Volume 3, Chapter 2-3: Tree of Legend

It’s been about a week now since the start of school and things have finally started to calm down.

The rumours have continued to spread about me and most of the class is talking about me.

“Yo, Leo. Do you want to eat lunch together today? And of course, Alistair-san and Sophia-san will be joining us!”

— The guys are always after Sophia and Alice.

“Leo-kun, did you want to study with us this afternoon? Of course, Alistair-san and Sophia-san will be joining us too!”

— The girls are looking for Sophia and Alice too!

Why are Alice and Sophia so popular with both the guys and girls!?

No, this is fine. They both seem to be enjoying a fun school life.

As I was thinking about this, a guy and a girl approached me. What now — Akane and Trevor? Recently, these two have been getting along well.

“Master is popular as usual.”

“Why are there both guys and girls asking about Sophia and Alice?”

When I said this and let out a sigh, they both looked at me with a bitter smile.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I just didn’t expect Master to be so insensitive.”

“Ha? Insensitive? How so?”

I turned to Akane to hear the answer.

“Why are you looking at me? I don’t want to lie, but I don’t think you’d like to hear what I have to say.”

“Eeehhh…am I that insensitive?”

“I don’t know how to say it. I guess it’s hard for you to notice when you’re the one doing it.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Against those two, it’s impossible for you to win.”

When I turned my head out of confusion she said, “It’s just evidence of your insensitivity.”

It’s frustrating,

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“That’s right. It’s quite amazing that you’re willing to challenge such a dangerous path. Oh, I also have a message from Liz-chan for you, nii-san.”


Liz is a girl that Akane and Trevor met on the first day of enrollment.

By the way, even though it has been a week since then, I really haven’t gotten to know her that well. From the few times I’ve met her. and from what I’ve been told by Trevor and Akane, I get the impression that she’s a little clumsy.

“She told me she wanted to talk to you about something behind the school.”

“Talk about something…?”

What could she want to talk about? I’ve never really spoken to her so I wonder what she’d want to talk about.

“It’s like calling me out to confess.”

I was trying to figure out why she would ask me to meet her there when I thought about what it would mean in Japan.

“Akane, have you heard about the rumour?”

“Yep. As for why she’s calling out nii-san, I have no idea.”

“– What are you two talking about?”

I asked Trevor this. I don’t know of the rumour about the back of the school building.

“A tree was planted behind the school building. The rumour states that this tree is legendary and if you confess underneath it, you’ll be happy with your loved one.”

That type of story is pretty common. Even in this other world, there are stories like that.

“I understand what you want to say, but you’re just misunderstanding. The tree isn’t actually legendary. It’s just a rumour that it is.”

“…how is that different?”

“A rumour is just a rumour. There are in fact legendary trees out there.”

In reality, Alice was the one that planted those trees and they’re really only three years old, but they are growing quite splendidly.

So that’s why everyone started the rumours about that tree.

Well, if they knew Alice was a high-elf I’m sure they’d really believe that tree is legendary. Not only is she a high-elf but she’s also the daughter of the chief of her village.

Speaking of the elves’ village, I’ve heard that the trees planted there are called World Trees. They’re special trees managed by the chief of the village and Alice actually got the seeds that she planted from there.

“Well, I don’t think Liz plans on confessing.”

“I wonder.”

I don’t think Liz knows about the rumour and I don’t remember ever triggering any flag to make her confess to me.

“So, are you going to go?”


“I told you. Liz-chan is waiting for you behind the school.”

“She wanted to talk now!?”

I quickly ran to the back of the school building.

I arrived at the back of the school — the scenery behind the school was incredibly beautiful.

There was a small plaza located behind the school. The fresh green grass was trimmed and there were many beautiful flowers planted around the plaza. At the centre of the plaza stood a large tree.

There was a small garden around the tree. It honestly looked as if it had been designed for people to confess under.

Under this tree stood Liz with her bluish silver hair swaying in the wind.

“You actually came.”

Liz smiled while her purple eyes twinkled. I let out an involuntary smile after seeing her.

“I came here because you called me. Next time, could you choose somewhere else to meet?”

“…why is that?”

I scratched my neck while trying to think of what to say.

“So you really didn’t know. This place is a popular confession spot. If you call me out here you really can’t blame me for thinking you were planning on confessing.”

“Huh?…eeeeehhhh!? I-I-I didn’t call you here for anything like that!”

Liz began to panic and started walking up to me — except her foot got caught in the flower bed and she fell over…although she fell forward, she managed to not hit her face.

“Ow, ow, ow…I thought I might get seriously hurt.”

As Liz was lying on the grass her chest was pressed against the ground — Hmm, was she safe because of her built-in airbags? She said she was twelve years old when she introduced herself, but they’re amazing. Doesn’t she make Sophia look inferior to her…. It’s not like I’m admiring them.

“…are you okay?”

I knelt down in front of her and held out my hand.

“Ah, thank you very much — T-T-T-That’s really not why I called you out here!”

