Chapter 148 – Xing Han Is Missing

Wang Quan acknowledged her orders while Lou Qiao quickly summoned all the able servants of the Huan Estate to follow.

Huan Xing Han was frightened by his mother’s anxious behavior, he stopped writing and embraced his mother.

Very quickly, the Huan Estate was ready to move off.

Three horse carriages were prepared, Madam Huan along with Lou Qiao and some of the older serving girls were on the first carriage, the second one held the serving aunties with some strength while the last one held the strongest servants that were in the Huan Estate.

Just as they were about to depart, Huan Xing Han was unwilling to separate himself from Madam Huan. With expectant eyes, he said, “Xing Han wishes to go save Sis too, Xing Han wants to go…”

Madam Huan thought for a moment, since all the able men of the estate were with her, leaving Xing Han alone in the estate was also not safe.

Thus, she brought him along and placed him in the first carriage as well.

The entourage quickly reached the outer region of the Trade Street under the guidance of the person called Old Wang.

Due to the large number of people on the street, the carriages were unable to go into it.

Assistant Housekeeper Wang reported, “Madam, it seems that today is the monthly Mountain Goods Day. I am afraid our carriages would be unable to proceed any further.”

The Mountain Goods Day was a day where the hunters that lived on the outskirts of the capital come in the city to sell the goods they have accumulated over a month. Due to this, many shops also use this day to perform all sorts of marketing activities. This led to a monthly trend where a large number of people would visit this street on this day.

Madam Huan was extremely anxious, she was worried that the more the time was wasted, the further Huan Qing Yan would be dragged away.

“We will walk! Everyone alight, give Old Wang 100 silvers and ask him to quickly bring us to the spot.”

“Yes, Madam.”

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Wang Quan summoned everyone off the carriages while Madam Huan carried Huan Xing Han. Under the protection of the servants, they entered the packed street.

The group finally managed to reach the center of crowd after some effort.

Before they could proceed further, a commotion suddenly stirred within the crowd.

“Thief! Catch that thief! My purse is stolen…”

The originally tightly packed street began to sway, dispersing the formation created by the people of the Huan Estate. Madam Huan was just an ordinary person who spent most of her time within the Huan Estate without doing much labor, her body had always been weak and carrying Xing Han was the best she could do. The effects of the commotion caused her to fall onto the ground.

When she regained her bearings, she discovered that her son, Xing Han, was already missing.

Madam Huan was now truly in deep panic, “Xing Han, Xing Han, where are you! Xing Han…”

When Lou Qiao and Wang Quan as well as the others finally managed to reach Madam Huan, Madam Huan was already crying.

“Xing Han is missing. Lou Qiao, quickly bring the rest to search for Xing Han, all of you must search for Xing Han…”

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Lou Qiao asked, “What about Young Mistress?”

Madam Huan replied tearfully, “That’s right. Lou Qiao quickly bring two men with you to search for the Young Mistress while the others will search for the Young Master. The Young Master is too young, who knows what will happen to him…”

Lou Qiao thought inwardly, ‘Old Wang mentioned that Young Mistress was kidnapped by four thugs. If she finds them, she would only have two men with her, how can they recover the Young Mistress?’ But when she saw the teary Madam Huan, she could only do as told. She called two of her most trusted serving girls and headed into the crowd.

While the others began to search the surroundings.


The Princess Estate was in a complete mess.

Princess Cang Xia was currently throwing a huge tantrum. Every article within the building such as displays, tables, paintings etc. were all thrown or smashed on the floor!

“This princess is infuriated to death! How did you find those imbeciles! They just stood there without lifting a finger and watched this princess get beaten up by that b*tch! They even dumped me on a garbage pile after that…”

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