Chapter 149 – Forfeit Their Insignificant Lives!

The current Princess Cang Xia was covered in bruises of all sizes of which some were given by Huan Qing Yan while some were from being thrown into the garbage dump. There were traces of filth on her that were giving off the stench of trash.

A very pitiful look.

“And that d*mn Huan Qing Yan, this princess wants her to die! I want her to die! Die! Die! How dare she hit this princess!” Every time the word die was mentioned, Princess Cang Xia would throw an item.

A few of the palace maids nearby were covered in different levels of injuries that were bleeding. They were all injured by the items that were thrown by the princess.

None of them dared to breathe a single sound.

Neither did anyone dare to say any words to appease her, as all of them were afraid her anger would be directed at them instead.

“Argh! This princess is infuriated! That d*mn Huan Qing Yan, that d*mn girl… Are the two of you dead? Why did neither of you announce the identity of this princess? Allowing her to happily beat me up!”

After Princess Cang Xia trashed all the things within the house and could find nothing else, she directed her anger at her two closest palace maids.

“Princess, you were dressed as a man and instructed us not to easily reveal your identity as you were afraid it would affect the image of the royal family…”

Princess Cang Xia gave a big slap at that palace maid, “I am already being beaten to death by Huan Qing Yan, why would I bother about the image of the royal family! Are you made of wood? Aren’t the two of you Two-Star Spirit Masters? Why didn’t you stop her?”

The two palace maids could only smile bitterly, they also wished to save the princess from Huan Qing Yan or at least stop her attacks on the princess. However, they were unable to summon their spirit treasures!

It was as though their spirit treasures were afraid of that pig spirit; when they were about to act, the pig spirit glared at them and they felt their spirit treasures trembling within their wrist and too afraid to come out…

“Princess, that Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure is a Goose Egg Star, these servants were only Soybean Star and in addition a rank lower, therefore we were suppressed.”

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The facts earned another big slap from Princess Cang Xia again, the two palace maid’s faces were now both swollen.

“Even without the spirit treasure, can’t the both of you use your hands?” Cang Xia was raging.

The two palace maids did not dare to speak anymore. Their spirit treasures were suppressed while they were helplessly being pushed by the crowd, thus they had no way of getting close to Huan Qing Yan. Seeing that the princess was still at the top of her anger, they knew that the more they explained, the more pain they would receive, it was better for them to display their loyalty again when her anger simmered down.

Princess Cang Xia continued angrily, “Have you beheaded the four imbeciles? Also, whoever introduced those four idiots, go serve themselves with a hundred rods of punishment!”

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“Yes… Princess.”

As Princess Cang Xia vented her anger, her strength also slowly weakened.

She leaned on the table and began to cry.

“Despite the great wisdom this princess possessed, I still received such a huge disgrace. How can this princess meet others from now on? What if Young Master Ya learns about this? He would surely avoid me out of dislike…”

“No one is to speak about today’s matter! Anyone who dares to breath even a single word of this would forfeit their insignificant lives!”

All the palace maids within the building acknowledged her orders.

Suddenly, the princess noticed the empty spot on her finger and jumped, “Where is this princess’s storage ring? Who took it? Hand it over, fast!”

The ring was something she specially ordered recently, it was built in imitation of the one worn by Young Master Ya,she hoped that by doing so, it would unknowingly reduce the gap between the two of them…

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