’s good to lay him on the bare ground.

Maybe I should lay something under his head first.

Thinking about what should I used for a moment, I moved my sigh to my lap.

Yeah, If I put his head on top of my lap, he should feel a bit more comforted.

I moved Kamiya-kun’s head and put it on my lap.


“Uu… a lap pillow.”


Watching Kamiya-kun sleeping on my lap, Lina looked at him with an unsatisfied expression.


“Is something wrong?”

“A, n-no, nothing.”


Lina reverted her eyes.

I wonder why she was looking at me with those jealous eyes.

Was a lap pillow something that interesting?

Remaining to look at the other side, Lina swiftly glanced at us every few moments.

A few seconds later, I heard her saying something like “ lap pillow…” or “this is what they call airhead…” which made it difficult for me to continue what I was doing.


“Um, do you perhaps want to change with me?”

“W-What are you saying all of a sudden?! It’s not like I’m jealous or anything!”

“But you were glancing at me with jelly eyes for a while now.”


Apparently hitting the mark, Lina couldn’t respond and instead let out a vexed moan.

So I was right.

It was indeed regrettable that had to change with her, but there was no way I’d leave Lina looking at me like that all the time.

Feeling embarrassed after I pointed her intentions, Lina tried to change the topic.


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“I need to hand over this fallen god now. I will leave the rest for you, Saya-dono. Well then.”


Finishing her words in a tremendous speed, Lina grabbed the fallen god and quickly flew somewhere.

Why was she that shy?

I watched Lina as she flew away.

So she was really an angel after all.

I already heard a brief summary of the situation from her, but I never saw her flying.

Kamiya-kun could also fly that way too.

It wouldn’t be a surprise since I saw him fighting against that fallen god.


(But why did he keep it a secret from me?)


Was it just because he didn’t want to?

Or maybe just because there wasn’t any chance where he could talk about it?

What if he didn’t want to tell me in particular. Doesn’t that mean that he hates me? What should I do if that was true…?

The more I thought about it, the feeling of unease overtook my mind, leading me to gaze at his sleeping face once again.


(His sleeping face is really cute, after all…)


I can’t help feeling eased whenever I see his sleeping face. It feels like all my worries disappear.

Come to think of it. Although He was always sleeping, I was never close to him like this.

He usually lays his face on the desk, and even when he’s not, I couldn’t get too close to him because our classmates are around. I wonder why I never thought about peeking at his face when he was sleeping until now.

Falling in thought while fixing my sight on him, I eventually got used to it and decided to make another step.


(Maybe I should move closer to him…)


This situation would probably never occur again. I think it’s fine if it’s just for a moment.

I turned to confirm that nobody was around and approached my face to him while gradually getting self-aware of my current conduct.


“Just, for a little…”


I slowly approached my face to Kamiya-kun while looking at his sleeping expression.

T-Too close…

I got as close as I could, and the distance between our faces decreased to a few centimeters.

Our noses touched and I could feel his soft breath hitting against my face.

This is the first time in my life where I got this close to a boy.

Such a random idea crossed my mind making me remember something.


(I almost forgot about this but, there was another person aside from Kamiya-kun to whom I was able to open up to…)


Kamaishi Gen, my deceased father.


TL note: I mean, who wouldn’t open up to their father, seriously.







“Well then, I shall receive the fallen god, Germa from you.”


“Your face is bright red, is something the matter?”

“N-No, nothing… it’s just that…”


“I realized that airheads are terrifying…”

“Are you okay?”


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