Chapter 147 – Feeling Very Anxious

When she has the time, she will visit the pawnshop and exchange the ring for some silvers as pocket money.

“Lady Huan, Lady Huan… Where are you…” The young feather guard shouted as he appeared from the dark alley while panting heavily.

Only then did Huan Qing Yan sigh a breath of relief, she’s finally safe now.

With a Six-Star Spirit Master guarding her again, she believed no one would dare to openly mess with Ji Mo Ya…


The Huan Estate.

Madam Huan was enjoying the sun with Little Xing Han within their garden, Little Xing Han was seated under a large tree as a serving girl was teaching him how to write.

“Xing Han, it seems like you are interested in writing recently?” Madam Huan commented with a smile as she embroidered a silk handkerchief.

“Sis had taught me how and she said that when she returns in a few days, I must write it beautifully for her to see.” The little shota replied with large eyes that looked like black grapes.

“Seeing how much you like writing, I will have to discuss with your sis on sending you to school for education when she returns.” Madam Huan personally was unwilling, she wanted her son to grow older before sending him to school. Although she thought of engaging a private tutor to teach him first but then she decided against it. Firstly, she was unable to find a suitable candidate thus far. Secondly, the trend nowadays was to send children to a school instead of tutoring at home, a school would also issue certificates.

There were a number of reputable schools that were authorized by the royal family, these schools not only taught literature, they also have martial studies in their curriculum. If a spirit master was in the group, the empire would also invest on nurturing them such as, giving these students low level spirit food periodically, giving lessons related to spirit energy etc…

“Hooray! Tell sis that I want to go to school, going to school will be fun, I can meet many people and also learn how to ride a horse…” Huan Xing Han cheered.

Lou Qiao and the other older serving girls were also muffling their laughter at his reaction.

Their Young Mistress started visiting the Huan Estate periodically since a few days ago, she told them that she enjoyed a very carefree lifestyle within the Aged Consulate.

In addition, every time their Young Mistress returned, she would cause a commotion outside at the door, shouting that the Ji Mo Clan’s Young Master Ya at the Aged Consulate had greatly praised her culinary skills…

This caused those people who were scheming in the dark to be hesitant in taking action.

This allowed the Huan Estate to enjoy peace over the past few days.

Just as the group in the garden were enjoying the peace, Assistant Housekeeper Wang anxiously came with a report!

“We have a problem, Madam!”

Wang Quan seemed to have jogged the whole way to find her as he panted heavily.

Madam Huan felt her heart tighten for a moment when she heard him.

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Before she could ask, Wang Quan said, “Madam, Old Wang who stays opposite of us told me that he saw Young Mistress at a secluded alley along the Trade Street…”

Lou Qiao whispered, “Housekeeper Wang, please calm yourself, you are scaring Madam. Our Young Mistress had said before that she would head to the Trade Street to purchase fresh ingredients on behalf of the Aged Consulate, knowing she was there is not surprising.”

Wang Quan shook his head, “Old Wang added that he saw a few thugs cover her in a gunnysack and kidnap her. He also mentioned that they said that the Young Mistress is some runaway concubine of a Master Hu, they are bringing her back to be punished…”

Madam Huan’s body swayed lightly, “How can that be? Our Little Yan is an unmarried daughter of a prominent family, how can she be a runaway concubine?”

“Madam, what do we do now?”

Madam Huan was feeling very anxious and was unable to think of what to do next immediately.

After her husband died, Huan Qing Yan had become the pillar of the family. If something were to befall Huan Qing Yan, leaving behind only her and Xing Han, how could they continue living on without her?

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Nothing must happen to Little Yan!

“Please invite that Old Wang, we will head over to the Trade Street immediately. Prepare the fastest horse carriage we have, I do not believe that someone would dare to kidnap my daughter in broad daylight.” Madam Huan finally made the decision.

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