Chapter 146 – Looks Rather Valuable

“Against people like you who have caused this lady great distress, this lady would not let you off easily!”

She lifted her leg and sent a few kicks without hesitation.

Princess Cang Xia was not alone, with her was also a palace girl who was also cross-dressed. However, the dense crowd made it hard for her to approach and aid the princess, the palace girl was pushed out by people with some sense of justice as they themselves tried to approach Huan Qing Yan to help her. This scenario allowed Huan Qing Yan to freely display her martial skills.

With the residual sedatives within the gunnysack and the extreme rage that Princess Cang Xia was experiencing, she quickly became quiet.

No one knew if she fainted due to the sedatives or due to her anger.

The scarred thug looked at Huan Qing Yan with an awestruck expression, they had no idea that the person inside the gunnysack was actually the person who employed them.

They were just common thugs living in the capital, although they were paid to work, all they knew was that they were hired by some noble lady. They were tasked to kidnap this b*tch and have their way with her in the wilderness, it was an easy job of destroying her reputation while earning a large sum of silvers.

The one who contacted them was a female housekeeper of that noble lady, they were also instructed to explain that they were catching a runaway concubine if they were discovered…

Therefore, they did not stop Huan Qing Yan from attacking.

In the minds of these thugs, this was simply an unlucky random pedestrian being implicated, it has nothing to do with them.

After Huan Qing Yan had her fill, she kicked the gunnysack towards the scarred thug, “Okay then. This lady is not someone who bears grudges, since this person is the runaway concubine from your estate, you should quickly return and report to your Master. This misunderstanding is also resolved.”

The observers all praised, “This young lady is truly kind and gracious.”

“Indeed, an Egg-Star talent and in addition, an Egg-Star of the highest grade…”

“Young Lady, we have already notified the authorities, what do we do now?”

When the scarred thug heard them, he quickly picked up the gunnysack and said, “We thank for the young lady’s graciousness. My brothers and I shall now return to our Master.”

Huan Qing Yan nodded her head, “Do you need this lady to accompany you? I can personally explain the situation to your Master for you.”

“Oh no, it is fine! Thank you for your kind consideration.”

The gang quickly ran off while carrying the sack.

When the gathered observers saw that the show has ended, they also dispersed.

Huan Qing Yan was also very courteous, she stopped a few of these observers that displayed a sense of justice and distributed the spirit stones she gained from the scarred thug, each of them was given a few pieces.

“I would like to thank you all for your kindness and passion. If you did not stand up and uphold justice, this little girl might have been dragged away due to a misunderstanding. This is my token of appreciation, I hope all of you would accept it…”

The group initially rejected her offer a few times, but who could resist the enticement of spirit stones?

One spirit stone is worth many silvers after all.

In addition, Huan Qing Yan was sincere in spreading the gains she earned as a way of thanking them. Therefore, everyone eventually accepted her offer in the end.

As the crowd dispersed, only Huan Qing Yan was left. As she was about to leave, she noticed a shining item at a corner.

She went over to pick it up and noticed that it seemed to be a ring accessory.

It was something that looked rather valuable.

This location also happens to be the place where she gave that Princess Cang Xia a beating! This item might be something that was dropped by her at that time.

Huan Qing Yan felt happy, this outcome must be the will of the heavens! Not only was she able to beat up an enemy, she even managed to pick up a valuable item belonging to the enemy!

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