“It’s okay, just calm down. You already told me it was just a misunderstanding. I know that’s not what you intended.”

Liz is a natural airhead so it’s not like I was actually expecting her to confess to me. I’ve honestly gotten used to the idea of her being a massive airhead.

While thinking this, I grabbed Liz’s arm and lifted her up.

“You don’t seem to be hurt.”

I thought it was a pretty nasty fall but I couldn’t find any cuts or bruises on her face or arms. Those airbags…they work really well.

“So what did you need to talk with me about?”

“Ah, right. Is it true that you know Claire Ridill Grances?”

“Where did you hear that from?”

It’s not something that I need to keep secret no matter what, but I would rather keep it secret if possible. So, for the time being, I think it’s best if I find out how she found out about this.

“I heard about it from a student that went here last year. He saw you talking with her at the graduation party.”

A student…really? Did she speak with a student that graduated last year?

Hmm, what should I do? It would be pretty easy for me to insist that whoever told her this was just mistaken, but the truth could also come out at some point.

…I think the best thing I can do is be honest to a certain extent and figure out why she wants to know.

“Yeah, I know Claire Ridill a little. Why do you want to know?”

“Please introduce me to Claire Ridill-sama!”

“Claire Ridill…sama?”

This is dangerous. If I’m not careful, my relationship with Claire will be revealed. I have to be careful about what I say.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you…why do you need to meet with her?”

“I need to ask her something.”

“Do you need her advice?”


It seems that she’s not willing to tell me. Or is it actually something she can’t tell me?

“Let me try asking something else. Why do you think Claire Ridill-sama would be able to help you?”

“That’s, well… to be honest, the person that told me about this school also told me that the Grances family will be able to help me if I’m ever in need.”

“And the name of the person that introduced you to this school is?”

If she can’t even tell me the name of the person that referred her to this school I’ll just have to ask Claire about it later.

“Well…it was the Marquis of Gramp.”

“Oh…the Marquis.”

I remember Crane saying he wanted to add one more student this year.

“I know it might be hard to believe, but it is true. If I’m able to speak with Claire Ridill-sama, I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“Hmm, and you can’t just use the Gramp name to get a meeting with her?”

“How could I do that!?”

“Sorry, I didn’t believe you at first, but now I’m convinced.”


Crane’s family name should carry enough weight to get her a meeting with Claire, but…this air headed girl doesn’t seem to want to use his name.

There is another possibility though…no, I’m sure that isn’t it. Maybe because she’s a loli with a large chest the Marquis has given her special treatment — I don’t want to believe that’s the case.

Anyway, it seems Liz doesn’t plan on harming Claire so I don’t see any reason not to help her out.

“Then, can you meet me after school?”

“Can I really meet her!?”

“I’ll just introduce you to her.”

“That’s more than enough! Thank you very much!”

Liz can’t hold back her excitement and starts jumping around.

She must think of Claire very highly for her to be this excited just because she’s going to meet with her. I was thinking she was hiding her real reason for wanting to meet with Claire, but…she really is just a natural airhead.

That’s why, after school, I brought Liz with me back to the mansion. I contacted the staff at the mansion before arriving so they just treated me as a normal student.

“Welcome Leo-sama, Liz-sama. Please come in.”

We were shown into the drawing room rather than the office.

Since I’m being treated as a guest this is only natural — but really, I just don’t want to show that messy room to Liz.

“I’ll go get Claire-sama. Please, just wait a moment.”

It was actually Mary that left to get her. I’m sure most people don’t remember her, but she was the maid that took care of me in place of Milli when I was a child.

After the Sfir family attacked our home, she began working at a merchant’s home for some time, but we ended up buying her from them for twice the price they wanted.

At first, she was cautious around me because she thought I was a troublesome child, but, now that she’s been serving here for a while, she’s started to act normal…she still doesn’t say much to me.

“Well then, Claire Ridill-sama will be here shortly. So what are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

Liz just scratched her head as if she didn’t understand my words.

“Well, it’s just that you plan on asking for her advice on something, right? Have you thought about how you’re going to begin the talks? And have you thought about the best way to ask her for her help?”

“Umm, well…what should I do?”

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“…I’m leaving.”

“Uwawa, please wait! Please, stay here and support me!”

She grabbed onto my waist when I tried to stand up. As I wasn’t really planning on leaving, I just sat down and sighed.

“Even if you’re asking for my support, I don’t even know what you need to talk to her about anyway.”

“Just stay here and you can hear it when I tell Claire Ridill-sama.”

“You still won’t tell me?”

“Just please stay with me!”

She grabbed onto me again before I could even stand up.

I’m not going to lie, this feeling is impressive. This position isn’t so bad. To describe it accurately, it’s the kind of hug I’d imagine Sophia would give me when she yells, “I love you onii-chan!”

If Claire were to see this —

“You look like you’re having a lot of fun.”

Was I too slow? All I could do was let out another sigh.

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